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Love is....

Love is....



General Romance

Daniel Matthews and Roze Tyler were one another's first love on high school, but they never told one another. As years went on and they went their separate ways fate brought them together. But little did they know what twists and turns would they have getting together.... Daniel now a handsome BILLIONARE, playboy and arrogant but this was just a show as his heart yearned for Roze nobody could fill that love. Roze fresh out of college, internship at one of the most successful companies, beautiful in every sense.....

A beautiful summer morning, oh my!! What a way to start my new journey..

Roze Tyler, a 22 year old graduate. Caramel complexion beautiful brown hair with blond streaks in, hazel brown eyes. Packed in every area, boobs, backside, looks and brains... Ready to start her new journey, she got accepted for an internship at a very prestigious company Matthews and Co.

Roze Pov

I'm up early ready to start this new chapter. What to wear, what to wear.. Something unique that says this is me... She thinks to herself. Roze pulls out a dark purple shorts suit and a lilac shirt to compliment the outfit. Coffee!!!! I need coffee. She says to her self. Sitting at her favourite corner coffee shop having a Cafe latte and her favourite chocolate mousse cake. Roze hasn't got any issues with her figure as she has well genes, she acn eat anything she wants and still have a figure to die for. While drinking she looks at her letter of the internship and looks at the company's name, Matthews and Co... Her mind wonders to her first love.. DANIEL MATTHEWS.. Daniel never knew she loved him so much as she was the shy nerdy girl at school, she thought he would never like her because of the way she looked. She made a promise to herself to always look good and she has achieved that... It's 8:45 and Roza as to be at the company at 9. Time to take on the world..... The company is just 10 minutes walk from the coffee shop.

My word just look at how tall this building is Roze says to her self while standing in front of it, she moves in and to the elevator. Luckily no one got in with her...

Right, girl!!! She says.. Hair half curled and loose, check. Outfit fitting just right, perfect excentuating the bootie. Shirt not to tight but still putting breasts beautiful in place, check. Make up not to much but beautiful, check. . Stilettos making the curves look beautiful on these legs, check. All set let's go. Just as her pep talk is done the elevator opens to the 11th floor that was stated on the letter. She steps out to a crowd full of other interns standing around. Nervousness suddenly takes over but she stops it immediately. You've got this Roze, you' ve had it all along......