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Author:Author Crescent


Realistic Urban

Everything falls apart, when Riley thought that he found an actual love, even against his will, deserting the woman he loved. Now he must face what soever comes his way. No matter how he tries to avoid them. Leaving a strange land, going home will be the first priority, since home itself is more like hell. He must find a way T adapt.

  Formidable than it seems, life is just what you call it. For others, it is just steady and glossy. My name is Riley Tega I am going to tell you about the 7th. 7th Is just what I call life, call it whatever but everything you use to describe it, is what I called the 7th.

  The 7th contains the echoes of the past and pictures of the future.

  Here in the 7th, I found love. I found grace, I found happiness. To crown my Fortune, I am a blogger, scriptwriter, and publisher, although I was not born with the silver gauntlet, I trained myself to use every opportunity that comes at hand. I sign in as an army recruit and went to the Nigerian Army Academy since I was a kid, never doubt it. An opportunity you missed to may wait for the future or retrial. So when you notice this, get to deep action than expected and you will excel.

  So it began this lovely morning I was at home, anyway in a rented apartment. I had my own house in my hometown, Delta state. I intended to leave outside my state in Rivers so I can find my heartbeat.

  Returning home with her, to show my mother, she anticipated hearing from me anyway, countless calls and disturbance. She will be like " your mate has got married, having children. And you are there forming big boy."

  Nonetheless, she didn’t know I am back in the country, I changed my contacts and still, I had her number I know she trying hard to get my contact

  One day, I hope she understands. It is just a burden on me.

  No girl fits my forbearance and suits my satisfaction; I supposed to go back the old way. I walked down from my dining room imagine how big is the house, sometimes I don't sleep in it.

  Because I don't know who is who, while in my thoughts, the thoughts of picking up my phone to call my mother, telling her I was home, my conscience was hurting. Don't it! But I can't help it.

  Since I came back from school I'm overseas, It hasn't been good.

  Imagine I reckoned the girls with good character in this country has went extent, you could barely find one.

  Even the ones that are decent, what possibility ascertained that they will bring the virtue in them to become a good wife.

  People changed these days and can't be predicted.

  I was staring at my phone, I was tempted to take it and call my mom.

  But this mood is just another thing, I couldn't help it than to pick it.

  I went through My contacts list and fetched out her name.

  Then I dialed, it was ringing but not responding, I kept trying like that with the same outcome.

  I dropping my call, while promise walked in. She was an angel and one gorgeous woman a man will be lucky to have. She loved me I know. I don't just know if that love is what a happy mind will approve as love. Should I say I don't just know if she is good enough to be my spouse, she is the tricky type that, you barely know if she is stringent or kind.

  The kind side of her life reflects with her splendidness.

  But I do boast her like a woman any man will confide in, she seems her smiles and walked towards me. She plants her soft lips on mine.

  "Hello good morning. Sorry I am late. I thought you will have gone to work." she said

  " I took the day off, I am going tomorrow, the month is ending and a lot of work to be done. I am concluding some of its processes at home." I replied, looking at her white eyes, I wish her heart listening to mine

  " Okay, Boss. what is that face you wore?" she asked as a pretty observant.

  " just trying to call my mom, when you walked in. " I replied

  " mommy's boy, I bought a coupled of things in the market. Do your work while I work on what to quench your hunger, you can call your mom later, or she calls when she saw your miss call. No worries okay? " she said blowing her kiss from the night.

  "yes ma'am, no worries," I replied watching her as she walks to the kitchen.

  Of course, I am starving, I breathe down. Walking back to the dining room, where I had the project I am working on, I took my pen and began to cross-check for clearer information.

  Until I knew it, I was already sleeping. I felt this soft tap on my shoulder.

  "hey dear? Wake up! Are you done with your work before you slept off?" Promise asked.

  To be obvious I am done with the work on my table.

  "Yeah, I think so?" I replied, she scoffed at me. Serving the dishes.

  "meaning?" I asked frowning at her, she glanced at me and notice the colors of my eyes is not welcoming. I sense the fear in her.

  "I don't mean to do that, but you should work before rest." she tries explaining.

  "alright can I have my food now?" I cut her short, knowing full well she is joking.

  She smiled and served my food. Seriously when it comes to cooking, I loved the promise for that. I don't eat outside, I call her to do the cooking, and it is waste her time or hinders some of her works. I paid her well and felt sorry, but I can't let her go of my sight for a sec.

  While we were eating, her phone ringed. She picked it up with a frown on her face, guessing wrong, it must be a boy.

  "Hello, mama" she phrased, of course, I am wrong. I said to myself. It was her mother calling.

  "mama…" she called her mother again after a long silence. "mama please" she whispered...

  She looked troubled and furious. I stopped eating, looking at her as I lean back with my hands on my jaw.

  She dropped the call slowly, at that moment. Her breathing changed.

  "What is the problem?" I asked

  "nothing… it is just a family issue," she said with her innocent eyes. I stand up and walked to her. Her eyes were full of expectations, she turns toward the direction I was approaching, on her seat. I bend down at her front and held her hands.

  "why don't you tell me? I may be a good adviser." I said. She looked at me, and nodded, thinking she accepted.

  "tell me" I requested

  "don't worry, I can take care of it myself."

  She stands up carried her bag from the parlor and tends to leave. I held her hands to stop her. Her eyes were red and now filled with tears.

  "where are you going? It is not fair to walk out with tears in your eyes. What do you think people will say." I said.

  "Riley p-l-e-a-s-e" she phrased long closing her eyes. "LEAVE me alone"

  I became shocked and short of words, she turned around leaving. I tried to follow her, she stopped at the entrance and turn to me.

  "and…" her voice was defeated with tears. "don't follow me," she said walking out of the parlor? I was confused, I stood there a while wondering what could have happened.

  I walked back to the dining look at the food we were eating. Check the table if there is something she saw that provoked her.

  I opened my mouth, as my heart beats faster, I felt the thud of my heart, my stomach hurt in fear.

  What the hell just happened?

  This story is written from the writer's imagination, revealing the Echoes of the past and the picture of the future.

  Names of a person, dead or alive. Whose life may take a reflection in this work are purely coincidental.

  @Author Crescent _ Kingsley Afonughe