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His Revenge

His Revenge

Author:Authoress Vicky amy



Stefano Rossi, a multi-billionaire and the CEO of a company. He'd planned his revenge on the smith family, for what they did to him, years ago. Kevin Smith and his parents had duped him of his money when they were still business partners. And he planned on executing his revenge on their sweet, innocent daughter, Skylar. Skylar had lived most of her life in the countryside for reasons unknown to her. There she had only her grandmother and a few friends. What was Stefano's revenge and what did he have in mind? Now the jilted CEO is back and wants the Smiths company...and her. The only sure thing is revenge in the beginning and the ending is uncertain. But it could surprise y'all in the way you never expected.

His Revenge

By Vicky Amy

Chapter 1

Fayette, Ohio.

The ray of sunlight hit her on the face, making her face glow in the morning sun.

"Oh crap," she muttered as she dabbed her arm over her face to block the ray of light.

"Bwak!" The chicken outside clucked.

"Bwok, bwak, bwak, bwak!"

The goats bleated noisily, followed by the chirping of the chicks.

Skylar rolled out of her bed and hit her butt on the wooden floor before giving a small yelp.

She slowly stood up and massaged her butt, plopped on the bed, and then took out her laptop.

She logged in and clicked on her email, crossing her finger and closing her eyes. It finally opened and she opened her eyes but there was no new email.

"This is so bad," she muttered.

After spending three months, surfing the web for job applications. She got no review, not even a darn notice.

The only jobs applicable in the country were, shop keepers, farm girls, coffee makers, waitresses, and many other petty jobs. She freaking went to the only college in the country.

She groaned as she hit her hand on the creaking bed repeatedly.

Taking her shawl from her bedstand, she wrapped it around her neck and splashed warm water on her face.

She rested her arm on the sink and stared at her reflection in the oval mirror.

The mirror had a lot of dents and cracks in it but it wouldn't lie about her reflection.

Beneath her eyes was a sunken side under them, it said that she hadn't been having adequate nights of sleep. There was an alarming zit on her left cheek and she splashed more water on her face.

When she got downstairs, her grandmother was sitting on the old worn-out sofa, drinking hot tea and knitting.

"Morning oma," Skylar called out, "I'm going to get some of those John's orange, they're so juicy," she said.

"Don't forget to feed the chickens, they've been giving me the jitters since last night," she replied.


She walked down the streets, greeting everyone she met with a huge smile plastered on her face.

Soon, she's gonna miss those faces.

Though she was familiar with all the faces, the town, and everyone, she couldn't help but have this feeling of being followed or closely watched.

She walked into the store beside the corner and a small bell rang, indicating someone had just entered.

Maybe she's just overthinking everything.

She held onto her shawl and brought out her crisped note. Taking deep breaths, which felt almost impossible for her, she walked to the counter and grinned at the elderly lady that stayed there.

"Oh hey, Skylar, what can I get for you?" Evelyn asked.

"Those juicy oranges that John showed me yesterday, I want to but those," she said, looking around.

"Are you okay?"

Skylar nodded, "five please."

"That'll be fifteen dollars."

"Geez, that much for five orange?" Skylar asked as she placed her notes on the table.

"They're from the city, and very juicy," Evelyn said and chuckled as she brought out some oranges and put them in a brown bag.

"Thanks," Skylar said as she clutched the brown bag and walked out of the store.

She kept her gaze fixed at her cottage that was at the other side. For some strange reason, everything felt so weird...and wrong.

When she reached the cottage, she hurried to the chicken pen and brought out the huge sac of born and then put it in the large bowl they ate out of.

Seeing the chickens eating the corn and jumping over one another, she closed the door and walked towards the cottage.

"Am back!" Skylar called out as she entered the house and undid her shawl and hung it on the coat racket.

Amaya walked into the living room, with a whisk in her hand and a blue bowl, it was obvious she was about baking.

Amaya was just older than Skylar by three years and had a son. She considered Skylar's home as a second home.

"Where's grandma?" Skylar asked.

"In the kitchen, wanna join?" Amaya offered.

"I'll be back," Skylar said.

"Hey, where did you get these shiny cups, never seen them?" Samuel asked as he walked inside, holding a silverware cup.

"Ah, geez, dad sent them, drop it would you? It breaks easily," she groaned out loud.

Sometimes her friends could be pesty.

"Okay, madam."

Skylar rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs, always fearing that one of these days, the woods would give up and she'd fall into the cellar, which she dared not to enter.

Reaching her room, she plopped on the bed and clasped her hands over her head, praying to the heavens for a miracle.

She did the sign of the cross, something she'd forgotten about years ago.

Her grandma wasn't a religious person but now and then, Skylar would see her with her palms clasped against each other, praying, and then after she'd do the sign of the cross.

After staying silent for a while, she was sighed and then opened her laptop and clicked on her email.

There was an unread message and she grinned widely, then sat upright, placing the laptop on her lap before she clicked it open.

It read: From the Intesa Exor Rossi Company.

Applications for 2021 Intesa are open. Intesa Exor Rossi is a United States company, worth billions of USD. It allows workers from both the cities and the countryside.

Miss Skylar Smith, you have been reviewed and therefore passed. We'd be delighted to begin working with you.

For more details, contact: +1 243-657-0114 or +1 983-214-7429


She was happy that she was gonna begin working. But that company sounded more like an Italian own and she never sent any of her resumes to them or even thought of working in an Italian company.

Maybe it's a prank or a way of luring people to their death.

She minimized the screen and clicked on chrome and then typed, Intesa Exor Rossi.

Sure enough, a picture of the building popped up. The net with was billions for sure and it was ranked one of the top companies in the US and its location was in New York.

Maybe the company got her curriculum vitae from another company. But she'd never worked in her life, and how the hell was she gonna put up with the co-workers.

"Man, fuck that shit!" She was exclaimed as she began jumping on her bed.

Now all that was left was office clothes, where to stay, and there was no way that her granny would let her leave.

A knock was placed on her door and she quickly slipped her laptop under her pillow.

Pulling up the bedspread to her chest, she picked a book and flipped to the place she'd put a bookmark in.

"Come in."

The door slowly creaked open and grandma Susan walked in, carrying a tray of freshly baked doughnuts in her hand.

"Amaya told me you were upstairs, so I thought why don't you have some doughnut? I used sugarplum," She said as she sat beside Skylar.

Man, this old lady has always cared for her since she was a kid and now she was just gonna leave, like that. It's her life after all.

"Yeah, sure I'm starving," Skylar said.

Leaving without her consent was gonna be so emotional, so was leaving with her consent.

"I can't stay in this small god damned town for the rest of my life, while my brother is making money," She thought to herself.

Maybe she'd book a night ticket, and sneak out during the dark hour.

Grandma Susan held her cheek, "You're growing up so fast, I wish your father could see you right now."

"Yeah, he has work to do," she blurted out.

"Oh, Skylar," Grandma Susan called.

"Granny, why I'm I here?" Skylar asked as she picked up a sugarplum doughnut.

"Well, I don't know-" was Grandma Susan's reply.

Skylar only shrugged. She knew that her grandma was hiding something from her. Because most times when her father came to see them, they'd talk in low tones, and most times, her father would pat her head like a puppy and say, "Be a good girl."

Her mother would just stroke her chin and cry uncontrollably in her presence.

It was devastating because they're rich people and probably had no reason for them to cry.

Her brother was fun and jovial to be with. He gave the cool teenage outfits that made her stand out from the less privileged teens in the town. He was also the one who gave her the laptop, saying that she could use it to watch movies.

It made no sense to her, why she was in the countryside or what the hell she was doing here.

Well, now she's all grown and doesn't need anyone bossing her around.

For all she knew, she has a pending job that'll change her life. All that's left is to get her night train ticket and book a hotel in New York.

Hell, she was gonna live freely in the city.

There's nothing bad in the city after all.