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Stand by, My Warrior

Stand by, My Warrior


Realistic Urban

The King of War Yan Xiaodao returned to Hua Du. He cultivated both medicine and martial arts, and his hands were all over the place. However, he stayed in the house of the female president as a servant. Hence, a serious city story began.

  "Beauty, now you should tell me your name. You have already had an affair with me. I, Yan Xiaodao, have to be responsible to the end. After all, I am also a man, am I?" Yan Xiaodao smiled playfully. He did not expect that on the second day after returning to Sihai City, he would meet a beautiful woman who was not bad.

  Yan Xiaodao, 12 years old, joined the army with the old man. He was an orphan who was recognized in the village. Within 10 years, he became a super soldier king in the Western Province First Army, whose mission was completed with a 100% success rate.

  A few days ago, he finally completed the last task. He made a request successfully, which was approved by the old man to be discharged from the prison and return to freedom. In the following days, he would enjoy the prosperity of the world and saw all the beauties in the world. This was his great dream since childhood!

  "There's no need. I'm just here to get some stimulation." The beautiful woman smiled enchantingly. "But I have to tell you something."

  Yan Xiaodao sighed. It seemed that he had to learn how to pick up girls!

  "Tell me, I'm all ears."

  The beautiful woman walked to the door and smiled. "I wish you a speedy recovery."

  Yan Knife was stunned. "Eh?"

  When the beauty left, Yan Xiaodao immediately jumped up from the bed. "Wait! What does it mean to recover soon? Damn it! Did I fall into a trap?" He suddenly reacted and chased all the way to the door of the hotel. He was only wrapped in a towel, which attracted a lot of people's laughter and onlookers.

  But there was no trace of that beautiful woman at all.

  "Ring, ring, ring."

  The phone at the hotel counter rang, and the staff answered the phone. With an embarrassed face, they looked at the "pervert" standing at the door, half of which was almost exposed.

  "Excuse me, is it Mr. Yan Xiaodao? Here is your phone number."

  Yan Xiaodao gritted his teeth and walked towards her angrily. He picked up the phone without asking who it was.

  "Old man, go to f*ck me! Did you find this woman to frame me?"

  The old man on the other end of the phone said in a disrespectful tone, "Bastard, I let you get rid of your virginity. You should thank me, shouldn't you? Isn't that beauty beautiful?"

  "That's true." Yan Xiaodao thought that he was still a little complacent because he was finally finished with his career. But he quickly scolded, "No, no, my old man, don't change the topic for me. What's the use of being so beautiful? Does he have a nausea disease? Anyway, you didn't have a task for you and then you took me, an old retired cadre to vent your anger. You tricked me, didn't you? You just wait for me."

  After he said this sentence, the pedestrians around, including the young lady at the counter, also stayed far away from him with a disgusted look, as if they were afraid of being infected.

  "Damn." Yan Xiaodao gritted his teeth and held back his anger. "Give me a reasonable explanation, or I'll take all of your confidants and sell them to the brothel!"

  "Don't be so anxious. Why are you angry? You are free now. Of course, you can't listen to me, but there is something I ask you to do. After all, I am also your master, isn't I? Do you have to listen to my master's plea?" The old man replied.

  "You still know that you are my Master! Forget it, if you have something to say, just say it." Yan Xiaodao endured for the last time.

  "She's my old friend's granddaughter. Now her business is getting bigger and bigger and she has more and more enemies. I'm afraid that there are many people who want to kill her. I always owe her a favor, so I hope my good apprentice can do me a favor."

  "Get lost!" Yan Xiaodao scolded, "I'm free. I'm not going!"

  "Lin Qingyao is known as one of the four great beauties of the Western Province. Her looks, her figure, that is simply..."

  "The photos have been sent!" Yan Xiaodao's lips suddenly curled into a smile.

  "Eh? You agree? I'm relieved. Two minutes later, a black car passed by your door with a license plate, Xi's 3569. As for how to follow, how to create an encounter, you don't need me to teach you when you enter their house, right? Don't worry, this is a private task. You are free now. After protecting her for a year, I will give you the spirit medicine and help you cure that disease. Hey hey, Master is still good to you."

  Yan Xiaodao said with an evil smile on his face, "Old man, I forgot to tell you that during the mission of Vietnam, I ate a thousand-year-old toad by mistake. Now I'm immune to all diseases and all poisons. I'm not afraid of these minor diseases."

  "What? Is there such a thing? Wait a minute, Small Knife, in fact, there is actually a misunderstanding. Let me explain it."

  Yan Xiaodao grinned and said, "Misunderstanding? You just wait and see. It's not the end if I don't make a mess of her family! You're a peerless beauty, aren't you? Hey hey, just wait for your girl—boys to hold a great-grandson."

  "You, how do you know! Xiao Dao, it's a misunderstanding, my master is wrong, lard is confused. I shouldn't have schemed against you. Please spare my life, I still want to spend the second spring with her again. Hey, she's my first love. Don't do anything stupid! This is my last chance!"

  Yan Xiaodao hung up the phone with a snap and said with a smirk, "Just wait for your last chance, haha."

  But at this time, Yan Xiaodao returned to his room and packed up. When he was ready to leave, his cell phone suddenly rang.

  It was a deduct-out text message.

  "Dear VIP customers of Celestial Empire. You failed to deduct the funds for this month's account. Now you owe 1,000 euros. Please make up for the minimum amount of money and deposit as soon as possible, otherwise, your account qualification will be automatically eliminated."

  Yan Xiaodao tightened his grip on his laptop and opened it.

  Then, he put on a gloomy face.

  "The account costs 1000 yuan."

  "F*ck you. One billion yuan. I've worked so hard to earn one billion yuan. You just took it away, didn't you? Well, you want to force me to give up, don't you?"

  Yan Xiaodao sneered and said, "I heard that your girlfriend's family is quite rich and owns a big business, isn't it? Don't worry then. Anyway, I don't have money now. I'll live in her house and empty out their big business! You want to make a comeback? Just wait and see!"

  Yan Xiaodao did it without any hesitation. He was determined to compete with the "evil forces" to the end! His vision was excellent, and it was almost the time. He came to the side of the road and took a closer look. It was the West A.. D*mn it. The female driver was amazing. He drove so fast. Was there any urgent matter? That would be easier to solve.

  Thinking of this, Yan Xiaodao jumped up like a frog! He also said in his mind, "The days of eating, drinking, eating, eating, drinking, and having a beauty as my companion, here comes my Yan Xiaodao!"

  Then, his whole body hit the windshield like a piece of paper, and he was hit and flew out with a bang.

  The car stopped with a click.

  An angelic face, a devil-like figure, and a cold-haired beauty with an aggressive temperament hurriedly got out of the car.

  However, there was a little panic on her face now. Her worried eyes were so beautiful. If this was an electric discharge, wouldn't it kill the whole world? And her figure, this long and beautiful legs, Yan Xiaodao felt that he could play with her for a lifetime.

  "Hey, old man, your ancestral grave is in chaos, and your girlfriend and granddaughter are so beautiful?"

  "It seems that God is kind to me. I won this time. You still have a conscience. I didn't lie to you about this."

  "You, are you okay? I'm sorry! I didn't mean it." The beautiful woman ran over in a hurry. Her high heels clattered, which scratched Yan Xiaodao's heart and made it itch.

  However, Yan Xiaodao still followed his policy of revenge. Regardless of whether you were a beauty or not, he screamed with a grin, "Hey, you hit someone! Cough-cough, save me, I can't get up! Ah, blood, am, am I going to die? My mother, I haven't married yet!"