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Bound For Love

Bound For Love

Author:Desiree Holt


General Romance

Two hot, hot, hot stories that will singe the eyeballs. In Bound by Desire, when Jenna meets Dylan there is instant sizzle. When she discovers he is a talented Dom who has thee hots for her, she convinced herself to take a chance with him. In Bound and Determined, Alix wants a little spice in her life, especially with her next door neighbor, Mack. Will the goodies in the little pink bag from Toys For Us bring her what she wants? Bound For Love is created by Desiree Holt, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  Part One: The Story Begins

  Dylan Acosta wiped the sweat from his forehead, set his Stetson back in place, and wondered if the day could get much worse. The good news had started at six that morning when Rob D'Angelo, his partner, called to say two of the hands were down with the flu and they had a full crowd checking in today. By the time he rolled out of his house and into the heart of Rancho La Riata, the woman who managed the dude ranch portion of the operation had decided she didn't like ranch life after all, packed her suitcases, and hauled ass out of there.

  He had just finished helping Rob and two of the hands feed the horses, checked on who was riding fence line today in the pastures where the cattle had recently been moved, and headed into the kitchen of the dude ranch to get a cup of coffee. Why on earth, when they'd done all the rebuilding here, had he ever thought it would be a good idea to section off a portion of the estancia for a dude ranch operation.

  "It's good to have options when beef prices drop," Rob had said.

  Yeah, great, Rob. He'd gotten back at him by making him a partner. "Now you get half the headache and half the ulcers," he said when Rob protested. At least the man he'd been friends with since high school had pitched in 100 percent to keep both sides of the operation functioning. He'd even called Rob's sister, Toni, who happened to have a few days off, to help with the management and guest relations situation until he could hire someone else. Whoever the hell that happened to be.

  He sighed as he sipped the scalding hot coffee, even as he welcomed the burn. At least they'd moved all the cattle the week before so he didn't have that to juggle. And where in the hell was he going to find someone competent enough to take over the rancho para turistas. Not everyone wanted to live in the middle of the Texas Hill Country. Plus, qualified people weren't exactly coming out of the woodwork.

  He could kiss tonight good-bye, too, he figured. His cock swelled and made its protest known at that thought. He'd actually planned to be out of there early, leaving time enough to go home, shower, and set tonight's scene. Idly, he fingered the rope still coiled around his shoulder and immediately imagined Gina Radisson, his date for the evening, naked on his bed with the rope wound intricately around her body. His mouth actually watered as he imagined his lips closed around her nipples, trailing down her stomach with a fancy knot pressing directly on her luscious pink clit.

  Dylan adjusted his jeans to ease the pressure on his very hungry dick and tried to wipe the images from his mind. Five years ago, he'd discovered BDSM and his life had taken a huge uptick. Of course, he was very discriminating about who he did what with. People talked, and he couldn't afford the least raised eyebrow or hint of gossip. He chose his women carefully and never saw any of them too frequently.

  Only Rob knew his secret vice. Rob, the man who had taken him as a guest to an upscale club in Dallas when they were there on a business trip and introduced him to the delights of bondage. Sometimes he went to Dallas for a weekend and took the opportunity to gorge himself on the women available to him. That usually carried him through between play sessions at his house.

  But he was approaching forty and one of these days wanted to settle down, find a permanent situation He just didn't know where the hell to look? None of the women he played with appealed to him long term. Maybe he could put an ad in the paper. He could just see it now.

  Single rancher, strong Dom, needs submissive who loves ropes and paddles.

  Yeah, that ought to go over really, really big. He could just hear all the gossips wagging their tongues and Rob laughing his ass off. Besides, if he entered into a permanent relationship with a woman, she would have to be willing, without reservations, to submit to him completely. Oh, he wanted someone who was strong outside the household, smart, sharp, savvy. But, once the door was closed, if he wanted her to cook dinner wearing only an apron or work at a computer totally naked, he expected her to do it willingly and gladly.

  A woman he could dominate and respect, who was a partner as well as a sub.

  And women like that didn't exactly grow on trees.

  Rinsing out his mug and putting it in the big industrial dishwasher - he didn't want housekeeping on his ass - he headed out to the big reception area where the check-in desk was. Toni D'Angelo was standing at the counter, studying something on the computer.

  "Everything go okay this morning?" He almost hated to ask the question. He didn't think he could handle one more disaster.

  She looked up and smiled, a warm expression that made the knot in his gut loosen just a little bit.

  "Just checking over the upcoming reservations. Looks like Rancho La Riata is doing very well. At least on the dude ranch side."

  "Thanks." He walked behind her to look at the reservation readout on her screen. She was right. Every room in the main building and every cabin was reserved for the next month.

  Toni gave him a friendly rib jab. "Looks like you've hit the success nail on the head."

  Dylan grinned at her. "Unexpectedly. After the original main house and two of the barns burned in that fire, I was putting every bit of my energy into cleaning up the mess and rebuilding. Never thought this was how it would end up."

  "You thought my brother was nuts when he suggested it," she reminded him.

  "Now that it's successful, he'll never stop yanking my chain about it." He laughed. "But I guess he's earned it. Rob said the cattle operation keeps growing, too."

  Dylan nodded. "Can't do it without your brother, thought. It takes both of us to stay on top of things."

  "And speaking of staying on top of things, what are you planning to do about a replacement for this position? I told Rob I could help for a few days, but then I've got my own job to get back to." She held up a hand when he opened his mouth. "Which I love and will be happy to get back to."

  Dylan shrugged. "I guess I'll run an ad again but I'm not sure I can find the kind of person I'm looking for. A good general manager is damn hard to find."

  Toni gave him a sly look. "I just might be able to help you out there, cowboy."

  He perked up at her tone. "Yeah? You know someone who might be interested?"

  "Uh huh. I just might." She winked. "What's it worth to you?"

  Dylan heaved a sigh. Toni was as much like a sister to him as she was to Rob, which was why she always took such pleasure teasing him. "What would you like, brat?"

  "For starters, I'd like for you not to call me brat. Okay?"

  "Get me a general manager and I'll never call you brat again," he promised, making a solemn cross on his heart. He just wanted her to give him the damn name.

  She reached for a blank slip of paper and wrote a name and phone number on it. Then she slid it over to him. "Here you go. Jenna Clary."

  Dylan studied the piece of paper. "And you know her how?"