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Babysittng The Billionaire's Son

Babysittng The Billionaire's Son

Author:Authoress mara



BABY SITTING THE BILLIONAIRE SON BY PRINCESS MARA SYNOPSIS Helen- that's her name, smart, kind, young and beautiful, 18 years old girl. She is an orphan whose parents died leaving her in this kind of world to survive for herself, it was tough for her to fend for herself, she is always seen doing different types of works just to make sure she goes to high school, but it seems all her efforts is always abortive, cause her savings are not enough to go to high school, right now, she stays with her best friend, whose parents are dead too, Helen is looking for a job now so that she can be able to go to high school cause that's her dream of becoming great. Will that dream come to pass? Damon- A rich, stubborn, rude, arrogant and handsome, 19 years old. Which father's death turned him to a monster, his always been a happy, kind and sweet child, but since his dad's death Damon never remains the same. Because of his behaviors, his mom had to place a sign board looking for a babysitter who will help change her son, cause she is not always in the country cause of his dad companies which is in different countries. So guys whose gonna babysit rude and arrogant Damon?? His life, is it gonna ever change?? Will he still remain the most saddest human being?? Will Helen dream come true of going to high school?? Is she gonna be able to deal with Damon?? Will she be able to survive it?? All these questions is gonna get answered when you read the book. Find out in this intriguing story So get ready for this amazing ride coming your way.



Gosh what's this, this annoying alarm again, It just made my dream cut short now, infact.

"Dolly" I tapped her cause I know she is the one that set the alarm, she usually goes to work every morning, she is also looking for money to Go to her dream high school, her luck is that, her money is almost complete for that, cause she has been saving for up to a year now and she has been working in different places, I got sacked from my work cause of lateness, so sad cause I don't think I can go to high school, and the worst part is that, am patching with my friend, cause i was chased out of my house when i couldn't meet up my rent, still in thought when I heard someone coughing.

"Your at it again Helen, your thinking too much, don't worry, I know your gonna go to high school, just cool down, you will get a job", she said trying to calm me down.

"Dolly when, I sniffed, you always say that every passing day, look at you, your money is almost complete, you have a rented house, but look at me, I was been sacked from my three jobs the same day and I was also sent packing from my house cause I couldn't meet up the payments, am I cursed, why is all these happening", I said already in tears.

Dolly went closer to her and hugged her calming her down, and that made her got relieved a little.

"You know am late Helen, let me rush and hurry to work, so I can meet up the others before that CEO frustrates my life", she said hurriedly.

"Ok you can go, I understand, I will just walk around again to see if I can still find a job, i still have a little hope in me that I may find a job", I said with high hopes.

"I wish you good luck and I hope you find a job, there are a lot of food stuffs in the kitchen, you can prepare any food and eat, am gonna eat when I get to work cause am already late", she said hurriedly.

"Ok bestie, you can go and have your bath, let me go prepare my food",

With that she left to the bathroom, why I went to the kitchen.


After looking at the foodstuffs, I made up my mind to prepare noodles.

I took two noodles from the cupboard and place it down.

I on the gas, poured water on the pot and allow it to get hot a little then I put my Noddles and it's ingredients inside the pot.





The food is ready, I covered it and went to the room to brush my teeth and took my bath before settling for the meal.

When I entered, dolly was already on her way going to work, she pecked my cheeks and hurriedly left cause she was already late.

I entered the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I was done bathing, after rubbing lotion on my body, I wore a black top and a jean trouser, just a simple dressing.




I was done eating, now is time to go in search for jobs, that's what I do everyday, I don't get tired of it, cause I really need it.

I went out of the house, locked the door and kept the keys on the flowers closer to the door for dolly, in case she comes home early, she can easily have access to the house.

I set out to the road, I don't want to board a cab, I will just keep walking if I will see any poster or sign board of anyone needed for work.






After walking for some hours, I was already drained, exhausted , drowsy, you can call it any name you like cause I was indeed tired, I mean very tired.

I have gone to various places but to no avail, so I decided to give up for just today, may be I might come back tomorrow or next to continue if God will butter my bread.

Already given up to Go back when my subconscious told me to just move forward a little, I just decided to obey with the little strength in me.

Still walking, when I saw a huge Mansion made with pure diamonds,I believe the house itself could even buy I and dolly as a whole, like seriously, is this really someone's house, the house is just like two cities been joined together, there is no need telling you that the person that owns it, is wealthy, cause with my description you will know that this one is not to be called a house again, I don't even know the kind of name am gonna give to it, I don't know when my legs began moving closer to the Mansion.

I have already moved an in inched to the Mansion and i was still staring at the Mansion when my eyes went to the gate and I saw a paper been pasted there, as I was about reading it, cause it seems, it looks like something related to job that is written there, I was about looking at it, when something splashed on my body and my body was damn wet but not that much, I turned to check, and it seems it was a car, I quickly left the gate and ran towards the car which had not yet gone far, I ran as my leg could carry, and it seems it was crossing a bomber and it slows down, immediately I used that opportunity to knock at the window since it has slowed down.

I hit it twice before a girl of my age came out dressed like a prostitute, she immediately came to my front, she looks rich and she dress expensively, her car also is the latest model, but i didn't care at that moment.

"Why did you splash that dirty water on my body without even trying to apologized, you just drived and passed" I said angrily.

The girl looked at me from my head till toes, as if I was talking to the air.

"Hey this low life, are you sick or is like your poverty life is making you behave abnormal" She said angrily and I was shocked and short of words at that moment.

" You splashed water on me and still have the guts to insult me, what an insolence behavior " I said angrily, I didn't care if she was rich or if she looks rich at that moment.

Immediately I received a hot slap on my two cheeks and tears quickly dropped from my eyes, I couldn't do anything cause am poor, I don't want to get into any trouble anymore and I think I will just let it go.

" The next time you will insult me again, you will hear from me, is like you don't know who your talking to, you this poor stricken thing", she said and left.