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Loving You While Marrying You

Loving You While Marrying You



Three years ago, his fiance had a little white lotus in his heart. In the past three years, she had put in a lot of effort in order to become the moonlight in his heart. However, there was no return for the effort. Even if it was a one-sided love, there were only some injuries. The little white lotus was still the innocent white lotus— "Jian Xinwen, thank you for taking care of me for three years. This is your reward..." Little White Lotus threw a check of one million yuan, but it was clean. Jian Xin laughed and tore the check apart. "My three years are worth one million? Ye shallow, if you have the guts to give me a hundred million, I will leave him!" If she had a hundred million yuan, why would she have to worry about finding a man who could love her? As a result, she had a hundred million and abandoned the man she had loved for several years. When they met again, the man appeared in front of her, and his eyes were about to split. "What the f*ck? Heart Song? I'm only worth 100 million yuan. You just sold me like that!" "Yes, I sold you out, and I don't want you anymore..." When he wanted it, he couldn't get it. When he didn't want it anymore, he really didn't want it anymore.

In a daze, she seemed to be drowning in water. A hand grabbed her throat, and she couldn't get rid of it...

Was she going to die?

No, she didn't want to die!

Jian Xinwen suddenly opened his eyes and saw a man full of killing intent. He was riding on her waist and grabbing her neck angrily!

It was time to apologize!

No wonder she had a nightmare. It turned out to be true!

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

Jian Xinwen's pupils shrank sharply. He endured the pain in his body and slapped his big hand feebly, but he couldn't get rid of it.

"Jianxin Song! I'm going to kill you!" The man's eyes were full of fierceness, like a devil in the dark.


She felt her heart tighten and her heart palpitated as she looked into his burning eyes.

She had silently loved him for three years. Even if he had never come back, he would have stayed in this family for three years. Would he kill her in exchange for her efforts without complaint and regret?

"Mo Shichu, what's wrong with you—"

She stared at him with grievance and difficulty. Every time she felt the pain, she could not help but break the skin on his hand with her fingers. However, she did not let go of his hand at all. Instead, she tightened her grip.

"Shut up! Which wife will drug her man? Do you think I'll admit you just because you've had sex with her? Dream on!" Mo easily growled, his tone sinister.

If the old man had lied to him last night, he would not have let this woman with different appearances take advantage of him.

"What drug? What are you talking about..."

The voice stopped abruptly, and Jian Hearing was suddenly stunned... stiff there.

Last night... That book on milk...

But so what? Why did he say that she had drugged him?

"I told you it wasn't me!"

She hid the pain and loss in her eyes and bit her lips. There was a hint of water in her watery eyes.

"Oh, you don't? Jian Xin Song, do you think I will believe what I said?"

Yet another pitiful and innocent expression!

It was because he was not prepared for her last night that he drank the glass of milk. Otherwise, how could he have discovered these things?

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but exert more strength in his hand.

"Jian Xin Song, do you think I don't know what you did three years ago? I didn't touch you because I was waiting. Do you really think I wouldn't do anything to you?"

Moshi's eyes were cold and full of killing intent. Heart Sutra only felt that all his breathing had been taken away, and there was no daylight in them.

It turned out that he had never trusted her!

However, no matter what happened three years ago or three years later, she had never done it. Why should he put all these things on her?

Was it because she was a marriage partner that he rejected her so much? Did he treat her love as nothing and trample her personality into the mud?

"Let go of me... I didn't... It wasn't me..."

Her breathing became more and more difficult. She subconsciously lifted her foot, and suddenly—


With a muffled groan, the shackles around his neck loosened and the man flipped to one side.

Jian Xin was flustered. Seeing that he was covering his leg, her face turned pale in pain. Her face, which lacked oxygen, instantly turned as red as a maple leaf, and then as white as paper. She stepped forward and tried to push his arm, but she happened to meet his cold eyes.

"Get lost!" He spat out these two words coldly.


Before she could finish her words, she lowered her head and found that she was naked. She pulled the sheets aside in a hurry. Suddenly, as she moved, a box of pills fell to the ground!

This was... a test!!!

Jian Xinwen's pupils contracted.

Her apologetic eyes were filled with sarcasm and coldness.

"What else do you have to say now?"

Ignoring the pain between his legs, he grabbed her neck fiercely again, like throwing a rag doll, and threw her away. He shouted coldly and ruthlessly,

"You want to be pregnant with my child? Dream on!"

Caught off guard, Jian Xinyu's forehead hit the corner of the bed. The bright red blood fell down and blurred her sight. She couldn't see his expression at the moment, but the coldness of his whole body still made her couldn't help shivering.

Enduring the sharp pain on his head, Jian Xinwen bit her lips.

"It's neither mine nor my medicine. I didn't think..."

Before she could finish her words, her phone rang. The man's eyes were cold. He stopped listening to her explanation and turned to answer the phone.

"What is it?"

"Okay, I'll be right there."

After changing her clothes, he slammed the door and walked out without looking back. His cold and emotionless back gave her no chance to explain.

She dragged her frail body into the bathroom. The hot water was so hot that her skin was red, but it did not wash away the shallow traces on her body or drive away the coldness in her heart.

The wound on her head was not big. She cut her bangs in an indifferent way, completely blocking her forehead, revealing her clear eyes. In an instant, the woman in the mirror was less capable of working elite work and more tender of a good student.