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Good Morning, My Lady

Good Morning, My Lady



For the first time, she splashed his whole body with water, leaving a kiss mark on his body. When they met for the second time, she was carrying his child. Seeing that he was going to marry another woman. Huo Jiaxin was cold-blooded and decided to stay away from him. As a result, when she left, he stayed with her. "Little woman, I've always liked you." Huo Jiaxin didn't believe it, so he used his actions to prove that he loved her so much that he couldn't get out of bed...

  "Sister, I didn't invade that woman! I was wronged!"

  "I was just drinking and taking a nap at that time, and I didn't know her at all!"

  In the detention house, Huo Jiaixian was wearing a prison uniform and looked haggard. He prayed to Huo Jiaixian, "Sister, if you want to believe in me, you must believe in me!"

  Huo Jiaxin felt as if her heart was being cut by a knife when she heard that.

  Huo Jiaixian was her younger brother with bright sunshine and excellent grades. He respected teachers and teachers and was widely liked by his teachers and classmates. It was the pride of their whole family. Of course, she did not believe that her younger brother would do such a thing!

  Huo Jiaxin clenched her fists and promised Huo Jiaxian, "My dear brother, I believe you. I will definitely help you out!"

  At the end of the visiting time, Huo Jiaxin was taken out of the detention center by a lawyer.

  Outside the detention center, the Huo's mother was waiting there. When she saw her daughter coming out, she rushed over. "Xian'er, how is he? Is he thinner? Did the people in the detention center bully him? Xin Xin, your brother has never suffered such pain before!"

  "Xin Xin, you are my sister. You must save your brother!"

  "Your brother is such a well-behaved child. He will never break the law!"

  Tears fell down from Huo's mother's eyes as she spoke. Her whole body was trembling.

  Huo Jiaxin hugged Mrs. Huo tightly and held back her tears. She comforted her in a gentle voice, "Mom, don't worry. We've found a lawyer. Lawyer Chen will definitely find a way."

  The reason why she could visit her younger brother this time was that it was lawyer Chen who helped her.

  Otherwise, her brother would be sent to the detention center on the day he was arrested. She could not see him at all!

  Mrs. Huo also thought of this and hurried to ask for lawyer Chen's help.

  "Lawyer Chen, you must save my son. He has been well-behaved since he was a child. Every teacher who taught him praised him for being sensible and obedient. He is only a sophomore this year. He... he will never do that kind of thing!"

  Huo's mother said in a hurry, but lawyer Chen just frowned.

  Huo Jiaxin looked at it and suddenly felt a little uneasy. "Lawyers Chen, what's wrong with you?"

  Lawyer Chen hesitated for a moment and said, "I found something wrong this morning. There is no evidence to identify the victim of Huo Jiaixian's rape, but in the case of no evidence, Huo Jiaixian was still arrested. This is very abnormal!"

  "There must be someone behind it to put pressure on me!"

  Huo Jiaxin's heart sank and she was completely stunned.

  "Is the 'victim' so powerful?"

  "My brother didn't hurt her at all! Why did she do that?"

  Without any evidence, he sent her brother to prison!

  Lawyer Chen was silent for a moment and replied, "Being able to detain people without caring about the evidence is not something ordinary people can do."

  And the woman who accused Huo Jiaxian of raping him was just an ordinary bar owner.

  Huo Jiaxin was completely anxious when she heard this.

  She asked Huo's mother, "What should we do?"

  lawyer Chen sighed and went to call someone he knew.

  After a while, he came back with a more serious look.

  Huo Jiaxin was in a panic, but she could only hear the bad news from lawyer Chen.

  Lawyer Chen sighed and said, "Ms. Huo, Miss Huo, we're in trouble. The victim has something to do with Boss Mo. It's Boss Mo who put pressure on the police!"

  Huo Jiaxin was stunned and didn't know what to say.

  "Boss Mo?"

  She knew that there was only one "Boss Mo" in Mo Shaoning.

  Mo Shaoping, the leader of the Mo family, the first wealthy family in X Country, was a man from another world.

  He was well-known for being cold and ruthless!

  How could he intervene in her brother's case?

  However, lawyer Chen's face was solemn and he added, "It's Mo Sha Ting, the president of the Mo's Group."

  Huo Jiaxin was speechless for a while and could not stand still.

  It was really Mo Shaoping!

  What should she do with her brother?

  Huo Jiaxin helped Mrs. Huo and looked at Lawyer Chen for help.

  Lawyer Chen was a little embarrassed, but she could only tell the truth. "Miss Huo, if you want to save your brother, you'd better think about how you have offended Boss Mo and have a good talk with him. Otherwise, there is no other way to go. I can't help you, and other lawyer can't take over. After all, not everyone can offend Mo Shaiting!"

  Huo's mother could not withstand such a blow and fainted directly.