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Adventures in Swinging

Adventures in Swinging

Author:Avery Rowan


General Romance

They had each other, but now they wanted just about every one they saw. Chelsea Davenport threw the door open wide to sexual adventures as, with her husband, Darren, she rushes into the swingers lifestyle. At first timid, Chelsea soon finds her footing, as well as her favorite position, as together, they explore the steamy prospects in the bedroom - or in the pool, in the car, or on the side of a building. With each story, the heat level rises as partners become playmates and friends and adventure could happen with a casual wink in this collection of wife-swapping tales of exotic freedom. Adventures in Swinging is created by Avery Rowan, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

“How about that one?" Chelsea Davenport pointed to a college-aged man, his smirk as he talked to the cashier at the hamburger joint in the food court at the mall letting Chelsea know he was flirting pretty hard and getting nowhere. While other people stood around the mall's food court, trying to decide what they wanted for dinner, Chelsea sat there selecting her next fantasy for when she masturbated.

Darren followed his wife's finger, noticing the younger blond man she pointed out. He was definitely younger than Darren expected, but then again, that was probably the appeal for her. The man wore jeans that hugged his ass and showed the strength of his legs and a T-shirt that announced he had a chest Chelsea would love to have her hands on while straddling the man's waist. “Do you think he's even out of college?"

She shrugged. “Who cares? The idea isn't to marry him, just to ride him into oblivion. Do you think he could pound me without coming too fast? Young bucks tend to be quick to shoot if you know what I mean."

Darren chuckled as he gave a shake of his head. “Young bucks are just excited they're getting laid."

“True," she said with a sigh. Then she turned and faced her husband again. “So, do you think this is something we could do? You know, without all the jealousies and emotional junk that you would think goes with it. Sex for the sake of sex."

He opened his mouth, about to say something glib, but decided her question needed serious thought and not a nonchalant answer. She was being serious, so he needed to be just as serious. He forced himself to pause and really think over her question. Over the past few weeks, Chelsea had asked the same question, each time with more urgency. This fantasy was becoming an obsession and, if he was honest with himself, he wasn't sure how he felt seeing her so eager to have sex with a stranger. The past few times they had sex, she had talked her fantasy out, small whispers in his ear about how she wanted him to watch her with another man, how she wanted to feel another's hands on her body, another's lips on her flesh. At first, he didn't understand it, this desire that gripped her. Yet, once she sat down and explained the thoughts behind her fantasy to him, he glimpsed a little of what was going through her mind. “It's all about firsts. The first kiss, first embrace, that first glimpse of their naked body. We've been married fifteen years and, outside of this adventure, if we take it, there are no more real firsts. I want that excitement again. I want to feel that giddy feeling when a lover sends me a dirty message of what he wants to do to me later and then let him do it. I want the excitement of the taboo, of doing something everyone else thinks you shouldn't do. It's not about love or emotions but about the rush of adrenaline that comes when you're doing something totally naughty. I want that." She had spent quite a while assuring him she was happy in their marriage, that she didn't want to leave him or even that she needed this adventure. If he said no, then no it would remain.

He didn't say no though. He didn't exactly say yes, either. That didn't stop her from running with it, however. That night, she had stroked his cock as she whispered what she envisioned if they went with their desires, and he had to admit, it was the hardest his cock had been in a while. The stories kept coming, the scenarios, the sex. Chelsea was on a mission to see this through and took every opportunity to bring it up, pointing to possible couples or even single people who might help them with their fantasy. The more she spoke about it, the more excited it made him, and soon, he was just as eager as she to see the fantasy become a reality.

Darren took a sip of his sweet tea, stalling for more time as his thoughts formed in his head. Fantasizing about something was not the same thing as actually doing it. There were plenty of things that could go wrong. While it sounded hot thinking of Chelsea being ravaged by another man or even a couple, Darren was smart enough to know that there would be jealousies, as well. Would he be able to handle those emotions when they hit and not allow his feelings to ruin their plans? “I won't know until we try it," he said. “I don't think either of us will know what we will feel until it actually happens."

She arched an eyebrow at him. “So does that mean you want to try it?"

He chuckled again. “I know you want to try it." Then he gave a nod of his head, his lips pressed into a thin line as he made up his mind. “Sure. Let's jump in and see how deep the water is. We can always stop, right?"

She reached across the table, placing her hand on top of his. “I promise. This is just for fun. Nothing else." She grinned like a schoolgirl, and it warmed Darren's heart. “Now, let's go to that lingerie store at the other end of the mall and pick out some sexy outfits for soon-to-be new lovers." She waggled her eyebrows at him, and he could only laugh as he tried to ignore the swelling in his pants.

He cleared the table of the trash from their lunch as they stood, and then, together, they walked out of the food court and into the main mall corridor, Chelsea's mind on what she would buy that would show off her assets, and his mind on whether he made the right decision. It would go one of two ways—either strengthen them or hurt them. He would have to keep a close eye on his wife who tended to jump headfirst without looking. Well, he was used to keeping an eye on her when she became carried away with one of her ideas. Still, none of those had the possibility of ruining their marriage.

Darren, what the hell did you just agree to?