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Maximillian Spencer is a lonely online erotic self-insert writer hiding behind a typical student's image. He had been longing for a man's love in the course of his loneliness and one day after his stroll to the park where he committed a good act, he was offered a coin that forever changed his life. And a simple wish in the miraculous wishing well, his self- made fictional character and the protagonist of his story, the ever handsome Asher Zen comes to life in the guise of his 'long time' boyfriend! However there's a catch, Maximillian can magically control his boyfriend through writing on his phone! This ability helps him bloom his relationship with his character Asher, but it will domino a series of events along the way!

It was just another day that passed, with Maximillian—or simply just Maxi, typing on his writing application from his phone while laid back comfortably on the wooden chair, his face kept in a straight poker face while writing something a bit inappropriate in their room.

Maximillian Spencer, is kind-of a casual writer under the username Mancer on a certain online application. He's like any senior student you see, some dark disheveled hair that he dyed blonde along the way that it became dry on its ends, chocolate brown eyes

Hershey eyes, as what Maxi called himself

and somehow average height and 'healthy' enough physique that he was trying to maintain by eating the instant noodles.

He writes some gay reader insert stories with his own character, Asher Zen.

He was Maxi's original character that popped up on his imagination, someone who was very handsome in his own thoughts that became a total pop for the readers. He described him as someone youthful and perfectly flawed in many aspects of his personality that got all gays and girls even the straight ones to fall for his own fictional character.

A man who was standing about 178 centimeters, a toned body described like greek gods, beautiful doe like eyes and a pointed nose with thin lips and a sharp jaw line, ears with double helix piercings. And his iconic ash brown description, hence the name Asher. His personality varies every story that he does, but he was more catered by Maxi as someone with a dominant personality.

He sounds too good to be true, hence he was truly fictional in all angles.

As of the moment, he was writing a spicy scene—his reader's favorite moments and surely the reason his casual writing became popular. He was only typing on his phone, and it was still pretty surprising that he wasn't blushing red and heated up like whistling kettle, or having an erection while writing such scenes. If he'll describe it its like a virus, for the first time he wrote at his room he was hot from head to toe as if he was running a fever forty degrees high, and the next few times writing his body seemed to create some 'anti-horny antibody' that he became immune to writing sexually explicit scenes.

'Asher touched y/n so sinfully, his hands travelling down the submissive's erect member having a good tight grip that was painful yet a pleasurable sensation for him-'

He stopped for a while to breathe deeply before writing again without anyone noticing what he was truly writing.

"Now to continue.."

Maxi closed his eyes for a while to regain back his imagination and the scenery he was writing when suddenly, he was pushed back from his chair making him stumble and his phone flying away from his hands.

"Oh my- I'm sorry Maxi!"

It was his best friend Jiro, who accidentally pushed Maxi from his comfortable seat. He and one of their classmate were playing some chase when he accidentally fell back that resulted for Maxi to fall.

"Fuck!" Maxi cursed loudly to Jiro, agitated of his fall.

"Hey, I'm really sorry! It's just that me and Luca were playing chase!" Jiro helped Maxi to stand up and picked up the phone that fell that much for his surprise, it was snatched away faster than the flash from his hands by Maxi.

"I know were best friends from womb but don't touch my phone without permission!"

He was holding the phone so close to him, panting from nervousness that Jiro might see the things he wrote down for his fanfiction.

"Calm down okay? I didn't saw anything on your phone besides I picked it up. You're so secretive about that writing account of yours, it's not like you'll die if you let us know."

Jiro raised his brow at him. It's not new to him that Maxi was writing again on his secret writing account so protectively that even him can't know what he was writing about, his username and more about the online writer identity that Maxi tries to hide.

"It's a top secret even you're my best friend!"

"Yeah, yeah fine. It's a top secret okay? I'll know it too one day."

"Hah, as if I'd let you. I'll change usernames probably and report your account repeatedly so you'll be off the website and let me live in peace." He stuck his tongue out like a child expressing some childish acts to his friend.

"Do as you please, I'll know that one day." Maxi sighed in relief that his secret was safe. And since Jiro is there, he can't write anymore to preserve his privacy and just continue back in his home later.

Surely, he was a popular online writer that caters gay stories that can vary genres from fluffy romance up to the smuttiest and BDSM type of stories to unusually male pregnancy but in real life, nobody even knows that he write those kind of things. He was a plain student, the one that 'surely knows about sex but never says so' a usual eighteen-year-old senior student, Maximillian Spencer.

He never told anyone too, he doesn't want anyone to bother him asking him about his stories. He enjoyed his alternate identity as an author, the positive feedback and to see how the readers fell in love with his character was working him up. It was his escape zone living in the internet identity as Mancer along with the readers who supported and stayed by his side.

"I need to finish the smut chapter tonight.." He sighed in frustration. He had the moments were he wanted to write and sometimes he was just a lazy ass author and now, he was itching to write, but he can't as he apparently lost his thought when he was yeeted off the chair with Jiro's courtesy.

Maybe he'll just check the comment section just to see what was happening on his own books.? It was one of his past time, not that he's a narcissist obsessed of his own works, but simply reads it for feedback and enjoyment. He loved reading those feedbacks, especially the one who comments in either the horniest way possible or something very hyper always make him laugh or smile.

"I'm checking it.."

Maxi clicked one of his stories, his first story that he surprisingly finished that was male pregnancy themed. He loved the earlier chapters of the book where he depicted his own character Asher Zen to be a cocky host club fuckboy and the reader was someone so aggressive to hate Asher's character.

Comments is as follows;

god why is he such a daddy material?

i'll willingly let him step on me

Why isn't Asher Zen real?

"Asher Zen as a real person.." He muttered in his lips thinking of the possibility. Asher Zen was made up of Maxi's criteria of a perfectly flawed yet handsome man, his dream boy and dream soul mate and him being real was a dream come true for Maxi.

"If Asher Zen is real..for sure I'll want him as my boyfriend.." He sighed knowing that his imagination was way too far or way too good to be real. He made him up, he'll remain as a character that he catered for his readers.

"Who's Asher Zen then?

Jiro suddenly asked that caught Maxi off guard having an almost mini heart attack.

"N-nothing. Just some guy with a good name." Lies, of course he made that good name up!

"Oohh~ Is that your crush? Tell me who is he then! Where? This school? Another school? Someone older? Tell me! Tell me! We'll get him for you!" Jiro was way too loud that brought embarrassment to Maxi. Sometimes, no, most of the time, he just wanted to sew his friend's mouth for being louder and even vocalizing his own needs than Maxi himself.

"It's nothing, I swear! Just some name caught in my lips.."

"Ooh, don't tell me your being a hooker on the streets and you be hoeing-" Maxi had enough of his bestfriend and shoved a crumpled paper in his mouth to shut him up with the dirty immoral conclusions he was thinking of.

"He's no one okay? Just shut up, I can't believe that I'm friends with you."

"Hm, I'm your bestfriend and I'm just lending a hand for you to get your man. Oh and by the way, the paper tastes good."

"Goddamit Jiro, dont eat the paper!"


Their classes ended and the bestfriend separated ways, Maxi was now walking home to his apartment where he lived alone. His parents died early and his only relative was his cousin, and he's now a busy doctor at a local hospital. It was far and two trains away from his high school, so they just decided that he could rent a small apartment for him and his cousin paid for it, staying during weekends with him to catch up what he's up to.

But before he decided to go home, he passed by his favorite park first to sit and admire the people around.

He enjoyed the people's happiness, the way the children run around and fly their kites, how the pet owners and their dogs play fetch and a happy family walking together was good enough to make him happy and reduce the loneliness.

His eyes wandered around the park and spotted at a couple not from a far, two guys holding each other's hands happily sharing some sweet pecks that got his system bitter. Let's say that our Maxi was bitter of couples. He just..don't like the scene at all. He was bitter at it, he was single and a no boyfriend since birth kind of guy, not even puppy love.

Nah, his made up fantasies could suffice his loneliness, the least.

"Ah..I don't really like seeing this kind of things! When will I ever get a boyfriend so perfect? Or maybe I should just lean on my own fictional character.."

Well at least he had Asher Zen for his imagination, right?