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Mr. Gorgeous

Mr. Gorgeous




She was a silly transfer student, and he was the domineering cold bad school grass! She was poor and kind, but he was handsome and indifferent. From the very first day she entered the academy, she had been in constant trouble, being mocked, bullied, and toyed with by the people of the school. He had been watching on coldly from the sidelines. Gradually, she, who was as tenacious as weeds, attracted him. From then on, they started a game where they chased each other with pleasure. This was the daily life of a pair of rivals on campus.

City Y.

In a commoner district on the outskirts of the city, a two—story building built in the last century swayed in the breeze.

Tang Xiao Meng had long gotten used to this kind of dilapidated little house. This was the place that she had lived in for sixteen years!

"Tang, Xiao, Meng!"

With the Lion's Roar Technique activated, Tang Xiao Meng immediately covered her ears.

Oh my god!

Why her father is so stupid? Why is he yelling at her!? Could it be that he was not satisfied that she had made it into the ideal university?

"Explain to me what's going on?" A typical man wearing an apron rushed into the restaurant with a spoon in his hand. No wonder this damned girl woke up so early, she was actually hiding something big from him!

"Hehe, dad, can you give me breakfast first?" Tang Xiao Meng's face was full of smiles as she climbed up the table with her hand wanting to take back the red book that was accidentally exposed. However, she was still short of one centimeter, and her escape path was immediately blocked by a frying spoon.

Oh, my God!

"Dad, are you going to cripple me?" If she lost it, her finger would have been broken.

The man raised his eyebrows, blue veins popping out on his forehead. "Everyone knows that there are a lot of evildoers in this school. Bad kids from rich families always want to cause trouble for girls. You, you are just a grass root. You dare to apply here for me?"

Tang Xiao Meng pursed her lips, feeling wronged. Why did she want to test here?

Of course, it was because the tuition fees were preferential and the student's freedom was great. She could still spend some time helping her family, otherwise her father wouldn't have to work so hard.

But he……Should he really belittle his own daughter?

"Hey!" "I'm so tired because of you, so don't worry, I'll take good care of myself." Tang Xiao Meng rushed into the kitchen, picked up her sandwich and ran out of the house.

Ai, this girl, how could he, her father, not understand her thoughts?

They had relied on each other for so many years, he didn't care even if it had to be tougher than that. As long as Xiao Meng could happily grow, without any worries, and yet she went to such a school …

Forget it, she would decide on her own!

… ….

In the alleyway, a luxurious car stopped by the side of the road.

The tall, handsome figure got out of the car and sized up the beauty in the school uniform who had stopped his car. Girls were indeed frivolous animals, but he had invited her to dance for a bet during the graduation ceremony.

"Young Master Situ, can I go to school with you?" The beauty asked coquettishly.

Si Tu Lan Yu squinted his eyes. Under the sunlight, the flaxen color of his hair looked extremely noble, causing his fair skin to be even more transparent than the girls'. The corners of his mouth raised up naughtily as he grabbed the girls' hands, "You like me? That's why you came all the way here? "

He had thought that her role as a studying committee member would be very cold, but to think that it would be reversed.

"Young Master Situ, what … what are you saying?!" The girl blushed red and lowered her head bashfully, while Si Tu Lan Yu coincidentally approached them at this time. From the back view, the distance between the two of them looked like they were a couple.


In the same school uniform.

Just as Tang Xiao Meng ran out of the door with the sandwich in her mouth, she saw something like this.

Behave yourself!

A hooligan seizing a woman from a good family, and she's even a girl from the same school as him. How dare he! To think that he had bumped into the violent big sister loli from her slums. You've been doomed for eight lifetimes!

"Creak, creak, creak ~ ~ ~"

She snapped her fingers, stretched her joints, took off the sandwich in her mouth and shook her arms fiercely. "You son of a bitch! You molested a girl!" Die! "

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

The rapidly spinning sandwich was thrown right onto the fair and tender face.

Time froze in that one second. Si Tu Lan Yu and the girl who was being blocked on the wall by him had been completely petrified.

This scene was as if the sky had collapsed. The brightest noble in Y City, the rich young master of Situ Group, had his sandwich thrown away. The most attractive flaxen hair was covered with lettuce and salad dressing which dripped down on his shoulders, looking as bedraggled as a chicken.

"Why aren't you letting go! How persistent! Doggie! " Tang Xiao Meng walked forward, pulled Si Tu Lan Yu away, and then patted on the girl's shoulders.

"Student, don't be afraid! In this broad daylight, we cannot lower our heads like the evil forces, do we know how to resist? "

"Who's afraid! Where did you come from, get lost! " The girl was not grateful at all, and directly pushed Tang Xiao Meng away, "Young Master Situ, are you alright? What a blind wild lass! "


Wild girl! Blind? Get lost?

"You guys —" Just as Tang Xiao Meng wanted to start cursing, an ice—cold, bone—piercing voice rang beside her ears.

"Woman, are you courting death?"

Si Tu Lan Yu's face was dark, his gloomy aura was comparable to a god of death, his entire body emitting killing intent. No one had ever dared to treat him like this before! If there was, then the only outcome would be death!

"What's going on? A hooligan who bullies girls can still be so arrogant! " Tang Xiao Meng lifted her head with both hands on her waist.

Damn, not only was this man handsome, he was also very tall. She had already done all she could to raise her head, yet she was actually looked down by him. She was truly displeased.

"Who are you calling a hooligan!?" "Crazy woman." Si Tu Lan Yu waved away the girl who was helping him wipe his hair, and took a step forward.

Tang Xiao Meng swallowed her saliva. What did children eat these days to grow up? They actually grew so tall.

"You're the one who's crazy. You're bullying a girl and you still have the nerve to scold me, you slut."

"Say that again!" Si Tu Lan Yu pinched her stubborn little chin.

Tang Xiao Meng rolled her eyes. Sigh, I didn't want to use violence at first, looks like I'll have to wrinkle my school uniform again!

"Bastard!" You asked for it! " After she finished speaking, she grabbed onto his wrist, turned her body, and with a beautiful shoulder throw, fell down Si Tu Lan Yu who was at least one hundred and eighty—five years old.

"Oh my god!" "You'll be dead, you'll be dead" The girl at the side was completely dumbfounded.

Before Si Tu Lan Yu could get up, Tang Xiao Meng waved her little fist and smashed it onto his handsome face again, then followed after, satisfied with the result.