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Love Or Revenge

Love Or Revenge



It was said that the Eldest Young Lady of the Wen family had been abandoned by her beloved man. In order to act quickly, she married a man of unknown origin. It was said that this man had a strong family background and a great reputation. He was perfect and had once doted on her. However, it was exactly because of this man that she lost her close relatives and friends and was driven out of her house. She couldn't even keep the baby in her belly, so she had to travel abroad. When she came back with an obsession and swore that she would bring trouble to the country and the fallen family, he still wanted her heart?


There was a sudden scream in the empty and quiet house, which suddenly pulled back Shu Liangming's thoughts.

He sat up and did not move. Listening to the sudden noise of panic coming and going outside, he soon heard his father-in-law's roar.

"What a misfortune!"

He got up in a hurry and followed the direction of the sound.

That was his room. It was his and his wife's room, which was also the room of Hao Yilin, the daughter of the Hao Financial Group.

The maids came and went, and they were all in a panic and in disbelief. One of them trotted out with a white cloth in her hand.

The white cloth was stained with bright red blood.

He pushed the maids away and barged in. What he saw shocked him so much that he froze. He could no longer lift his feet or move.

Sitting on the sofa, the old father-in-law was so angry that he couldn't stop gasping. He said coldly to the maid who was cleaning up beside the bed, "Stop it! Go get A'chao and drag this bastard out to feed the dog!"

The maid replied and left.

"Old Master! Old Master! I know I was wrong! Old Master, please spare my life! Old Master, please spare me! It's First Miss, it's First Miss who asked me to do this! Old Master!" A man, wearing only a pair of white trousers, knelt on the sofa and kept kowtowing and begging for mercy.

His father-in-law snorted, kicked him to the ground, and got up to leave. As soon as he turned around, he saw his son-in-law standing at the door in shock. He didn't know what to say for a moment. After all, his daughter had done such a thing. It was the Hao family that had let his son-in-law down.

He patted his son-in-law on the shoulder and said nothing. He just sighed and left.

The man who begged for mercy knelt all the way, begging for mercy and following his father-in-law.

On the bed, Hao Yilin was sitting on her knees, wearing a bathrobe that a maid had put on for her. The bathrobe was inevitably stained with blood from her lower body.

The blood dyed the white sheet red. In this cold night, it was like roses blooming at midnight, sadly opening up in this cold room full of the smell of blood.

Hao Yilin's entire body stiffened, and her eyes were filled with a mocking smile. The corners of her mouth twitched, and a disdainful smile appeared on her face.

She was panting and her forehead was full of sweat. She said, "Shu Liang Ming, I will give you back everything you put on me!"

Shu Liangming looked at her, and anger and humiliation surged in his chest. His tightly-clenched fists trembled because of the increasing strength.

But he didn't say anything and didn't do anything, because he needed Hao Yilin and the support of Hao. So he turned around with difficulty, stepped forward, and said stiffly to the maid who just arrived, "Go, send the First Miss to the hospital."

"Yes, Young Master." The maid answered and ran in hurriedly.

He stood in the corridor, closed his eyes, and let out a deep and heavy breath. His clenched fists were still trembling, and he could not let go no matter how hard he tried. He turned around stiffly and walked to the study, even his feet could not help trembling.

Shu Liangming, remember the shame of this day. You promised to wait for your beloved man to marry someone else. You promised to accompany your wife for the rest of your life that it would be a great shame for you... Remember, one day, you must get back the people and things you lost one by one. Even the bodies will be snatched back!

At the end of the corridor behind him, the young master of the Hao Family, Shu Hao, was lying at the door of the room, with only half of his face exposed. He looked at the movement in horror.

Little Shu Hao's forehead was full of sweat, and his hands on the wall were shaking.

It seemed that at this moment, in front of his eyes, it was still the same scene. That scene—his mother and the driver who was responsible for sending him to the kindergarten, they...they...they were entangled with each other, and blood suddenly flowed out, dyeing the white sheets red...

The night was silent, and the smell of blood in the air was so strong, but it still couldn't cover up the laughter and joy in the city. All this was because of the marriage of the second young master of the Fan Hong family, the second young master of the Wen Clan in the city.

Although the marriage between the Wen family and the second son of the Wen family was a scandal, and in such an era, the second young master of the Wen family could do something like getting pregnant before getting married, the bride's appearance in the Fire King Red Robe was really eye-catching.

She was so beautiful, so beautiful that she could almost be described as a celestial being.

With such a beautiful face, fresh and refined, it was enough to dispel all the rumors and make people forget that she was born in a poor country for the time being.

Having received the blessings of the guests present, the newcomers should naturally return to the bridal chamber.

The young man who congratulated Wen Yunyong patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Yunyong, tonight is a precious night! Don't miss it just because sister-in-law is pregnant!"

"Yes, Yun Yong, don't waste the atmosphere of the wedding night!"

Someone whispered in his ear, "Be gentle and the child will be fine. Don't make yourself feel wronged, okay?"

Hearing this, the bride turned her face away unnaturally.

Wen Yunyong held her hand and pinched her palm in order to make her feel at ease. He smiled and saw off those people who were rude and ignored their words.

In the new room, there were double wedding words everywhere. A red wedding cloth was placed in the middle of the wedding bed, and there was a big wedding word near the end of the bed.

Wen Yunyong put away the words "Xi" and the red cloth, feeling a little uneasy. "Go wash up first. After washing up, I'll go and change clothes."

The bride nodded and walked to the bathroom.

"Xiaoyu!" Wen Yunyong suddenly shouted.

Xia Xiaoyu turned around and looked at her in confusion.

"I..." He scratched his head. "Don't worry. I won't do anything to you tonight. Now that you're pregnant, I can tell the seriousness of the matter."

Xia Xiaoyu nodded and said, "Thank you." Then she went to the bathroom, but before she closed the door, she hesitated and turned her face sideways. She stroked her lower abdomen and said, "Yunyong, thank you. If it weren't for you, we would have been dead. You saved this child, and you are her biological father."

"I..." Wen Yunyong was a little uneasy. He rubbed his hands and said, "By the way, Dad has already given our child a name. Our child should have been born to the former big brother. The girl's name is Taowu, and the boy's name is Yuanhang."

Xia Xiaoyu nodded, slightly raised the corner of her mouth, and turned into the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed, tears quietly slid down her cheeks and dripped on the back of her hand that was stroking her lower abdomen. In her heart, she firmly told herself for the last time: "Xia Xiaoyu, from now on, this is your home. I'll forget everything that Shu Liangming promised you!"

Twenty-three years later.

"Wenwen, don't struggle anymore. What I want has never been impossible! Now that I have a child, do you still expect me to fulfill the engagement with you?"

It was raining heavily outside the coffee shop. In the middle of summer, it suddenly became cool and even a little cold.

Winter turned into rain, which was the typical climate characteristic of a prosperous city.

The scholar could only feel her internal organs twitching uncontrollably. She didn't know if it was because of the cold, or because she was shameless by unscrupulous means. She was clearly furious, but there was nowhere for her to lose her temper. The hospital certificate on the table was cruelly reminding her that Huo Jingtian had betrayed her!

"Is there nothing to say?" The silence made Shu Tian even more proud. "If I were you, I would take the initiative to cancel the engagement. In fact, I have been abandoned. I have to fight for the face, haven't I?"

Wen Xun sneered and raised the corner of his mouth in disdain. "Face? Does the eldest daughter of the Shu family care about this thing? Not only did she steal someone else's boyfriend, but she also got pregnant before getting married. Isn't it ridiculous to talk about face?"


Shu Yan was speechless and felt that he had been slapped in the face. He was so angry that his whole body was trembling. On the other hand, the scholar opposite him looked calm. After taking a sip of lemon water, he packed up and was ready to leave.

Shu Yan, you asked her out today to humiliate her, not to be humiliated by her!

She gritted her teeth and swallowed her unwillingness. She sneered and said, "It's not shameful to get pregnant before marriage in this era. More than 20 years ago, someone married into a rich and powerful family with a ball."

Wen Zhen got up and was about to leave. Upon hearing Shu Zhen's words, he paused for a moment, as if he could not believe what he had heard. "What did you say?"

"Don't put in a good word for the second time!"

"Let me confirm it. Did you just say that someone brought a ball to the court and married into a rich and powerful family more than 20 years ago?"

"I know better than you who the second victim is!" As soon as Shu Yan finished speaking, there was a "Crash" sound, and all the lemon water was spilled on her face. "Wenwen!"

The scholar slammed his empty cup down and left angrily.

Shu Yan was in a mess and hurriedly wiped the water on her face with a tissue. However, the more she wiped, the angrier she became. She could not bear it no matter how hard she tried. As she walked out of the cafe, she made a phone call. "Brother, the documents splashed on my face. You ask someone to keep an eye on her. Once there is a chance, I will make her regret provoking me for the rest of her life!"

Xiao Jingteng's song "Say I Don't Love You" was broadcast in the bar.

At the end of the song, the waiter at the bar counter took the initiative to give her a glass of wine. "Miss, the gentleman over there invited you to this glass of wine."

The scholar squinted and did not look at the person who had invited her. He raised his head and drank up all the wine. When he put down the glass, he ordered lightly, "Give me an entire bottle."

So far, she didn't dare to recall what had happened today. She was the eldest daughter of the Wen Clan, but she had been betrayed? She had been praised by everyone, and now she was easily taken away by someone... She didn't want to think about it, nor did she want to seek confirmation, because the words came out of Shu Yan's mouth. She was the daughter of the Hao's Financial Group, who had been against her since she was a child. She never had the confidence to fight against her. She could only blame him. After waiting for so many years, she couldn't wait for this moment...

All she cared about was pouring her sorrows with wine. She did not notice that in a dark corner, two men with dark faces had never moved their eyes away from her.

"I think she has almost finished drinking. Brother, it's time for us to take action." One of the younger men whispered to another person.

The other man waved his hand and said, "Let her drink a little more. Miss Shu has told us that only if we succeed, we can't fail. If we don't have full confidence, don't act rashly."