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Alpha's Lover

Alpha's Lover

Author:Bonnie Flaire



He is the Alpha with the greatest power in the whole globe.She is barely capable of keeping her misfit band together. However, when she comes upon him .A flurry of sparks. He wants her. She is too busy to deal with him at this point in time. Not when both her life and her tribe are in such disarray. But are they able to ignore the beckoning of their True Mates?

Carl Baker, who had eyes the color of emerald, had eyes that were keen and awake all the time. He was like a wild beast hunting for something to eat, but today he was after something different. He was looking for food. Andres was a trendy and sophisticated bar in Nevada that had a black and gold color scheme throughout the establishment.

It was distinct from every other establishment that could be located in the city.

The bar was only accessible to members, but joining required more than simply forking over some cash and filling out some paperwork. It is essential that both men and women have a specific amount of wealth, that they submit to background checks, and that they sign non-disclosure agreements before they can join.

The membership manager advised him that Andres\' customers were quiet and didn\'t blab to the media about what transpired inside and who visited the club. He also told him that Andres\' customers didn\'t talk about who attended the club. She further said that Andres\' clients did not discuss who went to the club in general conversation.

In addition to that, he did not have any reservations about the compensation that was given to the women

Because Andres believed that the participation of actors, sportsmen, entertainers, or any other kind of celebrity would bring unwelcome attention, he did not let any celebrities to take part in the event.

Carl loved going to this club for a number of different reasons, and it wasn\'t just because of the ambiance or the lovely ladies that attended there.

Not only was he wealthy and powerful, but he was also the keeper of a secret that had the ability to rewrite the course of history. Carl, the shifter werewolf for the Pretoria Lycan clan, was a member of their clan and a member of their pack. Lycans were present not just in Gauteng itself but also in the regions immediately around it.

Carl was the leader of one of the most influential and well-known Lycan clans, and as such, one of his key tasks was to make certain that his people were protected from harm.

When he was looking for female companionship, he frequented upscale establishments such as Andres Club, which was an elite club. Andres was without a doubt the most trustworthy and dependable individual in Nevada.

The ladies, who were always stunning and enticing, never questioned him, never wanted more from him than he was able to offer, and always recognized when it was time for them to go.

When he was younger, he used to spend a lot of time in bars, and that\'s where he met the majority of his eager and attractive lovers. Following their time spent together, the most of them were prepared to go their own ways. A great number of people are attracted to positions of power and riches because of their allure. Others believed they had won the proverbial \"jackpot\" and couldn\'t wait to get their fangs into him since he represented such an opportunity. He had honed his skills at evading these women, but coming to Andres was a far more convenient option.