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The Mafia's Girl

The Mafia's Girl



General Romance

(GOLD KIDS SERIES 15) Lucas Vecton Dark and Dangerous are the perfect words to describe Lucas in everyway. He's a businessman and a mafia. He doesn't hesitate to kill someone if they mess up with him. He never thought one day he met a girl who will tame him and make him get down on his knees begging. Crystal Lemiere Carrying the Lemiere last name makes her special in every way. She might be a sheep outside but she's a wolf inside. She's a tough girl and no one messes with her easily. She has a lot of special skills that will surprise someone a guy name Lucas Vecton.

  Crystal Lemiere

  "Just landed in Seattle" I said to Matthew

  "Good , go close the deal and get your ass back here tomorrow" He said and ended the call. Why is he so annoying?

  I walked out from the airport and got into the car that already stood by me. I have an appointment with Ms. Delova to make a contract. My dad apparently bought a big land in Seattle from her and now we're finishing the contract. All I need is her signature and her stample for this. After that I'm done in Seattle

  Suddenly my phone rang and it's my dad , why is my family kept calling me?

  "Yes daddy?"

  "Pumpkin , I want you to sign it and go to the airport immediately okay?" I'm taking the earliest flight tomorrow , but now why suddenly today?

  "I booked a flight for tomorrow dad , why suddenly change?" I asked

  "Just get your butt here before I go there Crystal Lemiere. Do you hear me?" He said seriously

  "Okay fine , I'm going there now" Ms. Delova asked me to go to her house to sign this. She's 70 years old woman so I can't ask her to meet me at Starbucks

  "Remember.. After you-"

  "Why are you acting like this dad?" I asked because he's being weird

  "There's a dangerous mafia around there , just found out this early morning so I need you to go back here quickly after that contract done" He reminded again

  "I can do my self defense, dad"

  "They have guns Crystal not a self defense punching and hitting only" He hissed

  "Okay fine , I'll go back as soon as I'm done. Chill" I said and he ended the call. Why is he acting like this? I leaned to the soft seat and closed my eyes. I'm so tired because I can't sleep last night

  I decided to sleep for a moment and before that I told my driver to wake me up when I get there

  "Ms. Lemiere" My driver called and I got off from the car. I'm still sleepy and dizzy , I need a coffee. I looked around to find the nearest cafe around here

  I still have 20 minutes before I have to meet Ms. Delova so I can kill time by having a warm coffee. I walked there and suddenly stopped when I saw a girl was being dragged to a car. Her mouth was shut with a tape and she was crying for help

  I ran to her and immediately kicked the first 2 men who held her. I kicked their legs and punched their back. The other 3 guys went to me. I quickly moved and kicked their jewel. I pulled the girl to me and ran away from the scene. They were chasing and I quickly got her into my car earlier and asked my driver to drive fast out of there.

  I opened the tape from her mouth and she started to cry

  "Hey hey you're alright now"

  "Thankyou.. Thank you so much" She said and I hugged her to comfort her. I knew it was shocking

  "What happened?" I asked

  "Ms. Lemiere.. We have company" My driver said and I turned my head to see 2 black cars chasing us

  "They're a mafia , their leader is Lucas Vecton" The girl said and I knew she was scared

  "We can't stop here , they're going to kill us" She said in horror and I kept calm in this situation. I was trained to be calm and use my brain in this situation

  "Go to the bas-" I was cut with a gunshot , it was towards my car and I hissed. One of the black cars got in front of us and stopped but my driver was good enough to avoid it and act fast. Suddenly the girl's phone rang..

  "It's him.." She said in horror

  "Take it and put it in loudspeaker" I said and she nodded. She quickly answered it and put it in loudspeaker

  "Martina , Martina. I suggest you stop the car and get out of it before I kill your husband right now" So this is Lucas Vecton huh?

  "No no please don't" She begged and I took her phone

  "Where are you?"

  "So you're the girl who helped my Martina?" He asked in a dangerous tone

  "Yes you idiot , why bother asking when you already know?" I hissed suddenly one of the black car shot my car wheels

  "Arnold , ran away and let me handle this. Call Matthew for help"

  "No miss , you have to run away. I ca-"

  "LISTEN TO ME!" I bursted

  "You need to trust me" I said to the girl and she nodded weakly. The car stopped and I pulled the girl out with me. The guards from earlier were already pointing their guns at me. I put my hands up and then they took me away. I glanced at Arnold but suddenly one of the guards shot him.

  I looked at it in horror and couldn't believe my eyes. I was mad and ready to blow up. They took us away and I need to find a way to get out from this situation. They handcuffed us and took us to secret place in the side of Seattle

  They took me out from the car and then dragged me inside the underground place. The girl was dragged in a different direction and I was dragged towards the office.

  I was greeted by the boss , he looked at me coldly. His eyes were really intimidating. He got up from his chair and took a gun out from his drawer. He loaded it and then he walked to me

  "How dare you take her away?" He said in the coldest tone ever. He looked at me from head to toe and then he observed me or I can say that he's checking me out

  Suddenly he put the gun to my forehead and looked at me with his killing eyes. I gave him a really calm face

  "Any last words?" He asked

  "Do you think I'm scared of you just because you hold a gun in front of me? I'm not scared of you Mr. Vecton. Oh , I don't need to introduce myself right?" I smirked at him , his face was surprise to see me saying that

  "Crystal Lemiere, the greatest treasure for Nicholas Lemiere. I never taught I will get one of his weakness"

  "I'm not my dad's weakness , my mom is" I said in a sarcastic tone and suddenly he trailed his gun down to my cheek, my neck, my arm, my waist and trailed up again to my chest. He pointed his gun to my heart

  "You can ask my dad for millions , why waste my life when you can get a lot of money?" I asked and he raised his eyebrows

  He gave the gun to one of his guard and then he closed the gap between me and him

  "Interesting" He whispered in my ear and he looked at me intensely. I smirked to him