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Death Angel

Death Angel

Author:Chidimma Christine



How do you feel when you wake up one morning after having a fun time at the club the previous night celebrating your eighteen years birthday only to realize you're the *ANGEL OF DEATH*. Like you are the one responsible for peoples death, you watch your family and friends die everyday and you are unable to do anything. You have the ultimate power to kill but you have no powers when it comes to saving.  Even if you decide to cry or get angry, it becomes worse, like really worse because more people die. “But how is that even possible”.  Just yesterday, everything was perfectly fine, and you were leaving your normal crazy life you love to live.  And just this morning, you are hearing a different thing all together, seeing a different thing... Your whole body system completely changed from what it use to be. “Pretty strange and disheartening” “There is nothing worse than that” This is the kind of life *CARMENCITA* a young highschool girl has to live. She has to disassociate herself from mere mortals or they would die “How can someone as crazy as Carmencita, someone known for her livelihood and party lifestyle, survive all alone with no one to hang out with... Not even family”

  The morning breeze blew gently shifting the curtain allowing a little ray of light into the room.

  The room was decorated with beautiful interior design which screamed alot of money... But it was a little messed up with bottle of drinks and some clothes. 

  One the bed are two love birds laying close to each other, they must have had a very rough night together.

  The alarm clock buzzed making a hell lot of noise... Carmencita lazily switched off the alarm.

  She yawned, stretching her body... She sighed as she reach for her top which was on the floor very close to the bed.

  “Good Morning sleepy head” She greeted wearing her clothe but she didn't receive any response

  “Nathan wake up already, its morning” She added but no sound was heard talk more of a response.

  She turned sharply wondering why he was acting up all of a sudden.

  She froze in fear, staring deeply at him... Her hands began to shiver and she began to sweat furiously.

  She stood up to have a clear view... She couldn't believe her eyes “How did this happen” Carmencita asked touching Nathan's body, it was very cold

  Nathan was lying lifelessly on the bed, blood was still dropping from his nose, eyes and mouth staining the bedsheets

  His eyes was covered with dark balls and a red line of tears was on his face... He must have cried out blood before his eyes turned black

  Carmencita withdrawed herself from the bed wondering what happened, “How did Nathan die all of a sudden.”

  She closed her eyes for a while and reopened it hoping to wake up from the nightmare but it was no nightmare.

  She glanced at the door, it was just as they left it the previous day... It wasn't broken at all

  She sniffed touching her nose to clean off the fluid on it but instead seeing nose fluid, she saw blood. 

  “Wha Wha What's happening” she stuttered staring at her hand which was covered with blood stain.

  She quickly grabbed the side mirror to have a clear view at her face... She was crying out blood, her whole eyes has turned red and she was bleeding from her nose and ears. 

  “Wha.....” she stopped half way seeing the nature of her teeth, it has changed completely from the normal human teeth into the teeth of a vampire with two mixed colors *Black and Red*.

  She dropped the mirror allowing break into pieces, shattering it broken piece round the room.

  She glanced at Nathan's body, her eyes caught with a wound on his Heart, it was a big deep wound that has the shape of a vampire teeth round it

  “No way... This can't be true, am definitely dreaming, it can't be true” She cried

  The blood coming from her eyes, nose and ear already stained her blouse and a little on her pant

  “Nathan please... Stop playing pranks on me please” She cried shaking his body but it was already useless.

  He died a long time ago and a tear can't bring him back.

  She sat on the bed remembering the previous night, it was her birthday party...everyone was present

  Her younger sister Charlotte, her best friend Kaira and also her school friends

  Nathan was okey yesterday, he didn't complain of any illness, they had fun last night and even made out, how come he woke up dead... It can't possible be true, someone must have broke in here

  She quickly got up and ran towards the window... Dragging the curtains open.... Every one was busy with their daily activities, its as if nothing had happened.

  she closed the window, many thing ran through her mind, yesterday was just her birthday and everything was perfectly okey, no sign at all... How can today be like this, waking up to a dead boyfriend beside you and also bleeding from her eyes, nose and ears.

  Something that she has never experienced before since she was born.

  The phone on top of side table rang, Carmencita quickly reached for it.... It was Kaira calling.

  “Hey girl... Its ten, don't tell me you guys are still on it” Kaira said with a chuckle.

  Carmencita didn't say a word, she just stood at a point staring at the phone.

  “Hey Carmen, why aren't you saying something, is anything the matter” Kaira asked.

  Carmencita dropped the phone, it fell down hitting against the tile floor and damaged, the ended.

  She fell down in tears, Now its real... She wasn't dreaming, all this while she thought she was having a nightmare and very soon she would wake up and it would all be over.

  She closed her eyes and rested her head on top of Nathan's wound.. She didn't say a word, her eyes were shut tightly but the blood from it found it way out still staining her blouse

  She forcefully opened her eyes and let out a heavy scream holding the duvet tightly.

  Blood was gushing out from her eyes, nose and ears.

  The walls began to shake and break, the celling too, everything began to shake and fall apart as if there was an earth quake going on.