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He's An Idol

He's An Idol

Author:Authoress hany


Realistic Urban

Kim Tan is the most loved kpop idol in the whole of South Korea. He is the leader of the Bad Boy Bad also known as BBB. He's handsome and cute so much that almost all the girls have a crush on him. His fiancee is Loreen and she's so obsessed with him. She loves him so much, she can die for him. Jun jae, Kelly, Jace, Joon, and Felix are the other members of the band. Jace is Kim Tan's bestfriend. He's damn cute. Jun jae on the other hand is a jealous fellow, who wants to become the leader of the band. He hates the fact that Kim Tan is loved by every one. He ordered some thugs to murder him and they attacked Kim Tan on his way to Busan. The news of Kim Tan's death spread like wildfire. The whole of Korea mourned him. Good news!! Kim Tan didn't die, rather, he found himself stuck with a village girl, Hana, and her father. The story gets complicated when he regains his memories. He remembers his fiancee, Loreen, but he's already in love with Hana.






  I dragged my feet as I headed towards the stream to get some water.

  Honestly, living in the village had been very difficult all along especially since I came back from Seoul after my studies.

  I wasn't born here in the village. I moved here with my Dad after the collapse of his business due to a reason I couldn't understand, owing to the fact that I was just six years old back then.

  I attended school here and dad sent me to study in Seoul National University when I was done with high school.

  I'm done with my studies so I'm back in the village. I tried many times to convince my dad to move back to the city but no, he doesn't listen to me. Rather, he gets angry.

  By the way, I'm 23 years old and I work in a local bookshop.

  I was about to get some water from the stream when suddenly, my eyes caught sight of someone lying at the edge of the stream.

  Curiously, I moved closer and realized It was a guy. He was severely injured and damn, his head was bleeding. I quivered at the sight of so much blood.

  Running as fast as my legs could carry me, I raced back home.

  "Appa!! Appa!!" I screamed on top of my voice as I approached our house. Our house is just a small bungalow with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

  "Why are you screaming Hana?" My dad asked in a somewhat baffled manner. I didn't answer him. Instead, I pulled him along with me.

  Breathing heavily as I stopped when we got to the stream, I pointed at the boy laying at the edge of the stream and he went to examine him.

  I tagged right behind him, making sure to hide my face behind his back to avoid seeing the blood.

  "He's alive" My dad said breathing out a sigh of relief. He put him on his back and we hit the road back home.

  "Hana, go get the local doctor," He instructed and ran off. I came back some minutes later with the doctor.

  Meanwhile, Dad has changed the guy's bloody clothes. The doctor examined him. He dressed his wound and then he spoke.

  "He has a serious injury in his head. It's might affect his memory" The doctor said at last.

  "He might have temporary amnesia" he concluded.

  I breathed a sigh of relief. At least he's safe.

  "Make sure you feed him this herbal medicine, it will help with the pain" The doctor added.

  "Is he going to wake up soon?" Dad asked.

  "I can't say, it depends" The doctor said packing up.

  "Dad, I'll go get water from the stream now, I have to go to work early" I said. I ran off to the stream to get some water for bathing.

  Damn it! I'm late already and I'm sure Mr Jung is going to scold me.






  I was sipping my morning coffee when Lisa rushed in.

  "Loreen" She called catching her breath and I couldn't help but wonder if she ran all the way here from her house.

  "What? I asked with an irritated tone.

  "Did you hear the news?" She asked and I could picture her eyes almost popping out in my head the way she spoke.

  "What news?" I frowned.

  "Kim Tan is dead" She blurted and I raised my head up to to look at her. Then I noticed her eyes were wet with tears

  "What do you mean? Stop playing pranks on me Lisa, I tell you it won't work" I said sipping my coffee my coffee again.

  Lisa is usually fond of playing pranks on me so I'm kinda used to it.

  "You think I'm joking?" She gave me a serious look. She snatched the remote from me and changed the channel I was watching.

  I watched in horror as they announced Kim Tan's death and the cup of coffee I was holding in my hand fell off instantly.

  I felt tears forming in my eyes and my vision became blurry. This can't be true. It's not possible. Kim Tan cannot be dead.

  I felt hot balls of tears rolling down my cheek. I held my chest like I had been shot in the heart. It was like I was surrounded by pain.

  Kim Tan is the most loved k-pop idol and he's my fiancee. Dad promised to get us married as soon as he completes his contract with the company he works with.

  "Loreen" Lisa called, gripping my shoulder, but I shrugged her hands off.

  "It can't be true. Tell me this is a lie. They're all lying. All reporters are liars. They do nothing but tell lies so this can be true!" I shouted as more tears streamed down my face.

  "Loreen..... Please.... " Lisa broke off.

  "Kim Tan can't die, Lisa tell me this is a lie" I said again, trying to quail my trembling voice.

  "Control yourself Loreen, He's gone." Lisa sobbed silently.

  Kim Tan is dead. What am  I going to do without him?? He's my life. How am I going to live? This is not fair!


  "Sir, it's done" Kelvin said.

  "Nobody must find out" I said and he walked out. As usual, he will find his way out of here without been seen.

  I'm glad everything is finally going my way. Kim tan has always been an obstacle to my dream. I'm glad I eliminated him. I'll be the band leader now and Loreen will be mine.

  I smiled. I always wonder why people loved him so much. Well that's over now. His sun will set and mine will rise.

  The door cracked open and Felix walked in.

  "I can't believe Tan is gone" he said. His eyes were red. It was obvious that he has been crying. Like goddammit. Why do they love him so much even after his death?

  "Me too" I said pretending to look sober.

  Kelly, Jace and Joon tropped into the room. They were looking sober too.

  "When are we going to check the body?" Kelly asked. His eyes were wet just like the others.

  "Ask Manager Lee" I answered.

  Kelly dialled manager Lee's number.

  "He said we're going to check it tomorrow" Kelly said, dropping the call.

  "I don't believe Tan is dead" Jace said.

  He's Tan's bestfriend.

  "He can't die" He sobbed.

  "Guys let's allow Tan to rest in peace. Crying won't bring in back" I said. I was irritated by their tears, but I didn't make it obvious in the way I spoke so they won't be suspicious.

  "You're not close to Tan, that's why you don't know how it feels" Jace fired, storming out of the room.

  "Don't take him seriously man, He's really hurt" Kelly patted my shoulder.

  I sighed. I just hope everyone forgets Tan soon.






  "And why are you late?" Mr Jung snapped as soon as I stepped into the bookshop.

  "I'm sorry sir" I said, bowing continuously. He shot me an angry look and I quickly lowered my head in a slight bow again.

  "Get to work" He said sternly. I hurried into the shop.

  "You're late again Hana" My bestfriend, Min Jee said.

  "It's not my fault, I was going to get water from the stream but then I saw....." I was saying but Mr Jung's voice cut me short.

  "Hana, if you're going to keep talking after getting late to work, prepare to get fired" He yelled and I kept quiet.

  He has a very bad temore.


  I was very tired after the day's work.

  "Min Jee I'm done. Let's get going," I called loudly, standing outside the bookshop.

  Min Jee came out a minute later. "I was helping Mr Jung to organize some books" She said. I shrugged.

  I threw my arm over her shoulders and we walked home together, chatting happily.

  "Hey, look" Min Jee called my attention. In an instant, my eyes darted towards the direction of her hand.

  "The old man is here again" She added.

  I groaned within me.

  This old man has no shame. He asked dad for my hand in marriage but dad refused. Even though Dad had refused, he won't still leave me alone. He's so shameless. He has the gut to mess with me because he is a top government official in this village and no one dares to go against anything they say or do because they are not really enlightened here. Most of the people in the village are illiterates. Mostly these officials abuse their powers, and it's really annoying.

  I can't fight against it either because we're poor and we don't have what it takes to go against them.

  I broke into a run before he had the chance to even utter a word. I raced all the way home, leaving Min Jee behind.

  "Dad, I'm back" I said breathing heavily, but there was no reply.

  I guess he's not back from work yet. My dad works as a local financial accountant for the village administrator. I sighed and dropped my bag on the floor.

  "Argghh" someone groaned. I was kinda surprised and scared at the same time. I traced the sound to my dad's room.

  Peering into his room after opening the door gently, I let out a loud gasp.