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Rogue King

Rogue King




Once the God of War comes out, who can compete! This god of war is dedicated to fighting all n, winning all battles and various kinds of beauty. People give him the title of "rogue god of war"!

Early in the morning in A City, there was no hustle and bustle of the city.

Jackie Long rang the doorbell of her head teacher, Lucy Wang. The sound of the doorbell was particularly loud in this quiet morning.

With a creak, the security door was half opened. A beauty, without any make up, popped out from behind, with an angel face that made the God jealous.

Looking at the attractive young man in front of her, Lucy Wang\'s heart thumped. Did she meet her true love?

But the familiar smile reminded Lucy Wang of the student who always cause trouble Jackie in her class three years ago. He was a high school student at the same age with her, but he suddenly dropped out of school for some unknown reason.

\"Teacher Wang, good morning!\" Jackie looked at Teacher Wang with an evil smile and said.

\"Is that really you, Jackie?\" Seeing that Jackie nodded, Lucy Wang opened the door in surprise and said, \"come in and have a seat!\"

When they all entered the room, Jackie saw that Lucy Wang was wearing a lovely cartoon pajama. However, the transparent of the pajamas was beyond Jackie\'s imagination. Two mature teardrops seemed to directly appear in front of Jackie through the pajamas.

Jackie had no choice but to quickly lower his head, only to see a scene that was even more exciting. Lucy Wang was wearing a black lace underwear, and a few black hairs naughtily ran out. With Jackie\'s sharp eyes, how could he not know what it was?

Jackie sighed and shook his head. He didn\'t expect that after three years, Teacher Wang was still so confused.

This also showed that the Teacher Wang didn\'t treat him as an outsider.

She had thought that her heart had completely died in the struggle of three years, but she did not expect that such a scene made her have a faint primitive impulse.

Jackie quickly sat down, afraid that he couldn\'t help but push Lucy Wang. With his strength, Lucy Wang had no room for resistance.

Seeing that Jackie sat on the sofa by himself, Lucy Wang poured water for Jackie enthusiastically. Bending down, Jackie exposed the two white rabbits through the collar

He had read the heart clearing curse one thousand times in his heart. Push? Don\'t push? Push? No push... In the end, Jackie could only look at Lucy Wang with a bitter smile and say, \"ahem... Teacher Wang, you\'re gone!\"

\"Ah...\" a scream resounded through the living room... Lucy Wang turned around and ran away, but she didn\'t expect that she was wearing a nightdress and slippers. She was so anxious that she didn\'t run out two steps. The slippers slipped and she fell forward proudly.

Another loud scream resounded through the sky. Just when Lucy Wang thought she would fall down, a strong arm had already wrapped around her thin waist, and the big hand covered her breast exactly

Don\'t blame Jackie. As a human\'s instinct, what he grabbed would be directly sensed by his hands. Therefore, after he pinched it, Jackie felt both ecstatic and a burning feeling on his face.

Knowing what he had done, Jackie quickly put down Lucy Wang. Caught off guard, Lucy Wang faced Jackie face to face and fell back helplessly.

Instinctively, Jackie grabbed her hands in the air. \"Hiss...\" he didn\'t dare to help Lucy Wang anymore. She came to the Teacher Wang for help. If she caused any misunderstanding again, it would be difficult for her to realize her dream of being a well-educated hooligan

As a result, Jackie\'s cheap shirt was torn. Lucy Wang couldn\'t stop herself from falling even if she grabbed her shirt. The back of her head was about to touch the marble.

Jackie instantly turned around Lucy Wang and stood straight in front of Lucy Wang, not daring to move at all. As a result, Lucy Wang was pressed against Jackie\'s body and felt Jackie\'s anger. No matter how unconscious Lucy Wang was, she knew it.

Lucy raised her head and blushed. Looking at Jackie\'s innocent face, Lucy Wang glared at Jackie and finally cursed in a low voice, \"lecher!\"

When she got up from Jackie, she heard a beautiful voice behind her, \"Lucy, what are you doing?\" Following the voice, Jackie\'s nosebleed, which had been hard to stop, slipped out.

In order not to be the first person to bleed to death, Jackie quickly took two steps back and said, \"you take your time to freshen up. I\'ll wait for you outside the door!\"

Lucy Wang was wondering why Jackie wanted to go out all of a sudden. She turned around and saw her rent friend, Snow Li, who was bathing out. His face was still light pink, and his wet hair was casually draped over his shoulder. He was wearing a Pink Sexy Pajama, and a pair of white rabbits that any man would be crazy about picked up his pajamas high, which made Snow Li more charming, But such a charming girl was as muddled as Lucy Wang.

That was why birds of a feather flock together. Otherwise, the two of them would not live together.

Lucy Wang glared at Snow Li and said, \"Snow, you\'re naked!\"

She looked at her pajamas. Although she didn\'t wear underwear, her pajamas were very thick. How could she walk naked? She looked at Lucy Wang in confusion and didn\'t know where she went. Under the kind reminder of Lucy Wang, Snow Li found herself standing in the light

Standing outside the door, Jackie was completely speechless when he heard the scream again. Why were the two women so careless that they didn\'t realize it until now?

What Jackie didn\'t know was that although Snow Li and Lucy Wang were careless, their strength couldn\'t be underestimated. Although Lucy Wang was an ordinary teacher, Snow Li was the successor of an ancient martial arts family

After screaming, Lucy Wang smiled bitterly. She didn\'t know what was wrong with her. Was what happened a few years ago still in her mind? She shook her head. Lucy Wang said to Snow Li, \"Snow, clean it up. Jackie is waiting outside the door.\"

\"Jackie? What does that lecher do?\" After Snow Li knew that she had completely exposed, her impression of Jackie had declined greatly.

Especially that guy, he looked at it from head to toe. What was ridiculous was that he still thought he was wrapped tightly. Now, as a virgin, she was completely seen through by such a strange man.

\"He was one of my former students and dropped out of school after a month. I haven\'t seen him for the next three years. I don\'t know why he suddenly appeared today.\" Lucy Wang explained to Snow Li.

Then they went back to their own washrooms to freshen up.

Lucy Wang looked at herself in the mirror, whose face was still a little red, and shook her head. She had seen and touched her face. Was he still responsible for it? She was not that kind of person. Lucy Wang was rough in character, but a quite independent woman.

After a simple wash, Lucy Wang cleared up the shyness in her heart. She opened the security door, looked at the cigarette butts on the ground and said to Jackie indifferently, \"come in and have a seat!\"

\"Okay!\" Seeing that Lucy Wang was standing at the door neatly dressed, Jackie looked disappointed. The disappointment didn\'t escape the eyes of Lucy Wang. Lucy Wang glanced at Jackie coquettishly and then turned to the living room.

Facing Jackie\'s mature and cynical expression, it was difficult for Lucy Wang to treat Jackie as her own student.

When Jackie sat down, Lucy Wang asked, \"Jackie, where have you been these years? I haven\'t heard from you!\" Although she asked, she still felt embarrassed.

With a coffee cup in her hand, Lucy took a look at Jackie, who was sitting upright as if nothing had happened. Then she lowered her head in an instant and sighed, \"I haven\'t found out before that this Jackie is really shameless!

There were so many questions about Lucy Wang that Jackie ignored what Lucy Wang was thinking. Jackie didn\'t say anything. At that time, she lost her best friend, a brother who was as unfortunate as her. If it weren\'t for him, she wouldn\'t have been sitting here.

Jackie looked at Lucy Wang bitterly and said, \"Teacher Wang, I\'m here to take part in this year\'s exam. Can I?\" Jackie didn\'t answer Lucy Wang\'s question, but spoke out his purpose directly.

There was less than two months before the college entrance examination, and Jackie said so. Lucy Wang didn\'t immediately answer Jackie\'s question. Sitting aside, she carefully thought about the practicability of Jackie\'s words. As a teacher, if there was a student who wanted to make progress, Lucy Wang would not refuse. She wondered if Jackie had finished his homework?

Nodding his head, Jackie looked at Lucy Wang seriously and said, \"Teacher Wang, although I have been wandering outside for the past three years, I didn\'t give up study. It\'s just that my major in give is too bad, so I hope that the Teacher Wang can help me to learn the main subject of Teacher Wang!\"

It was not Jackie who was bragging. He had to learn how to make bombs and guns. He had to go to every country to complete the mission. Every country\'s map had to be carefully studied in order to find the best escape route.

As for biology, Jackie wanted to use the least effort to get the most effect. He didn\'t want to study it, okay? On the contrary, literature was rarely used.

However, literature was a broad and profound subject in the Legend country. Even the citizens of the Legend country were not easy to learn it.

Seeing Jackie\'s sincere tone, Lucy Wang thought for a while and nodded, \"Jackie, you should know that how many people are online in the college entrance examination is related to the reputation of a school. If you don\'t have that strength, even if I\'m willing to help you, I\'m afraid it won\'t work!\"

Knowing that Lucy Wang was telling the truth, Jackie didn\'t explain. She just looked at Lucy Wang and said, \"Teacher Wang, I just want to know how I can take this year\'s college entrance examination.\"

\"The mock entrance examination will be held soon. As long as you can pass the examination, everything will be fine!\" Lucy Wang looked at Jackie and told him his plan. As long as Jackie could really pass the examination, Lucy Wang believed that the school would never miss such a student who would enhance the reputation of the school.

Looking at Jackie, Lucy Wang had already returned to her teacher\'s role. She added, \"besides, if you enter high school, you can\'t leave as you did three years ago, let alone fight, understand?\"

Thinking of what had happened to him three years ago, Jackie smiled sheepishly. At that time, he was really a problem student, but he didn\'t make Lucy Wang worry less. It was because of the carefulness of Lucy Wang and the sincere eyes of Lucy Wang that the first person that came to his mind when he came back home was the Wang Wang, which led to this visit.