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Fatal favoritism

Fatal favoritism



General Romance

After her parents' abrupt absence, she assumed her life would be free of ups and downs, but one accident after another caught her off guard. But she is obstinate and will not submit to her fate. Even the apathetic president was struck by her tenacity and inadvertently fell in love with her. He was so controlling and insensitive but he always spoiled her as if she were the only one in the world in his sight. And the story between them is still long...

Located in the Presidential Suite.

The bathroom was making a rustling sound.

Nina Hill flipped over. Her cheeks were flushed from sex.

She was dazedly thinking that she had won an award in the model competition today, as well as a spot in a big show.

Should she share her joy with him?

Although it was initially due to her broken heart... she has changed her mind.

She could also confess to him if the mood was right.

The phone on her bedside cabinet suddenly vibrated, which was unexpected.

She stretched out and touched the light silver screen, revealing an unread text message.

That was his cell phone.

She unlocked the phone for no apparent reason.

'Okay, I'll wait for you.'

Nina was surprised for a moment before continuing to wander above.

She saw two messages.

One was sent by the other party.

'Felix, on the 29th of next month, I will return to the United States. I'm missing you.'

The other was his response.

'Well, when the time comes, I'll pick you up.'

His tone was dull and uninspiring.

It was simply a big list of cell phone numbers with no commentary.

But her uneasiness had already manifested.

The other party's tone was too much like his ex-girlfriend's.

She understood Felix Bush's indifferent character. He must be worried about the person he can meet in person.

And the 29th of next month just so happens to be her catwalk day!

They just had sex! Was he still interested in seeing other women?

What a time management guru! Could it be possible that he could be in love and cheating at the same time?

The sound of running water in the bathroom came to an abrupt halt.

The man came out after opening the door.

She noticed the smooth abs and the pointy jawline further up. His thin lips were delicately pursed, his nose was straight, and his eyes were as deep as the sea.

His hair was damp, and his three-dimensional features were uninteresting.

His whole person exuded an air of indifference.

Nina quietly put the phone back in its place.

Her tone was casual: "Are you available on the 29th of this month? Can you attend to my performance?"

The man paused.

"No. I have something to do that day."

"What's the matter?" she inquired, hesitantly.


Felix's tone was uninterested. He grimaced slightly, impatiently.

"Can't you postpone it for me?"

He gave her a serious look: "What's the matter with you today? You're nasty."

Nina laughed angrily.

"Do you think I didn't know you'd see the little coquette outside?"

The atmosphere suddenly condensed.

After a few seconds of silence, Felix murmured, "We're just having a good time. We can only count as a more suitable one-night stand, right?"

He implied that she was too much in charge.

She couldn't contain her anger at all.

Nina immediately jumped up, ignoring the silk nightgown that had dropped off half of her shoulders. She almost bit her lower lip and inquired.

"Asshole, you lied to me!"

She was visibly trembling with rage.

She met a scumbag again!

Felix scowled slightly, indicating impatience.

Nina was a little nervous.

She was familiar with this expression.

It happened whenever he didn't want to talk or wanted to leave.

"Isn't our relationship for more than a year nothing in your heart?"

"You overthink things."

His shoulders were big and his waist was thin. He was straight and stiff, emanating subtle seduction.

He turned his head sideways.

His eyes stayed on her face straight, without the slightest emotion.

They were incredibly affectionate on this bed barely ten minutes ago.

And he was so determined now.