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Best Marriage Ever, Love Me Once More

Best Marriage Ever, Love Me Once More



After getting drunk and entering the opposite room, she was mistaken for a young lady. In a fit of anger, she kicked the man and commented that the man was strong on the outside but weak on the inside. However, the next day, the man came to her with his bodyguards and said that he wanted to marry her. If they got married, then they would get married. What about sleeping in separate rooms? If they didn't sleep in the same room, then they wouldn't sleep in the same room. What about the rules? "Hey, why are you pressing me?" The man was a beast in the daytime, but he was not as good as a beast at night. In the end, she couldn't stand it anymore. "Is there something wrong with your brain?" He immediately pressed forward. "Yes, wife, I'm excited to see you having sex at the first sight of me!" "..."

It was very stuffy, very hot, and his throat hurt. He was thirsty!

Su Jin groaned and opened her eyes uncomfortably.

"Pa!" The light suddenly lit up.

The next second, Su Jin was dragged out of bed rudely and thrown to the ground.

"How did you get in? Who allowed you to lie here?" Before Su Jin could say anything, a big hand grabbed her neck.

His warm and dry palm was pinching the stake. The strength was so great that it was difficult for him to breathe.

Su Jin frowned and closed her eyes. Only then did she see the man in front of her clearly.

His figure was tall and straight, and his facial features were chiseled. His silver-gray suit made him look extraordinarily handsome. At this moment, he was pursing his lips tightly and looking at her with anger and disgust.

Looking around again, she saw European oil painting, luxurious carpet, and elegant decoration...

This... this was not her room!

Why was she here?

With her eyes wide open, Su Jin said in shock, "Sir, I don't know why I'm here. I might have gone wrong. Can you let me go first? I... I can't breathe anymore."

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sneer.

"Wrong? Don't you think this excuse is very bad?" Gu Yanting glanced at Su Jin with disdain. Her red tube-cut skirt, smooth collarbone, fair skin, and long legs were full of temptation.

Gu Yanting showed a scornful smile at the corner of his mouth. Then he shook off Su Jin, took out a pure white handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his hands, and said coldly, "Get out!"

What did this man mean? Did he think she was a young lady?

Su Jin was agitated by the man's actions.

He staggered to his feet. "Sir, do you have to do this? I told you that I just went to the wrong room. I didn't have any other intentions!"

She opened her watery eyes slightly, which were filled with anger.

Originally, it was because she was unhappy that she drank wine to relieve her sadness, but now it made her even more depressed.

Gu Yanting hated women entering his room the most, and this woman was just lying on his bed!

He couldn't stand it!

"This room requires a door card to enter. As for the door card, only this one in my hand." Gu Yanting shook the black door card with golden floral patterns and continued, "You said that you went to the wrong room. Do you know how to get in through the crack of the door? Do you have the skill of bone shrinking?"


Su Jin was rendered speechless.

"So, now, get out of here immediately. I don't want to say it for the third time!" Gu Yanting had no patience. He stretched out his long hand and pointed to the door.

Su Jin curled her lips and saw that the bag in her hand was still on the bed. She walked over to take it, but her legs went soft and she lost her balance. She directly threw herself on Gu Yanting.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanting was not prepared. The two of them fell onto the bed one after another.

In an instant, the unique fragrance of a woman came into his nose. Gu Yanting frowned. Although he was disgusted, he did not feel as disgusted as before.

"What are you doing? Get lost!" Gu Yanting frowned and raised his hand to push the woman away.


Accompanied by the tearing sound of cloth, Su Jin's scream also sounded. "Bastard! Hooligan!"

Su Jin grabbed the thin blanket with both hands and tightly placed it in front of her chest. When she saw a small piece of red cloth on the man's chest, she was ashamed, annoyed, and angry!

"That's what I want to ask you what you want to do." Gu Yanting looked at Su Jin with disgust. At the same time, he threw away the red cloth on his chest needle, as if there was a virus. It was too late for him to avoid it.

"You entered my room without permission, deliberately pretended to be drunk, and even deliberately tore off your clothes to show off. What, do you think you are full of charm? A woman like you is shameless, dirty, and disgusting!"

His eyes and tone were full of sarcasm.

Su Jin lost her temper and stopped covering herself with the quilt. She got up and said, "Bullshit! You're dirty when you say I'm dirty. Your whole family is dirty!"

Originally, he was still drunk. Now that he was so angry, he suddenly felt dizzy. He reached out and began to touch Gu Yanting's face. "Do you think I'm dirty? Do you have the guts to cut off all the places I touched! Isn't it disgusting? Why don't you vomit? retching! retching!"

Gu Yanting: "..."