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Toxic Attraction

Toxic Attraction

Author:Erotic Queen


General Romance

"Be mine, Hailey" He breathed against her neck, loving how she smelled like honey. She always smelled so damn good and it drove him crazy. He just wanted to devour her. Her breath hitched as her knees threatened to give out. She dug her nails into her palms as his minty breath fanned her neck. She couldn't deny it: She was very much attracted to him but she wouldn't be persuaded. He was her boss and he was married with a child! "I can't. You're my boss and you have a wife," She panted, biting her lips in anxiety, trying to ignore the painful throbbing of her moist core. The sexual tension in the air was thick and suffocating. She needed to leave his office. "I promise that I will not hurt you. All you have to do is be mine," He desired her. He couldn't bare her rejection anymore. He knew she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. He spun her around, her petite body crashing into him with a surprised yelp. Grabbing a firm hold of her throat, he planted his lips on hers and they both melted into an unholy ecstasy. ••• Hailey Blake had given up on love after multiple damaging heartbreaks. She was content being alone and single for two years; That was until Romeo Snider came along and made it his deadly intention to pursue her, despite being her boss and being married for three years. He had his eyes set on her since the very first time her fine ass walked by him in the hallways, leaving an aroma of honey lingering in the air. He had to get her. And what Romeo wants, Romeo gets. Note briefly before you read: This novel contains mature themes such as sex and expletives.

Hailey Blake released a deep, tired breath as her wristwatch struck five in the afternoon. To say the young woman was tired would be an understatement. She loved her job as a personal assistant at Snider's Incorporated but sometimes her job could be a little demanding and it was required of her to meet deadlines all the time.

She had a lot on her mind. She wanted a fresh start. She wanted to leave her boring hometown to reside elsewhere. Somewhere like Los Angeles. When she was a child, her grandfather always recalled his memories of his trip to Los Angeles. He once stated that the weather was phenomenal as it was always warm and sunny which inspires a lot of persons to get outside. He stated that living in Los Angeles means you can get your fill of art, music and culture. Whatever you're into, indoor or outdoor activities, you can find them there. That was enough for Hailey to dream of living in the prestigious city.

Hailey had lived with her extended family eversince the death of her mother when she was twelve years old.

Her mother, Maria, had contracted breast cancer when Hailey was just a toddler. Growing up, she noticed her mother's head was always bald and she usually wore a wig when leaving the house but she hadn't given it much thought as she was so young and was very much carefree as expected.

On the day her mother died, June eighth, her life fell apart. She was traumatized and heartbroken. It was the most depressing period of her life but she learned to cope. She still missed her mother's toothy smile and tight, warm hugs she used to give. Her mother was outgoing, gentle, tender and so beautiful.

And, just as she was getting used to not having her mother around, her father passed away five years later. Heart attack - the doctors told her. Her father, Earl, was quite the opposite of Maria. He was reserved but he also had a very short temper. No one dared to mess with him as he wasn't afraid to fight.

When it dawned on her that she was now an orphan

even though she was seventeen years old

, she lost it. Her coping mechanism changed. She now understood why people drank and smoked. It gave them a temporary sense of peace and placed their minds at ease and it had worked well for her. If only she could be high forever.

A few months after her twentieth birthday, she moved out of her family's house into her new apartment where she now resides with her cat, Panther.

Life was beginning to get better. She had a decent job, she met several new friends, had a few flings and even met her bestfriend, Cassie.

Cassie was like a sister to her. Hailey felt comfortable to tell Cassie anything. Cassie was a sweetheart. She was sweet and caring. She had straight, dark hair and dark brown eyes that were usually hidden behind her reading glasses. Cassie would always be the one to comfort Hailey whenever she went through a bad breakup.

Hailey had been single for over two years and she liked it that way. She was tired of getting a broken heart. She was tried of giving her all to men that didn't deserve her love. So, she resorted to having a few flings whenever she felt like it. A girl has needs, right?

Hailey reapplied her cherry lip gloss before grabbing the report from her desk that she had been working on for almost three days. Getting her handbag, she strutted out of her small office to her boss's own.

"Come in," His gruff voice sounded seconds after she knocked on the door.

At the clattering sound of her high heels, he looked up from his laptop monitor.

Her honey-like scent flooded the spacious room as she walked in. He always admired how good she smelled.

She smiled kindly at him and her glossy lips and white pearls caught his eyes. He liked it whenever she smiled as she smiled with her eyes and her entire face would light up.

Romeo wasn't oblivious to her captivating beauty. She was much smaller than him and petite. She had a little, round ass and small, but wide hips that swayed each time she walked. Her brown hair was long and bouncy and her eyes were a very light blue. Sometimes they seemed grey.

"Have you finished that report?" He questioned.

Placing the yellow folder on his desk, she replied, "Yes, sir."

Romeo picked up the folder and quickly scanned through the pages.

She had no choice but to watch as he read the report. She too, couldn't deny that he was very handsome. He was very much taller than her and quite muscular. His bulging biceps was enough evidence to prove that he worked out at least four times a week. His hair was low cut and the sides were faded neatly. She knew he had tattoos as she could spot a few around his neck and his fingers. The gold ring on his finger on the left hand didn't go unnoticed by her. Of course he was married. What woman wouldn't fall deeply in love with a man as ambitious and handsome as he?

His hazel eyes stared up at her and his pink lips curled a little at the edges as he closed the folder,

"Well done."

Her smile widened and she shyly glanced down at her black, pencil skirt that hovered above her knees, "Thank you, Mr. Snider."

Again, her smile caught his attention and he bit his lip subconsciously.

"Enjoy the rest of your day," She cooed and he blinked, bringing himself back to reality.

"You too, Hailey."

As she turned and walked away, his eyes fell to her swaying hips and he licked his lips before shaking his head to end his short trance.