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Young Madam Is the Top Hacker in Disguise

Young Madam Is the Top Hacker in Disguise



Rita, the first miss of the prestigious Patriotic family. She and her sister were swapped at birth, so she lived in the village with her grandmother for eighteen years. One day, her grandmother disappeared, telling her to go find her parents. She arrived in town, only to be arranged by her parents to marry Jacob Wayne, a useless trash. Jacob even despised Rita because she was a village girl, a bumpkin. But what he didn't expect was that Rita was the CEO of a global company, a mysterious hacker. "Dare to despise me? I bet tomorrow your family will be bankrupt."

"Yo, you guys took my step-sister's cash and came to teach me a lesson?"

In a secluded alley not far from the Southworth International Airport, Rita Patriotic crossed her arms over her chest and gazed at the yellow-haired gangsters in front of her with amusement.

At her feet was a shabby suitcase.

The yellow-haired men were also sizing up Rita.

Rita's hair was tied up, looking cute and energetic, and most importantly, seemingly weak at first glance.

Brina Patriotic's description about Rita that she had just come out of some isolated and poor village gave the yellow-haired men a great boost in confidence.

"Shut up! Your sis wanted us to give you a warning. You shall not come here. If you don't wanna get hurt, give us the dough and go back to the village!" One of the yellow-haired men, who was holding a knife, made a threatening gesture.

Rita snapped in excitement. "So, you guys have ways to contact my sister? Can you call her and ask her how to get to the Patriotic family?"

The yellow-haired man who was holding a knife was flabbergasted.

Rita scratched her head. "I accidentally lost the address that grandma gave me... luckily, you guys showed up, or I would have had to go to the police station."

The yellow-haired man instantly turned ferocious. "You dare to play me! Little b*tch, you'll learn only after we give you some suffering!"

As he spoke, he lunged and attempted to slice across Rita's face with his knife.

However, just as he struck, he saw a ghosting hand approaching him, and the subsequent excruciating pain in his wrist reminded him of the knife which was now in Rita's hand.

The gangsters were dumbfounded.

"Why's it so different from what Brina said?"

Rita turned the knife around and pointed at the yellow-haired men. "Now, can you answer my question?" Her voice was soft, but her eyes were dark and fierce. 


Half an hour later.

Rita squatted down and rearranged the clothes of one of the yellow-hair men who's black and blue. She said in a soft voice, "Why don't you guys be kind in the first place? My hands are so hurt by you guys." Her voice was still soft.

The yellow-hair man gaped at her with disbelief. "Nonsense! It's because you beat us too hard!" Retorted the men silently.

"Oh, by the way." Something came across her mind. She fished out the wallet from the yellow-haired man's pocket and took out the money inside. "I almost forgot my medical expenses."

Words failed the yellow-haired men.

Rita took the money, dragged her small shabby suitcase with satisfaction, and walked out of the alley.

She had lived with her grandmother in Cloud Village for eighteen years. This was the first time she had left the village alone. Everything's new to her. 

Originally, she didn't want to leave the village, but her grandmother left a note and disappeared, instructing her to find her father in Southworth who she had never met.

Her grandmother took away everything inside the shabby little house, and rented it out. Rita was left with no choice. She could only obey her.

Matching what she learned from the TV with the city right in front of her, she found her way out of the alley and paused by a black car parked there. "Hello, sir. How much should I pay if I want to go there?" She opened the door.

Soon, she was stunned.

There was a man in the car... who was surreally good-looking but unbearablly cold.

Even if he just stared at her quietly without a word, Rita furrowed because she knew the man was not an ordinary man.

She... seemed to have gotten in the wrong car?

"I'm sorry, I think I got it wrong..."

Before Rita could finish her sentence, she heard the man say lightly, "Where do you want to go?"

His voice was low and magnetic, as charming as a cello.

Rita felt that her heart, which had never thumped like it now, was beating wildly.

She rubbed her chest and sat in the passenger seat, handing the address she got from the yellow-hair to the man. "This place."

The address on the note was simple and clear: Glorious Garden, one of the high-end villas in the city.

The man raised his eyebrows slightly and started the car. "Your home?"

"Probably." Rita gazed out of the window at the tall buildings. "I have never been there."

The man shoot a glance at her and said nothing more.

She was probably some illegitimate daughter of a rich family.

Both remained silent for the rest of journey.

When they arrived, Rita got out of the car and handed the money she took from the yellow-hair to the man. "Is this enough?"

"Yes." The man took the money.

Rita noticed that his nails were trimmed clean. It was obvious that he was enjoying a comfy life.

She sighed subconsciously. Even a taxi driver could have a quality life. Indeed a big city.

Unlike the burly men in her village.

Watching the car drive away, Rita turned around and was about to walk into the neighborhood.

... But she was stopped at the entrance.

"Sorry, Miss, maybe you got it wrong..." The security guard's tone softened as he gazed at the lovely girl in front of him. "I know no family here surnamed Patriotic."

Rita exclaimed "... What?"

Those yellow-haired men were not stupid. They can't beat Rita up, but Brina's even more formidable!

So they simply made up an address and fooled Rita.

Rita ruffled her hair irritably. In the end, she resigned herself to her fate and took out the computer from her suitcase. Turning it on, she muttered, "I thought it could save me some trouble..."

The computer was turned on very quickly. Rita's fingers tapped on the keyboard a few times, and the screen suddenly muted, and all the address of the residents surnamed Patriotic in Southworth appeared in her sight.

Rita sighed and began to sift through it.

Jacob Wayne parked his car and his phone rang.

He picked it up, and a tone of ridicule sounded. "Mr. Wayne, you met the eldest daughter of the Patriotic family yet?"

"No." Jacob lit a cigarette, and casually placed his arm on the window. His dark and cold eyes were filled with a casual smile. "I meet a girl. She's fun. So I gave her a ride." His dark, cold eyes were lit up a little, with a playful smile.

Jeffrey was shocked. "But your granny demanded..."

"I'm hanging up."

Jeffrey blurted out, "Hey, hey, don't! Mr. Wayne, what's interesting about her? You're so intrigued."

"A woman's fighting." The scene of Rita fighting came to Jacob's mind and he grinned.

Jeffrey was baffled.

Some kind of idiosyncrasy?

No wonder no girls in the upper class could catch his eyes!

Jeffrey mocked silently and then mused, "What's her name? I can check it out for you."

Jacob's fingers, which were holding a cigarette, froze. "... I forgot to ask."

Jeffrey's stunned.

Well, Mr. Wayne had always been the one being pursued since he was a child. So, he's not well-trained in this aspect.

"She lives in Glorious Garden; she is an illegitimate child." Jacob seemed to think about something. After a pause, he added, "She's very cute."

Jeffrey's mouth twitched. "... I see. Wait for my message."

Hanging up the phone, Jacob touched his chin.