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God of Nine Dragons' Hall

God of Nine Dragons' Hall


Xuan huan

He obtained the treasures of chaos, cultivated the nine dragons and nine dragons, cut off the sun, moon, and stars, and killed all the demons. When Lu Chen came out, all the gods and ghosts in the world were shocked. The drunken phoenix beauty smiled, and the 3,000 Great Ways crossed all the living creatures.

In the secret chamber of the City Lord's Mansion, Shuangmu City, the Jueming Dynasty.

The beautiful girl looked at the young man who was stepped on by her with a smile, and her plump little mouth said extremely vicious words.

"I never love you, because I only love the thousand-year-old Dragon Fruit in your hands!"

"In the future, I will become a phoenix flying to the Ninth Heaven, and you are just a nonentity from a small family."

"Next, I will dig out your Dantian and Martial Meridian and turn you, the first genius of Blackwood City, into the first loser!"

"When the time comes, you will see how I fly to the Ninth Heaven with your own eyes, hahaha..."

Lu Chen opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with blood, and his chest was full of hatred.

"Zhou Ruoxue, if I don't die, I'll definitely slaughter your entire family!"

Before his voice had died away, Lu Chen's consciousness had fallen into endless darkness.


Lu Chen suddenly woke up from his coma. He wanted to get up, but he suddenly felt pain everywhere in his body.

Recalling what had happened to him not long ago, Lu Chen could not help but smile bitterly.

The person who fell in love with him and worked together with his father, the City Lord of Double Wood City, schemed to snatch the thousand-year-old Dragon Origin Fruit that his family had bestowed upon him. He even dug out his dantian and Martial Meridian with his own hands and destroyed his foundation.

Lu Chen knew very well that if it weren't for the fear of the Lu family, he would have already died in the City Lord's Mansion.

And at this time, even his old reputation had been completely destroyed by the City Lord's Mansion!

"Zhou Ruoxue!"

Lu Chen gnashed his teeth and said this name that he had loved for many years, but at this moment, he only had hatred in his heart!

Suddenly, the space trembled slightly.

Then, Lu Chen saw the void in front of him collapse, and a black bead surrounded by dark light rushed out at a high speed.

The black bead seemed to be in a panic and hit Lu Chen's forehead. It instantly integrated into Lu Chen's body.

Lu Chen suddenly felt his vision go black. The moment before he lost consciousness, he saw a pair of big hands tearing the void.

Someone was coming out of the void!?

Almost at the same time when Lu Chen lost consciousness, the void was torn apart.

A golden-armored old man with a terrifying aura strode out of the void.

The golden-armored old man looked at Lu Chen, who was on the bed, with a serious look in his eyes. Finally, he looked up at the sky and sighed.

"There are times when there is no end to one's fate. There is no time to force one's fate!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man in golden armor turned around and stepped into the void again, disappearing...

Lu Chen lay on the bed with his eyes closed. Although he was unconscious, his Divine Sense was gradually becoming clear.

Lu Chen didn't know how long it took before he realized that there was something strange in his sea of consciousness!

It was an inconspicuous black bead.

Primordial Chaos Bead?

Lu Chen had no time to wonder why he knew the name of the black bead, but when he saw the Chaos Bead, there was a change.

The terrifying spiritual power burst out from the Primordial Chaos Bead and instantly merged with the sea of consciousness.

A majestic memory appeared in Lu Chen's mind.

Lu Chen immediately realized that this was very likely to be some kind of inheritance!

The majestic memory contained a complete memory of the Dao of alchemy. It contained an endless amount of pill refinement skills, as well as a clear understanding of the natural treasures and rare unique beasts.

Other than the memories of the dao of pills, there were also memories related to an ancient rune.

Finally, there was a martial art inheritance: Nine Dragons One Technique!

Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised to find that this martial art had opened the secret chamber of the human body. Without cultivating the Elixir Field, it was simply custom-made for him.

But when he saw the back, Lu Chen's heart sank.

The Nine Dragons One Technique, not the Elixir Field, but the Nine Dragons!

The so-called dragon was the dragon vein, which was the Martial Artist's pulse!

His Martial Meridian had been dug out. What was the point of refining it?

Suddenly, the Primordial Chaos Bead changed again and sank from his sea of consciousness.

Passing through the head, through the neck, through the chest...

Only when it reached the dantian did the Primordial Chaos Bead settle down.

Then, a beam of nine-colored light shot out from the Primordial Chaos Bead, connecting to the position of the Martial Meridian that had been dug out.

In the blink of an eye, a brand new Martial Meridian was completely formed, and the eight-colored light dissipated, leaving only the dazzling red light.

The red light of the Martial Meridian was dazzling, like a Sky-burning Fire Dragon. It was extremely overbearing!

"This is..."

The first dragon needed to be cultivated in the Nine Dragons One Technique: Yan Dragon Vein!

Lu Chen was both surprised and delighted. He was reborn from a useless vein, and the Flame Dragon had appeared!