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Things I Do For Love

Things I Do For Love

Author:Frankie Sam



The fight between the cheerleaders and football team has been a long rivalry will love be enough to end it or make it worst Davis is a blonde hair beautiful young lady a cheerleader,singer and dancer. She's among the most popular girls in Sheffield boarding school the pop 10 love comes with choices was the choice she took wise or drastic........

We were walking to the cafeteria, just me and my girls the Pop 10 in Sheffield boarding school. Davis,Esme,Neveah, Aurora,Diem,Lia, Arabella, Imogen, Cecilia and Matilda.

Am Davis Briggs blond,hazel eyes with nice curves head cheerleader who also had passion for singing and dancing. Diem is the closest to me among the Pop 10 we were roommates and best friends,she is also blonde but my hair had curves while hers was straight she had deep black eyes and we are of the same height in Pop 10 we were almost the same height Esme and Cecilia were a bit shorter but we all worked together as a team to give out our best. Our glamour our style our enthusiasm each made everyone of us shine out in the crowd

Once we stepped into the cafeteria everyone stood in awe admiring us from each corner I give a beautiful smile but it didn't last once I noticed the football boys who were sitting exactly at our favorite table they knew it but that's how things have been for a couple of months now they were always bugging us, getting on our nerves or bluntly insulting us, we put up with their drama and gave them just as much trouble they give us.

The cafeteria fell quite once everyone noticed the death stares we gave each other.

"Well if it isn't the dump10" Roy spoke first

Imogen was about to give an epic combat but I held her back "Ladies please shall we use another table" I said softly but boldly. The long gasp from the four walls of the cafeteria was breathtaking. Nobody could believe it I wasn't even sure I believed it myself. I was a diva always looking for drama I could make a mountain out of a mole hill I could raise a fight out of petty little things but today right now all I wanted was a smoothie.

"Davis are you okay" Esme asked

"Today you really outdone yourself on the field doing extra laps" Imogen added

"Am fine all I want is a nice lunch" I was so glad the girls didn't argue any further they listened while we used another table.

"Yeah you better run away"Roy exclaimed

We ignored the statement and had a sit on a free table

Cecilia, Neveah and Arabella went to get our food it took a while but they finally brought it.

Everyone got a hamburger with a smoothie just the way we liked it

I wasn't really in the mood for strawberry lately so I walked up to the counter and a lot of eyes followed it was awesome being popular

"Can I have a honey Drew almond" Cole and I ordered the same thing

I looked up and stared at him he had ocean eyes which I have dreamed about a lot

Cole was a drop dead handsome guy my kind of guy if not for the rivalry we would have made an excellent couple

"Here" the lunch lady snapped us out of our trance

I looked away glowing a bright pink

"Thank you" we both said at the same time

I reached out to take my smoothie the same time he did then we both drew back our hands we did the same once more and ended up laughing

"Ladies first" Cole said with he's amazing voice

"A first I heard a football geek care about courtesy I thought you were all classless fools" Davis replied smiling

"We only behave classless to classless girls"He said smirking but stopped once he saw me boiling

"I didn't mean to ... He was trying to apologise I didn't want to hear any of it I took my smoothie and was about walking away when he pulled me back and with the force I spilled my smoothie on him

The cafeteria burst laughing at Cole

"Good job" Imogen commented as the girls walked up to me I didn't mean it he should know that he was the one who pulled me I thought, but Cole looked furious he thought I did it on purpose

"Come on let's get out of here we're done by the way"Roy came to he's rescue giving him napkins

"Yeah you better run" Imogen yelled Roy turned and scrowled at her she didn't flinch she matched him eye ball to eye ball as they left

"Nice job girl"Aurora cheered

"For a moment I thought you were growing soft" Esme added

"Of course not"I replied

Diem gave me the sad eyes fully aware that it was a mistake

"Let's finish our meal shall we" I added quickly took the almond smoothie to go once we were done we headed back to the gym.