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  He is an alpha, one who leads the most peaceful pack of the three moons. He stumbles on a rogue, one with stunning green eyes and poise, one he quickly falls in love with. One who breaks his heart after she unveils who she truly is and kills half of his people, including his trusted beta and his caring gamma. But he has a secret of his own, and when all is said and done, will he be her alpha?

A smile pulled at the sides of her lips as the houses burnt to the ground, the flame reflecting in her glass green eyes. It was a beautiful sight. Gripping her sword tight, one whose tilt was covered in red stones and design, she walked, not really slowly, but not fast either, just right for the powerful delta that she was. She was the delta of the most terrifying pack of the three moons, the split moon pack. This pack was brutal, especially to packs from other countries, strays, rogues and any kind of enemy. They were not only known for their terror, but also for their ability to venture out and kill anyone they wanted to. She walked regally, her soldiers parting the way for her between the dead bodies. Finally, she came face to face with the alpha of the full moon pack. He was held on both sides by two of her soldiers, and he looked weary, and she even caught a glimpse of tears as he saw his beta, Alec's head on the bare floor. He looked back to her. "'re the delta of split moon?" She laughed. "You had been planning this all this while...why did you have to come to me as a helpless rogue? Why as a friend? I, I loved you. I helped you. Why? Why not attack upfront? You could have won." He said, his emotions tumbling out. Her stunning green eyes were filled with pride, one that made him want to gag. "What would be the fun in that?" She said tilting her head to the side a bit and feigning a pout. "Just attack you and leave? No way." She studied him. "You are weak. So, so weak. Love this, love that." She laughed, moved closer and placed a long finger on his right cheek, then tapped it twice. "Weak." She muttered again, a sickly sweet smile on her face.

"I don't know, I never really had a home."

"You are beautiful."

"Well, you could be my delta and if you do, I never have to find a mate."

"I really like you."

All those memories came tumbling and anger brewed inside him. He felt hurt and betrayed, but he chose to put that aside. He let the anger in. She had turned to give orders and slowly, his vision blurred till there was nothing as he closed his eyes. He opened it, his eyes a dark red. He raised one hand to the air and closed it slowly, balling his fist. Suddenly, there was nothing. No orders, no steel, no noise, just silence. He was looking at her, who was struggling to move. Everyone around her was lying dead. There were literally the only ones in their world. Then just like that, the sounds came back, this time, not of steel, but bones cracking, of liquids squishing and out of the corner of her eye, she saw beta Alec cracking and stretching his neck. But....she saw him die. She saw his head roll off. She turned to him, whose eyes were now steely silver, with a shade of blue. "Well, I'm glad I was a good son," his voice sounded deep and cold and musical. "And I made sure to listen to my mum when she told me not to reveal everything to even the closest of friends."