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Age Is Just A Number In Love

Age Is Just A Number In Love

Author:SS Lukman


General Romance

She had always read books and watched movies where a prince charming saves the princes. They’re always so handsome that one could drool at a simple stare. Jane always hope and wait that when her prince comes, she’ll be ever ready to welcome him. But no one has ever warned her that prince charmings aren’t always young. Because when hers came, he was an elderly man in his early fifties, he is handsome, of course. So handsome that she drooled as well, and she peeped through his wallet, it was full enough to buy her a castle! Age always mattered for her, but this time, she realized that age is just a number in love!

  The door to his seventh-floor exquisite penthouse in the heart of London got alarmed and the housemaid walked to the door and got it opened. It was James, a fresh-looking guy at his mid-30s at the door with his faction of three young-looking men at his back with their palms over their eyes that got her thinking what went wrong in their brains.

  “One, two, three!” James yelled out and instantly opened his eyes.

  “Welcome to your bachelor's party,” said Calvin, a handsome looking man at his early 50s, physically fit sitting at the central couch of the living room.

  James instantly squeezed his face in discomfort as he found Calvin all alone in the living room. He stared around to make sure the emptiness he was seeing was one of the plans before he uttered, “Where is the party?” Had there ever been a party so empty?

  “It's your last night as a bachelor, so just sit, have a drink, listen to some good music and relax.” Calvin spoke as he grabbed his champagne bottle at the centre table, pour some in the glass cup and took a sip.

  “Don't sound so depressing, Calvin, tonight is all I have. And besides, I have promised my guys right here so much more. Oh come on, think like a guy who is my age, not yours. You didn't take me to Vegas, that's okay. But the least you could have done was arrange some strippers.” James explained as he stepped forward and sat beside Calvin in the central couch.

  Calvin slowly dropped the glass cup of his champagne on the centre table and briskly looked at James “How old are you? ” he asked, the hint of laughter at the edge of his tone.

  “Thirty-two,” James informed, as though being thirty two was young enough to be given whatever he wished for.

  Calvin chuckled and looked at James directly in the eyes “It's been thirty-five years since I turned young, I have never had to pay for chance encounters and romantic evenings. I never pay for sex. A night that is earned has something special about its morning. So put this at the back of your head, bro.” Calvin said while he smiled. He was sure this will annoy James, he hated it when he’s been all elderly with him.

  “That is a nice pickup line, Calvin. But seriously, where are the strippers man? I'm so eager.” James retorted.

  “But what is your wife going to say?” Calvin inquired.

  James sighed, even though they had been friends for long with Calvin, he was no fun to be with at times like this. “She's not my wife yet, don't be boring. By the way, she knows that it's my bachelor's party tonight.”

  “You are so naive, almost dumb.” Calvin hissed under his breath and took his eyes off from a fuming James. There was a knock at the door and all eyes turned to it as they patiently waited to see who the intruder was.

  The door got opened by the maid and James couldn’t close his slightly apart lips when a young lady walked in with her lingerie and he needn’t be told that she was the stripper for the night. He didn't know when he chuckled excitedly and turned to look at James.

  “I knew it, I knew it, bro, I trust that you will never disappoint me.” James said excitedly as he gave Calvin a rough hug.

  “Who is the groom? ” Asked the stripper and James instantly raised his hand excitedly, not bothering whether he had embarrassed himself or not, he will deal with that later.

  The stripper dimmed the lights of the room and with eyes that were seductive enough to make James drool, she motioned for him to come over and he rushed there without waiting to be called twice. The stripper strode towards him at the same time as she released her top to the ground and grabbed his shirt and push him to the moderator in seductive moves. She sat on his lap and began to get stripped completely while they got interrupted by the doorbell. The housemaid briskly opened the door and to James surprise, it was his wife to be; Amy and her two friends. Amy quickly switched the living room lights wholly and screamed out loud in grief as she took in the sight that was in front of her.

  Amy stepped forward to James as the stripper quickly got up from his lap and began to get herself fully dressed. “I should have known! And I knew it and I was right. Look at what you are doing! Aren't you disgusted with yourself, James? Like really, how are you even standing right here in front of me. I can't stand you right here you pig! ” Amy yelled and his pale looking face couldn’t look up into her eyes.

  James briskly raised his head and gets up “Which guy would say no to a stripper on his bachelor's party? ” He knew he shouldn't have said that, but it was better to have an excuse than not to.

  Amy angrily slapped him, “Ouch! Baby, why?” James inquired, with his palm on his cheek.

  “I hate you, you idiot, ” Amy yelled, her tears making a fountain of her cheeks.

  He took another step toward her, “I know what you saw was wrong of me, but it was just a stripper dancing for me, Amy. Won’t you at least understand that?”

  “I can't believe I'm getting married to a man like you. I really should have known.” Amy said through gritted teeth.

  The stripper hurriedly stepped and stand in between them “Guys, listen! Don't fight please.” She yelled at both of them.

  “Great advice.” Said Calvin from where he stood, watching everything.

  “Won’t you try to resolve this?” asked the stripper as she looked directly at Calvin.

  “But are they breaking up because of me?” Calvin questioned back.

  She rolled her eyes at him, she hated it when she get asked back when she demanded for an answer. “And they aren't breaking up because of me either, right? She is a good friend of mine, she wanted to test him. She asked me to do it and I did it.” The stripper explained, staring at Calvin with her eyes that were now filled with annoyance.

  “But one should be smart enough to know where to stop. Even I threw a bachelor's party. He asked me to get strippers but did I?” Oh wow, that stung.

  “Because you know your friend too well.” She retorted, this time not trying to hide her anger.

  “Tell me, which guy on this earth will say no to a stripper on his bachelor's party? Alright then, what do you expect him to say? Okay you mean he should say 'sorry ma'am, but I am getting married tomorrow’,” Calvin asked with a smug look on his face as he chuckled and took another sip of his champagne.

  “Okay that’s enough. Should we just cancel the wedding then?” She asked, throwing a hot glare his way and Calvin lifted his hands in a manner of peace.

  She hissed outwardly and took a few steps toward Amy, “Listen babe, this shouldn’t be the reason...” Amy cut her off. She cleared her tears but more gushed down.

  “Babe, I saw what he was trying to... ” Amy got choked up with her tears and had to stop.

  “It's not what it looked like. He was not into it. Trust me, guys often succumb to peer pressure wondering what their friends will say. He was just pretending.” She explained and tried to calm down Amy.

  “But he went for it...” Amy tried to assert while she interrupted again.

  “Trust me, babe, I was sitting on his lap, I can tell, I couldn't feel a thing!”

  “Really?” Calvin asked confused looking directly at James.

  “It had only been 15 seconds, and... ” James tried to explain while Amy obstructed with her stare.

  “ You see, I told you, guys often succumb to peer pressure. He had to act happy. He was not into it. Trust me babe.” she clarified further as she caressed Amy, trying to calm her down.

  “Trust me baby please.” James pleaded more as he knelt in front of her.

  Amy slowly got him up and hugged him as she whispered to his ears “I will always love you, baby, I can't live without you.”

  Everyone in the room started to shout cheerfully. “This calls for a celebration.” Calvin screamed while he stood up and stepped forward to his wine filled fridge, knowing that they would surely get wasted today. What a thing! Women will always be women, creating problem whenever there was none.