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Curse Became A Blessing

Curse Became A Blessing




•Life is a bliss. •Life is a roller coaster. •Life sucks. Yet it's something we can't stop or go away. We have to live it Fully and happily how many stones and problems it may throw it in our way. We feel every emotion and every pain along with happiness. Happiness ends someday but the night that follow is no less beautiful though. Mihika Singhania. A normal happy go Lucky girl with a lot of craziness and bubbliness in her. A sweet yet annoying brother which simply means they won't stay at peace without ripping eachothers head, two best friends who loves to rile her up and cool down at the same time, loving parents who can do anything for her one smile are her world. But destiny played it's card cursing her with a power and everything changed when her world crash with his. Rohan Mehra. A man of mystery. A ruthless, arrogant and no-nonsense personality who can't bear anything against his best friends and hates his life. His eyes always held pain that no one could decipher other than his friends. Parents died when he was 3 but he is pretty rich because of his parents business. He doesn't know his real identity. Craving for love. No one knows what happened with him and where he belongs to. A curse entered, No way to get rid, As it was destined, And everything changed, She doesn't even have an idea about the past, She couldn't decipher what is present, She don't know what to hope in future, She felt her life tormented, She don't know when it started, All she felt is she got cursed, But someone entered, Making her feel blessed, Let her know that she could be loved, Atlast she was relieved, Understood that the Curse Became A Blessing.

• Life is never a bed of roses nor a room of thorns, if you have to go to the bed of roses then you have to go through the room of thorns.

• If you want to have something, then you have to lose something.


Somewhere in a park, all of a sudden, someone


with a pure black dress showed their palm in air and the person opposite to her died coughing blood and bruises all around on his body



There a kid of 3 years sat on the ground crying but his voice came as muffle due to hiccups and his mom's


screams. There is other person


beside the woman


who came to the woman


who's crying and tried pulling her chain who kept on shouting looking between her husband and baby and also trying to save her chain which means of the bond between her and her husband.

When all of a sudden the chain was pulled with force she showed her palm to the woman and shouted "you have killed my husband and abandoned me and now came to show your rights on me. God of nature won't ever leave you and moon goddess would definitely punish you. But it's me who is having the worst loss. You have hurted people who are most precious to me I curse you WHOSOEVER touches my chain would die with bruises all around their body and my soul will trap their body and kill everyone who harmed my loved ones and I will fight till I kill you all."

She cursed loudly and the first person


got so angry and showed her palm again when a red light came and hit the woman's


heart and she shrieked loudly and the next moment immediately fell on the ground dead. The next moment the other woman


fell on the ground with a bang dead due to the curse.


A man in his mid twenties stood on the road with his hands folded to his chest and a disbelief look on his face observing a girl murmuring to himself "you are injurious to my health. So if I want to be sane then I should be away from you."


The same man looked at the same girl after a few months again Murmuring to himself saying "I never thought I could meet someone as crazy as you who can make my life upside down" with a sweet smile playing on his lips.


A boy came to the man and said after few months "you are being around her from long what's the matter?" To which he replied "I don't know from when she started to mean home" thinking about her.


"I don't know I feel I have been cursed" he said looking at her with blood red eyes tears streaming down his cheeks.

She kept her palm on his cheeks and s

he nuzzled there closing his eyes when he heard her saying "you are never a curse and I don't care about it. Even if you are a curse I would say, the Curse Became A Blessing for me" to which he smiled and she pecked his forehead after wiping his tears.