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Bloody Day

Bloody Day




It was a beautiful and sunny day in a small town called Willows Creek. Every one was friendly and kind towards each other. Until that fateful day, their life was no longer the same again. A couple of friends was walking home from school, one of them mentioned they should take a short home. Naomi said, there is a sign that read NO TRESPASSING. Who gives a fuck about it said Michael. C'mon on guys I see our house from here said Omar, true agreed Sora. The gang were talking and laughing along their way home. Without knowing someone or something was watching them.

It was a dark and stormy night. The kids stayed home, until the storm was over with.

The Following Day.. ..

The wheatear was nice and warm, some people return to work, and kids returned to school. Someone decided to go beach to cool down and clear their mind. But what that person fond was terrible, horrible, shocking, nearly fainted from that sight.

She found the dead body near the beach, and there was a blood trail leading to run down hunted mansion. Nobody had lived there more than 30 or more years, and no one knew who died there. They couldn't confirm whether it was a man, woman, or even a child. Some came out from their houses after long period of the storm, and half of their things destroyed, and all their property.

Now people are helping each other to clean their homes, and workplace after the mess of the storm left behind; it took them about week or two to clean up the mess.

Now Michael, Troy, Shane, Naomi, Sara, Sora, Kingsley, Omar, And J. J, they were attending the same high school and they were also 12th graders, and the high school they attend is High Tower.

After the school announcement.... Then they watched the school news to what activities are going on. after that it was over, school activities were cancelled do the incident that happened this morning.

The gang realized something were wrong somewhere, but couldn't placed their figure on it, which is not good at all. Don't worry guys we would investigate it doing the weekend. Said Naomi with a serious tone in her voice.

All of them have same advance English and Math class expect some other period. They have different lunch period.

School is coming to end, Every one is in their class. The gang has a group chat to chat ?with other, even tho they in different class.

Group chat?

{ Kingsley}

Do Know Ryan Moon?

{ Sora}

Yeah I do...

{ Naomi}

Oh you do now?

Naomi said raising her bow?

{ Sara}

Of course she do, girl. Didn't know she has a major Crush on him.

{ Omar}

Maybe this your chance to confess to him.

{ Kingsley}

Omar is right Sora.

{ Michael}

Yeah he is. It took me like forever to confess to my girlfriend Mary.

{ J. J. }

Don't worry we got you.

{ Naomi}

Anyway Ryan is the most popular guy in school, plus also the number # 1 player and womanizer.

{ Kingsley}

So guys we are going. dress nicely.

{ All of them}


Few minutes later....

They all made it to Ryan's Party.

Everything was running smoothly, and people were having a goodnight.

Hey Babe am going outside for some fresh air Mary told ? Michael. Michael pecked his girl on cheeks, and she stepped outside.

As Mary was just strolling on the street to get a little sober, And then the unexpected happened before her ? eyes; ?thinking it was a watermelon someone just dropped on the ground.

As she came a little bit closer to see it clearer, and then saw something horrible? that she nearly fainted.

Mary let out a loud scream!!!! as saw a human man head on the street. Michael heard his girlfriend scream and ran out of the the party to only found her frozen in fear.

Michael's text? his friends and they all dash to only see Michael holding his girl in his hands. Michael pointed to his friends the man's head on the street.

Sara and Sora covered their mouth in horror while the others were speechless. All have a puzzled look on their faces. They asked among themselves, why is there a person head on the street, and who would search a terrible thing. And what is happening in there town?

They don't understand at all, and why this horrible act is happening in their town?

All of them stood there stretching their head in confusion; trying to figure out why people are dying, and who is responsible for this terrible action, from that day forward they called it BLOODY DAY!

To me, this is a big mystery that can't never be solved.

This Story continued

ATTENTION READERS: This book have different series book 2-10