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Avenger of A Dying Soul

Avenger of A Dying Soul


Realistic Urban

He never knew he would reincarnate, and he didn't expect that this body's original owner was a top-grade jerk. In order to recover his dying body, he planned to be a married son-in-law first and then he would be an avenger...

  When Ye Fan opened his eyes, he saw a woman in strange clothes was picking up his trousers!

  How dare this wrinkled woman be rude to him?

  Ye Fan angrily sat up from the bed and wanted to push the woman away, only to find that the woman's eyes were wide open and full of disbelief when she saw him sitting up!

  Ye Fan touched the back of his head and thought, "Where is this place?"

  Suddenly, a gust of cold wind quickly wrapped around his whole body, and a group of memories instantly rushed into his mind.

  "Su Hai City... Ye Fan... Both his parents died... Ye Fan was poisoned to death..."

  As if his brain was swollen, Ye Fan's face twisted because of the pain. As soon as he stood up, his limbs went weak and he fell to the ground.

  The moment he passed out, he vaguely saw a woman pushed the door open and came in.

  As soon as Chen Jie entered the door, she saw Ye Fan's pants were half taken off, and there was a fainted nurse next to him. She immediately screamed out of fear and ran out to call the other nurses.

  After several medical staff were busy, Ye Fan finally lay back on the bed.

  His thoughts were gradually cleared.

  He was the number one minister of the Song Dynasty and the number one imperial physician in the royal family. He didn't expect that the pill furnace would explode directly in this test.

  And he had time-traveled to the descendant of his sect, Ye Fan, a thousand years later.

  Originally, Ye Fan's family was quite rich. He was also a versatile man. In the United States University of Science and Technology, he dropped out of school because he accidentally made friends with a group of friends and was poisoned.

  Not long after he came back, his parents had a car accident.

  In the eventful season, the shareholders withdrew their money one after another, and their parents' companies also closed down.

  What's worse, he didn't know who attracted him to take drugs again, and the result recurred again.

  Of course, his fiancee had been taking care of him for the rest of his life, but she still played him to death.

  Ye Fan sighed. It was not difficult to guess that the death of his parents, the collapse of his company, and the death of being tempted to take too much drugs were all deliberately done by someone.

  The door was pushed open. A beautiful woman in a business tight dress stepped in.

  It was Chen Jie, his fiancee.

  Even though he had seen a lot of beautiful imperial concubines, he couldn't help but feel a little dull.

  "The doctor said that you were pretending to be dead before. Now it's all right. Don't take drugs in the future," Chen Jie said in a bland tone.

  "I won't do it in the future. Sorry for making you worry." Ye Fan felt ashamed for this younger generation.

  Chen Jie was stunned, and then snorted. "I don't care about your business, and you don't have to feel sorry for me. And you can leave the hospital."

  Chen Jie was a traditional woman and had her own small company. Even if the Ye Family fell, she did not think about breaking the engagement.

  If it weren't for the fact that Ye Fan was addicted to poison again, perhaps she would really marry Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan quickly sat up and said seriously, "Chen Jie, I promise I won't touch that thing. I promise that I will take good care of you from now on."

  Chen Jie's delicate body trembled slightly and she looked at Ye Fan in surprise.

  She had a complicated feeling, and there was always an illusion in her heart.

  It seemed that this fiance was really a little different?

  Was it because he had died once to wash his heart and take care of his face?

  "But is it really easy to be addicted to poison?" Chen Jie shook her head and didn't believe it.

  "I'm going to work."

  Just as Chen Jie was about to go out, the door was pushed open again, and a man in a suit came over with flowers in his hand.

  "Xiaojie, you have refused me so many times. This time, you can't refuse me no matter what you say. It's just a meal."

  "I don't have time." Chen Jie glared at Wang Yong.

  "Chen Jie, would you rather waste all your time in the morning to take care of this good-for-nothing than spend some time accompanying me to have a meal?"

  Wang Yong handed the flower to Chen Jie. Perhaps he felt that his attitude was too fierce just now, and then he said gently, "We are old friends. Besides, your father is trying his best to make friends with me. Don't you want to give me a chance?"

  Chen Jie took a step back without any trace and said, "I'll say it again. I have a fiancé. In addition, no one can make a decision about me, except myself."

  After that, he ignored Wang Yong and left quickly.

  Staring at Chen Jie's soft waist and slender legs, Wang Yong's eyes became more and more gloomy.

  He had to get this woman!

  Turning his head, Wang Yong stared at Ye Fan with disgust and fierce eyes.

  Ye Fan was also staring at Chen Jie's back and swallowing. He was very happy in his heart. After all, his fiancee was so sexy and beautiful. The key was that she was still a woman. It was too difficult for her to stay with him without giving up.

  Wang Bugong didn't give up and threw the flowers in his hand at Ye Fan.

  "You're really Wang Ba's life. You're still alive. I advise you to stay away from her. Otherwise, I'll kill you sooner or later."

  He thought that Ye Fan had already died thoroughly and had come back to life without even thinking.

  Ye Fan was very unhappy. He was, after all, a dignified Nation Master. Even the Emperor did not dare to talk to him like this. Who was this kid?

  How could he not see that this silly thing wanted to steal his wife?

  "My woman, you'd better not think too much." Ye Fan was about to get out of bed when he almost fell down.

  Wang Yong didn't expect that Ye Fan dared to resist, so he was stunned. "Hey, you're a good-for-nothing. Do you want to fight with him?"

  Ye Fan was about to make a move, but he didn't expect his body to be so weak. He suddenly beat the drum.

  "What the f*ck, his body is really poor!"

  He wanted to show off. It seemed that there was a risk.

  "Look at you, good-for-nothing, can you do anything to me? Remember, Chen Jie is my woman. You'd better die quickly so that I don't have a green hat for you." Wang Yong sneered with a happy face.

  Ye Fan glared at him. "D*mn body. I can't fight."

  "You can't beat me, you good-for-nothing." Wang Yong left smugly.

  "Fu*k, I have to quickly take care of myself, otherwise, there is a possibility that I will be cuckolded." Ye Fan thought.

  Slowly climbing to the hospital bed, Ye Fan began to carefully check his body.

  The meridians in his body were blocked and his muscles were shrunk. Unless he used a large-scale medicine bath to force out the poison in his body.

  "The Bone-Improving soup should be good." Ye Fan thought. The only thing he needed to do was to make a medicine bath.

  Although the disease was complicated, it was still not difficult for him, the medical sage of the country, to cure it.

  After Ye Fan changed his clothes, he went out of the door, but he was stunned again.

  He needed money to buy medicine. If he made a medicated bath, the dosage would be even greater. Where did he get the money?

  "To borrow it from Chen Jie?" He still couldn't pull this face.

  "F**k you idiots, can you cure my neck?" An angry roar came from downstairs.

  Ye Fan glanced at it and slowly went downstairs.

  A strong man in a white suit with a very dark face was yelling at him with his neck up.

  "F*ck, they are all quacks and liars!"

  The young doctor behind the dark-skinned man looked very flustered and flustered, hoping that the big man would not make a scene.

  This was one of the top three hospitals. There were a lot of people. If there was a big trouble, it would have a bad effect.

  At this time, a middle-aged doctor frowned and came over. He asked aggressively, "What's going on?"

  The young doctor seemed to have grabbed the life-saving straw and quickly leaned over. "Director Ling, this patient is him..."

  Ling Shou was staring at the young doctor. The newcomer was still too young to control the situation.

  The dark-skinned man in a white suit looked at Ling Shouzhen and found that he didn't look like a doctor, whether in terms of temperament or speaking. So he was a little polite.

  "The doctor of your departments said at that time that 8,000 yuan would be cured in one day. I have to participate in the bidding meeting tonight, involving tens of millions of yuan in the contract. As a result, not only my neck hasn't recovered, but I'm getting worse and worse. What do you think we should do?"

  "I see." Ling Shouzhen nodded without any confusion. "Give me the patient's X-ray and let me have a look."

  When the film was handed to Ling Shouzhen, he looked at it and said, "Sir, you are not just a pillow."

  Upon hearing this, the dark-skinned man in a white suit looked nervous.

  "See? There's an obvious bulge here, and there's an abnormality in your cervical vertebra. This is obviously an stimulating syndrome of cervical vertebra trauma coupled with cervical nerve Flame."

  Ling Shouzhen looked serious and said seriously, "Your disease is very serious. It will definitely not be cured in one day. It may not be enough for a week. If your disease is serious, it will cause dizziness, high blood pressure, and even lead to the paralysis of the lower limbs."

  Bai Tielong, who was also a dark-skinned man in a white suit, was stunned and a little scared when he was scared by the guard.

  "But, but I was just sleeping, how could..."

  Ling Shouzhen said, "Mr. Bai, I apologize to you on behalf of the doctor just now. It was his diagnosis that was wrong. We will compensate you and compensate you. This way, please."

  Bai Tielong was really scared. "No, Director Ling, can my neck... be cured?"

  "Yes, we have confidence in this. It will take more than a week at least, and the cost won't be too high." Ling Shouzhen said with a righteous face, "However, if Mr. Bai leaves, you need to sign a statement with us. If you have any problems outside, it has nothing to do with our department."

  "Well, that's good." Bai Tielong was completely discouraged.

  Ye Fan, who walked down the stairs all the way, was shocked.

  "Do all the doctors in the country now have such a good sense of chess?"

  "He almost scared the patient to death with a simple pillow?"

  "Brother, how much money can you give me if I cure your neck in three minutes?"

  A sudden voice sounded, and the whole hospital hall was very quiet.