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Daddy, Spoil Mommy

Daddy, Spoil Mommy



Five years ago, she was framed by her best friend and was forced to marry into the Lu family. However, she accidentally found that the most favored little princess in the Lu family was actually her biological daughter. In order to regain her daughter, she had to hold a big leg. One night, Lu Luan stretched her legs in front of her. An Ru, who was drunk, frowned and looked at the long legs in front of her. "It's so thin. Get lost!" The next morning, Lu Qin stretched her legs in front of her again. "Is it thin?" An Rusu was speechless.


Hearing the sound of the door turning, An Rusu tensed up all over. She carefully looked up at the man who had just taken off his coat. She ran out in a hurry and held his waist tightly.

Lu Lancheng was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he touched her waist and suddenly pushed her out.

"An Ruo Su! What are you doing!" He roared angrily and then turned on the switch of the room. In an instant, the light was dazzling.

"You're so thirsty? You're really cheap. You deserve it for not being able to keep the child."

Lu Lan said sharply. Seeing her pale face, he sneered and turned into the bathroom.

An Rusu felt a little wronged. She lowered her head and looked at her pregnancy tattoo. In fact, she hadn't even seen the child. When she woke up, the doctor told her that the child had not been saved.

She restrained her tears. Her grandmother needed a lot of money for surgery, but her mother-in-law said that she could not get a penny unless she gave birth to a child.

After a while, the man came out of the bathroom. The snow-white bath towel wrapped around his strong body, but it made it difficult for people to look away.

"Lan Cheng, our parents want a grandson. Let's have a child..."

Before she could finish her words, she was choked by Lu Lancheng. "What qualifications do you have to give birth to a son of the Lu family? An Ru, don't daydream. Have you forgotten how you married into the Lu family?"

An Rusu couldn't breathe properly as he pinched her. Her face was flushed and she struggled with all her strength.

That year, she was only 18 years old. Originally, she was in her prime, but she had to marry Lu Lancheng, the eldest son of the Lu family, and ended her own Fanghua.

However, what faced her was the Lu family's hatred and tit for tat.

Suddenly, Lu Lancheng threw her away.

"Uncle, you're back. Go change your clothes and go to the Lu Family for dinner later!" Lu Lancheng said coldly.

An Ru saw that he was playing a tie, so she wanted to help him, but he pushed her away as soon as she walked over. "Get lost!"

An Ruochu clenched her fists. She knew why he would treat her like this, because there was never even a small part of her in his heart.

However, since he was unwilling to have a baby, then he could only...

"I'm not going! Lan Cheng, get a divorce. I've already drawn up the divorce agreement. As long as you give me a million, we'll get a divorce immediately!"

She had said it lightly, but it sounded tough.

Since he didn't have a child, divorce was a good choice. Didn't he want to get rid of her? As long as he could get that one million yuan!

She had been wronged for five years after marrying into the Lu family. Even though she had feelings for him, he had tortured her to death. Her only wish now was to save her grandmother.

At this moment, Lu Lancheng's face was full of sarcasm. It was because of An Ruochu that he failed to marry the woman he loved. Now she was finally leaving.

He picked up the divorce agreement with disdain and looked at it with disdain in his eyes. "You want to ask me for a million yuan? What did you do for the Lu Family? Is it worth giving me a million yuan? A mental loss fee? Don't even think about it. Even if you burn it, I won't give it to you!"

"It doesn't matter if you don't give it to me. Give me back the bracelet I brought. I need it to save Grandma."

An Rusu was very thoughtful. She either relied on divorce or giving birth to a child for one million yuan, or asked for the bracelet. She could also sell it and exchange it for a sum of money.

"A bracelet? You've been married to the Lu family for five years, and all your clothes and food belong to the Lu family. Now you want to take the bracelet back, it's just wishful thinking! If you hadn't shamelessly given birth to a child for me, I wouldn't let you marry into the family!"

Lu Lancheng looked at An Rusu with fierce eyes.

An Rusu's face was deathly pale. This matter was something that she could not touch.

If that thing hadn't happened, she would have finished her college education and might have a happy life.

"Lan Cheng, Grandma is seriously ill. As long as you divorce me, give me a million yuan and we'll end it immediately!"

She had already taken a step back. One million yuan was nothing to Lu Lancheng, and it was up to him to give it to her.

The incident that year had caused a sensation throughout the city. Everyone knew that Lu Lancheng had married her out of pressure. However, he had not touched her even once. How much he hated her!

Grandma was most worried about her marriage. When her grandfather was still alive, he also hoped that she would marry into the Lu family, so that they would have no regrets.

Therefore, after five years of marriage, she had suffered a lot and restrained her idea of divorce.

"Pa!" Lu Lancheng gave her a heavy slap. An Rusu felt dizzy from the unexpected slap in her ear. It was dark in front of her.

Lu Lancheng's heart was full of anger. He had already had someone in his heart, but he had no choice but to marry such a humble woman. Now she still wanted a million yuan. It was simply a daydream.

"A divorce? Okay, as long as you sign it, I will return the bracelet to you."

An Rusu had been slapped for no reason. According to her character, she would definitely not let him off!

However, Grandma was sick and the bracelet was priceless. If she sold it at a good price, Grandma would definitely get better.

An Rusu didn't care about her own face and signed it without saying a word. She felt relieved. No matter what, she had achieved her goal.

Lu Lancheng signed it immediately after she signed it. He had wanted to divorce from the very beginning, but it was out of respect for the old man. But this time, it was different. She took the initiative to ask for it, and no one could stop her.

"I'm done. Can you give me the bracelet?

An Rusu wanted to grab it, but the instant she stood up, the bracelet fell from the sky and shattered into pieces.

The last glimmer of hope to save her grandmother was also shattered.

An Ru screamed and tried to reach out to catch it, but in the end, it broke.

Her mind was blank, and she gave Lu Lancheng a fierce look.

An Rusu tried her best to hold back the tears in her eyes. The grievances she had suffered for so many years were about to happen at this moment.

In the beginning, she actually liked Lu Lan, but the five years of humiliation completely erased this insignificant feeling.

"Lan Cheng, I really need that sum of money. Grandma's illness is very serious. I need money to save her. Seeing that I have agreed to the divorce, give me the money!" She said with a tearful voice, a trace of despair flashing across her eyes.

Lu Lancheng wore a mocking smile. "I haven't touched you for five years. Why should I give you money? It's not like this even in business."

Lu Lancheng was always mean to her.

Anruo stood up, trembling. She looked at the man in front of her with a sharp gaze. At this moment, the grievances and anger in her heart were all erupting.

She rushed to Lu Lancheng quickly and gave him a hard slap.

"An Ru, how dare you hit me!"

There was a huge difference in physical strength between them. Lu Lancheng was not injured anymore, except that he was slapped in the beginning before he could react.

On the contrary, An Ruosu's face was red and swollen, and her hair was disheveled. She pushed away the bodyguard and used all her strength to throw the bag at Lu Lancheng.