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Fire Alpha's Silk Luna

Fire Alpha's Silk Luna




What would you do if past repeats itself again ? Lovers who had to face extreme difficulty for their love life, has now become the sole reason for the fight between two opposing packs ; Fire Blood pack and Silk Moon pack. Yes, it is not just your normal love story but werewolf Alpha and Luna from different packs, who are destined to be together as mate. How will they face this forked roads of life ? What if Alpha and Luna of current generations of pack turn their hostility into relationship ? Silk Moon packs' Luna, Ellen is fated to be Alpha Ethan's destined mate. Alpha Ethan of Fire Blood pack, will he able to resolve his anger or stay indifferent and choose to not accept his fated Luna. His mother's words and last wish, he had been keeping in heart pressed for long, will he be able change his revenge of pack into blooming fragrant relationship ?........

[** ‘ Prologue’ **]

One day in Fire Blood pack meeting, adults were discussing about Edouard, who was becoming more capable and trustworthy for the position of Leader in the pack, proposed to bed-ridden father of Edouard, that Edouard must not delay in finding his mate. Edouard who was silent in the corner of bed holding his father’s hands, was listening to adults’ words and was thinking to do the same but everywhere he had went, never found his mate but his wolf inside was rather calm.

Edouard who belonged to Fire Blood pack of werewolf society was from a rich billionaire family was soon-to-be leader with promising future. Whole island was governed and used by Fire Blood pack. Edouard who was going to be leader of Fire Blood pack soon, had already turned 20 years old but his mate was nowhere to be found.

Following the meeting, after several weeks, Edouard was out in his business trip to Port Angeles. After successful business trip, he went to beach where he strolled around to feel ocean breeze.

Emerald, who was cheerful lady, a beautiful Luna, was turning 17 years old and she was in her tour around the places, was on beach of Port Angeles, on the same day, was thoughtlessly moving around with her friends but a smell which felt heart captivating filled her lungs. She was from Silk Moon pack of Washington, USA which was not far from Fire Blood pack.

She became very restless as she had never ever felt like that before, suddenly stumbled upon something and was falling but like a bouncing sensation she was being hold in ,which seemed muscular, and had icy eyes with divine smell coming from around. Her wolf was screaming from within ‘ MATE’ and squirming to hold him tight and have best moment together.

It felt like their meeting in unexpected place was all plan of destiny.

Edouard, who was holding this charming lady in his muscular cage became lost in her beauty and as she was his destined mate, his eyes were not getting off of her.

Wolf inside Edouard was also rampaging saying ‘YES, IT IS IT THAT YOU NEED’ .

Never thought of such co-incident would occur and persons who never met would fall in love in their first sight, but they were werewolf so recognizing their soulmate was their ability as their wolf inside was strongly guiding them.

It had been over a minute but still they were stuck together like a bee gets stuck in honey sometimes.

They knew about each other that other is werewolf because if it was otherwise, wolf inside them would have rejected the situation signaling them about wrong mate selection.

They fell in love with each other at first sight. As for the remaining days which Edouard had left after finishing his business schedule, he spent all the time with Emerald and shared about each other’s feeling. This was perfect love life and moments they could get before returning to their own hometown.

One day, some day before ending of business trip as well as tour, they were on, Edouard requested a visit to North Cascades National Park with Emerald. As promised, she came to him and on a rented bike, they went in lively yet soul striking long bike ride enjoying the moments and scenery around. Soon they reached the park as the sun was setting beautifully in the sky in far horizon, and it hid after few minutes in the darkness, revealing billions of stars and shinning moon in dark curtain of sky, it was nothing extravagant yet it was mesmerizing for the newly met mates, they were waiting and searching for so earnestly these long years.

Around somewhere near park fence which was led by thin path, was an abandoned hut, usually used by rangers. They spent whole night there with small bonfire made by rubbing woods together. Everything was so fast that they were silent yet looking into each other’s eyes passionately conveying the hidden internal desire with eyes and facial expression. Every word came to heart stayed hidden as it was like as if their wolf inside them had taken their place and were enjoying silent unfolding the mystery from eyes all the time.

Emerald broke silence, '' So, are you from Fire Blood…. ''

But Edouard’s lips closed and she became silent with all the hormones rising in her body and ecstatically boiling wolf inside her.

Edouard was more compelling with his appearance and his deep fiery red eyes were like burning hot furnace to Emerald. She was drowning deep and deep in this night in arms of her mate.

Edouard never had such experience but what he was feeling could never be worded properly.

It lasted long enough to satiate their wolf’s hunger for mate. Everything was going smoothly in life’s of each other but this new incident was going to turn disastrous for them and their pack soon.


Emerald who returned to her home was buzzing mysteriously and her cheeks showed how happy and filled she was with red and pink mixed luster. Air around her usually would already killing enough for other alphas in pack but now her appearance and air around felt more attracting.

William, who was leader of Silk Moon pack, observed Emerald, and knew something was off from the air around her.

‘Alpha’s smell…’ and his guess was right. He sent some men to tail her activities and find about this new change in her.

He was eyeing Fire Blood pack for a while as they were rivaling him in business matters and became more jealous of their business status. Soon, it started to shape into anger but hidden very well waiting for opportunity.

But, the news he got surprised and angered him at the same moment. Rivals whom he always wanted to crush were eyeing in his pack member, he thought.

On the other side, Edouard who revealed all about Emerald to his father and elders’ was preparing to come ask for her hand in Silk Moon territory. But even before he could collect his scattering thoughts, a letter which brought unexpected news surprised everyone.

It was direct letter coming from head of Silk Moon pack from Bellingham. It said to forget about Emerald and to never ever place hands nor eyes on his pack members.

William who was unaware what would Fire Blood pack do about when sent such a provocative letter even before they could approach them, was observing the situation cautiously.

Edouard was frowning at the letters but adults asked Edouard around many times what could be the cause for such a letter because there was no previous conflict in between them before.

Edouard tried to reach Emerald via phone but every method could think of failed disabling him to connect to his love.

After few days, Emerald herself reached Edouard with unknown number asking to visit at place of their unison. It basically meant to come to the park.

Edouard’s heart and wolf inside were so relieved and his eyes were shedding tears of joy to hear her voice which he thought he would be able to hear or not ever again. He traveled as fast as he could to the park and meet Emerald.

William became aware of Emerald’s plan from her disappearance from the pack in the name of visiting Omak. He gathered his loyal servants and in group of only three, he went on rampaging search of Emerald. He directly moved towards Omak and he was planning to kill his rival once and for all.

Edouard who had just arrived at park and was searching for Emerald.

A strong smell which he had newly discovered some days ago, caught his nose and he knew, and ran towards the hut they had spent their time together.

They were bursting in happiness to see each other with tearful of eyes. Suddenly, Edouard felt it would be dangerous to stay around there for long from his werewolf instincts, he took Emerald with him and went off to Port Angeles via around the Lake Chelan crossing Everett.

William and his men were closing in towards park. He couldn’t hold his anger anymore and drove rashly and stopped by park for searching them. After hours of searching, Emerald was nowhere to be seen. He stomped his feets on ground.

And here Edouard and Emerald were near coast after hours of vigorously riding. But William and his men didn’t take long to realize only way to escape and hurried back.

As soon as Edouard was at the coast preparing the boat, William who was just some minutes off, caught him. He was revealing his thirst for blood with no intent of hiding it, and


they started to fight.

After half a hour, some people were coming towards them in great speed from afar. All the dust which was rushing in air was making it look like hoard of beast were charging upon them. The fight which was underway suddenly halted in this unexpected turn of events.

Everyone were looking at each other.

‘Fire Blood Pack!’ William mumbled and with a long shout charged to them without even thinking about any consequences coming of this reckless behavior.