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My Irresistible Sister-in-law

My Irresistible Sister-in-law



My cousin-in-law, Megan Jones, was the most seductive woman I'd ever met, while her husband, my cousin Tommy Reed, was the most useless man I had ever known. However, I didn't expect that their wedding was the day when my nightmare began. It was said Megan worked in a nightclub. She may be a call girl. I moved into their home and did the laundry as rent. Every time, I washed Megan's sexy lingerie and underwear, I couldn't stop my thirst for her. Moreover, I found this newlywed couple having problems in bed... On the day my cousin was not at home, Megan went home drunk. When I carried her to bed, she stripped her off and seduced me to taste her. "If you dare to touch me tonight, you'll have me, babe."

Megan Jones, my cousin-in-law, was the most seductive woman I'd ever met, while her husband, my cousin Tommy Reed, was the most useless man I had ever known. Who would expect that he'd win over such a pretty woman?

It was later found out that Megan worked as a lady in a nightclub, a profession shunned by us countrymen as it was deemed similar to being an escort. My cousin was a hairstylist who had a lot of customers like Megan. It was not surprising for them to get together.

But I certainly did not expect his wedding to be a turning point in my life. It was, in fact, the day when my nightmares began.

I recalled that none of his extended families attended their wedding ceremony, which was held in the small town of our countryside. The grand ceremony must have cost a fortune. But I knew that Megan paid for the wedding as Tommy was a terrible saver, with not one cent under his name. He had no money for such a decent wedding.

There had been rumors going on for quite some time in our community, that my cousin was the lucky man that lived off his beautiful wife. But there were some unkind words, saying that she was a wh*re that would provide her services for even 300 dollars.

I would be furious and get into fights with them every time I heard them saying unkind words about her. I did not do that because she was my cousin's wife. I did it because she had always treated me well and told me she liked me as a brother the first time we had met. She even told me she would take care of me and gifted me a thousand dollars. That was my first time having so much money in my hand!

She offered to find me a job in the city since I'd just finished high school and had no plans to attend college. She even told me she would help me find a girlfriend.

My parents immediately objected when they got to know that she would help me find a job in the city. They refused to believe that a person of that profession could find me a good job. But they changed their mind when they heard of her wanting to find me a girlfriend. My family was poor, and to get married in this small countryside would cost an arm and a leg!

But neither were they willing to see me live my life alone. Thus, my marriage seemed of utmost importance to my parents. They also felt that I would be safe out in the world since I was a man. They agreed to let me go with my cousins, although they were extremely worried deep down.

But they warned me, "Farrell, promise me you will never touch those filthy women out there, else I would beat you up when you come back!"

I had never been beaten up by my parents since I was young, as I had always been a good child. These were the scariest words they had ever told me.

Later, I lived with my cousin and his wife in their house when I moved out to the city, which turned out to be the most regretful event of my life...

It was a beautiful rented duplex. I lived on the first floor while Tommy and Megan lived on the second floor. Although they welcomed my arrival, I felt shy about disturbing their married life since they were newlywed.

Once she found me a job, I would have earned some money of my own and could move out. But she did not seem in a hurry to get me a job. Instead, she wanted me to settle down, letting me live off her, and even gave me pocket money.

The only thing she allowed me to do was to look after the house, cook for them, did the laundry and the chores around the house.

That included washing her lingerie and underwear.

I couldn't bear the thought of having to live off her, so these were the least I could do for them. These chores were nothing compared to them working hard out there. Not to mention the fact that they were supporting me at the moment.

But I found it strange every time I did her laundry. She seemed to have a vast collection of lingerie in different styles, but most of them came with a G-String, and they were mostly made from translucent materials. It was definitely a fatal temptation to a virgin like me.

I could imagine her sensuous figure in them every time I held her lingerie in my hand. I couldn't resist the temptation to sniff, absorbing the traces of her sensual scent left in them. And that made me envious of my cousin for having her in his arm, cuddling her to sleep every day after he came home from work. I wouldn't even exchange that for immortality.

But I always felt that they somehow knew what I was doing, which made me feel rather uncomfortable in front of them.

I always felt that my actions were a little pervert.

But one day, I found out that I wasn't the only one doing so. Tommy would fight with me in doing laundry on her lingerie every time Megan wasn't at home. I caught him solving his physiological needs in the washroom, caressing and sniffing the piece of lingerie he snatched from me.

That made me feel strange. They were newlywed. Were there no intimacy between them when they were alone in the room at night?

That seemed impossible.

All newlywed couples did that.

She logically wouldn't have let her husband resort to self-fulfillment of his physiological needs through sniffling her lingerie.

Could it be that they were having problems in bed?

I did not dare to ask them, but couldn't suppress my curiosity at the same time. I often thought of sneaking up to their living quarter to peek into their private life.

The house she rented comprised of a bathroom and a bedroom on the lower floor, and a bedroom and study on the second floor. I also found that they took care to lock both the bedroom and the study, every day when they left the house for work.

I was obviously forbidden from entering these two rooms.

I felt increasingly suspicious of the relationship between them. They did not seem to look like an ordinary married couple. 

One day, Tommy gave me two hundred dollars. He told me to have fun in the arcade center, on the eastern side of the city. But when I got there, I realized that I had left the money on the bus.

Such a careless mistake.

I had no choice but to take the bus home again. But when I was about to open the door to enter the house, I could hear the voices of a man and a woman moaning and groaning. 

It was so loud!

Obviously, they did not even close the door!

They had never been unrestrained like this in the house, which also meant that my existence in the house was indeed a disturbance to their private life.

I crept toward my room. But the noises from upstairs sounded so exciting that it got me hooked on. I couldn't help picturing her look in my head.

My heart itched to sneak upstairs to take a peek.

Just one look!

After a series of battle in my head, I quietly opened my bedroom door and sneaked upstairs. My heart thumped faster as the moaning sound grew nearer.

I felt like I could hear my heartbeat.

I was afraid that they would discover me peeking at them, but I couldn't hide the excitement of seeing her at the same time. 

I finally made my way upstairs. The door was indeed open.

The sound of moaning indeed came from inside the room. I gently went down on my stomach outside the door, then sneaked my head into the room to steal a peek. I saw a couple on the bed. 

It gave me the shock of my life.