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A simple girl finding her real identity . She was born in an middle class family . On her 22 nd birthday she got to know a grave truth about her identity . Its her fight to her family and love back . Its her journey to gain everything back which she lost even her mother ...


ONE MAN: When will you get up ? You know what time it is now ? You know na if we are late today dad will surely going to kill us ... every day we get

late because of you but dad always scolds me ...


turning to the other side

Ya just 5 min Aryan I am getting up ...

ARYAN : See I am giving you warning for the last time if you don’t change quickly and come to the breakfast table within 15 mins then I will surely

leave you today and go to the police station without you and you come slowly and late today no problem ... If dad says anything today to you, I will not

save you today I will not listen all the scolding I am telling you ...

THE OTHER MAN : Okay baba okay I am awake now don’t scold your cute little poppet like this

making face

you go downstairs and wait for me for 5

mins I am coming in 10 mins ...

saying this laughingly he went toward the bathroom not waiting for the latter’s reply

ARYAN : Okay now come quickly

after realising what he just said



mad boy already mad and one day will make me mad too ...

And he goes down


ARYAN : John where is dad today ? I can’t see him anywhere … Had he left already ?

JOHN : Yes, sir today Raj sir went to work early in the morning only ... I asked him to have breakfast but he refused he said that he has an urgent

meeting so he have to go and told me to inform you to reach at work as early as possible

ARYAN : Okay I got it …

seeing here and there he said

didn’t our princess wake up till now ? she seemed to be no where

DORA: What broo you see I woke up early today and already got ready ... Today you two are late not me ...

ARYAN : Ya ya I know how this miracle happened … after all today is a very special day for you


Always smile the way are you smiling as it gives us energy and works as a tonic


hugging Aryan

Thank you sooo much bro ... I don’t know about mine but you are the great tonic for me as you are my all-time inspiration …

But I am very angry today papa didn’t even wish me and he went to work for some urgent work ...

making sad face


while entering

So what dadda went to work early today we are here for you na ... and you are aware that dad is how much serious about his

work bust as you are dadda’s most favourite but still he went so there may be a very important work so he left ...



while making faces

BROOO se how is he irritating me today also ...



Today also you two will have to fight ? and Danny you ... you know today is her special day but still you have to do all this ?



Aryy leave all this let’s go and have breakfast or else we will surely be late ...


ACP RAM : Are all the arrangements complete or something is still remaining ? at any time they will be here ...

DR. AJAY : What boss why are you taking tension and shooting your BP ho see everything is complete all have done a very nice work and the things

which are still left we will do it together so it will be completed early ...

ACP RAM : Okay oaky I will not take any tension ... The things which are still left lets complete fast they are going to come only at any moment ...

Meanwhile DCP sir entered the police station

DCP sir: What’s happening today there is no work at the police station that you all are roaming like this ?

while looking around

have I entered some

banquet hall or what why this place is so much decorated ? ACP RAM is there some party going on which I don’t know ?



Sir you came to the right place this is police station only Today is Dora’s birthday so we thought …

DCP sir :

while cutting him

Okay okay I got it now complete all this quickly and go back to work ...

DCP sir left the police station

Aryan , Danny and Dora entered the police station

ARYAN : What happened sir why are you looking so much angry ? and now we saw that DCP sir was also moving out and he also seem to be angry

ACP RAM : Are nothing DCP sir came just like that only ... We planned to give Dora a surprise but it didn’t happen so what will you not cut the cake ?

someone bring the cake


A girl was sleeping when her phone rang

Girl :


Hello who is this speaking ?

Other side: What you are sleeping now ? what a surprise didn’t you went for your activity classes this morning ? that you are sleeping till now ?

Girl: What mom you know na I don’t like bunking classes … I went in the morning and returned just few minutes before you called, I was feeling sooo

much sleepy today that I thought to take a quick power nap ... now please don’t scold today also na ...

MOM : Okay fine I will not scold you today HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURIA many many happy returns of the day ...

Girl : Thank you sooo much mom loovee you... achha where

What ANUSHKA till when you are going to sleep see the time it’s already late ... I am facing a problem with my laptop please come to my room na



: See mom early in the morning their drama starts I sometimes think that I have really mad persons around me … one minute na



ya coming I am not sleeping but talking to my mom just wait for 5 mins I will come ... yes mom tell

Ma: Your brother is having exam today told you na so he went to college early today … He will return in the afternoon then I will tell him to call you and

your dad got an emergency call from the hospital so he went too he told that he will call himself ...

ANU: Okay mom to done can I cut the call now ? because if I don’t go to them now they will again come and shout

Ma: Okay go but when you get free from classes call me I have something important to tell ...

ANU: What happened mom is it something important ? If it is then you can tell me now only ...

Ma: No no nothing so important it’s just like that only now go or else they will come again ... when you are free then call ...

ANU: Okay ma to phir mein ja rahi hu apna baba ka aur bhai ka khayal rakhna... love you

Ma: Love you too beta

Cutting the call Anu went to the other room where her friend was waiting for her

ANU: What happened Kanchan to your laptop ? everything okay ? you called me this urgently ?

KANCHAN : Yup baby everything is okay I just called you just like that

Just then two girls entered the room


ANU: Thank you so much yarooo you are the best you did this all for me I am sooo happy


One girl: Ooo drama queen if you are done with all your thank you drama can we cut the cake ?

ANU: Yes let’s cut the cake I am feeling very hungry now I had nothing after the classes


ANU cuts the cake and fed it to others

ANU: Thannkkkk youuuu once again

POOJA : Now you have so much guts to tell us thank you ?

Do you want to get beaten up by us today ?

ANU: Of course not


And they shared a group hug



to her brothers

: Today I want something from both of you ... I want some special gifts

DUO: Whatt ?