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The All-Conquering Migrant Worker

The All-Conquering Migrant Worker


Realistic Urban

It was the ultimate dream of every man to take control of the world and get drunk and lie on the knees. Originally, Du Fei was just a migrant worker on construction site, but after the accident, he had an amazing clairvoyant ability. He was the overbearing female president, pure campus belle, hot female policewoman, and ice-cold female doctor. He wanted to see how Du Fei played in the city and became a playboy.

  "Fuck, don't let me catch you, or I will beat you to death."

  Du Fei got off the car in a very lively manner. He just found that his nearly one-month high-end tank jacket, which had been worn for less than a month, was cut from the inside to the outside by someone. The remaining 200 yuan in his pocket was stolen by someone.

  Perhaps for ordinary people, it was not a big deal to pay more than 200 yuan. But for Du Fei, who stayed at the construction site for only three or four thousand yuan a month, it was not easy for him to earn a lot of money. What's more, he had a younger sister who had just graduated from college to take care of him.

  Du Fei cursed that the bus had no good end, while walking into the construction site where he started.

  "Brother Fei, Brother Fei, go and have a look. Li just angrily ran to the foreman's office."

  As soon as Du Fei entered the construction site, he was stopped by another dark and thin young man who looked anxious.

  "When did he go there? Didn't I tell him that we'll talk about it when I come? Heizi, why didn't you stop him? If he rushed up so rashly, the bear wouldn't take the opportunity to fire him."

  Du Fei heard the black and thin man's words, turned around and ran to the foreman's office on the construction site.

  Although Du Fei had only come to the construction site for more than a year, Du Fei was diligent and studious. He had only been here for half a year and had almost learned all the skills on the construction site. Moreover, Du Fei was a warm-hearted person. Although he was a good class monitor, he never put on airs. As long as any worker on the construction site was a little difficult, Du Fei was always the first to help him, so the other workers on the construction site took Du Fei as a brother from the bottom of their hearts.

  "Brother Fei, why didn't I stop him? It's fine. We'll talk about it when you come. I didn't expect that he just answered a phone call and said that his condition had changed again. The hospital would pay for the operation fee. He was in a hurry at this time, so I couldn't stop him." Although he was taught a lesson by Du Fei, he was not angry at all. He knew that Du Fei did this because he cared about Li.

  Li was a cement worker on the construction site. He had worked for more than a year and had always been honest. When he saw anyone, he smiled. Although he was not very good at communicating with people, he was also an honest person. But this time, the construction site had been delayed for nearly two months. The foreman, Xiong Minggui, looked like he had no money. What could you do to me? The workers on the construction site were very angry.

  As soon as Du Fei and Hei Zi ran to the door of the foreman's office, they heard a loud roar from inside.

  "Li Youfu, how many times have I told you that if you don't have money, you have no money. Don't tangle with me here. If you do this again, I will fire you directly. Believe it or not?"

  "Brother Xiong, please help me. My mother is in hospital. I really need this money to pay the operation fee. Please take it as pity."

  "Your mother's life or death has nothing to do with me. There are so many poor people in the world. I am not a philanthropist. Can I manage it?"

  "Xiong Minggui, do... do you want your words to be so vicious? I'll fight you to the death!"

  Just as Li Youfu was about to go up and fight the bear, Du Fei and Hei Zi, who had rushed over, stopped him.

  Du Fei comforted Li Youfu while asking the black man to pull him aside and let him deal with this matter.

  "What? When did Du Fei become the housekeeper on the construction site?"

  When Xiong Minggui saw Du Fei and Hei Zi, he sat back in his office chair. As soon as he sat down, the three people in front of him felt that the ground was shaking.

  "Brother Xiong, Xiao Li is also in a hurry. Don't blame him, but we haven't paid for the wages for almost two months. Everyone is waiting for money to eat. Do you think we can pay the salary a little first?" Du Fei hoped that Xiong Minggui would give some money to everyone first for his kindness.

  "I said that I don't have money, I don't have money. I don't own a bank, how can I send money to you? Besides, the project construction last time hasn't been completed yet, and I haven't settled accounts with you yet. How dare you to ask me for money?" Xiong Minggui said without hesitation.

  "Big Bear, don't push the blame to us. It was you who used the inferior rolled steel to pretend to be the super rolled steel and was discovered by the headquarters. As a result, you insisted that you were sold by the workers on the construction site, so you escaped. We helped you to take the blame, but now you are still biting back. Are you still a human?"

  Du Fei was furious when he heard the big bear talk about this matter. Because of this, all of them were fined a month's salary.

  "Fu*k, which one of your eyes saw me get well? You talk nonsense again. Believe it or not, I'll kill you." Xiong Minggui got angry and stood up immediately after being exposed. He pointed at Du Fei and said.

  Xiong Minggui was able to fight and kill on the construction site and bully the weak because his brother-in-law was the Chief of the Sirius Gang, one of the three biggest gangsters in Yang City. It was said that there used to be someone in the construction site who abused Xiong Minggui for pretending to be an account and the salary of the workers was deducted. However, that night, the worker was seriously injured on the way home and sent to the hospital. He died of excessive bleeding. Later, although he had reported the case and the police also came to investigate it on the construction site, there was no real evidence. In the end, there was no way to deal with it. After that, Xiong Minggui became more arrogant and domineering.

  "Brother Fei, forget it. Let's go." Seeing that Xiong Minggui was furious, Heizi immediately remembered that his brother-in-law was not easy to deal with, so he wanted to make peace with him. He pulled Du Fei's sleeve and said.

  "How can that be? Li's mother is still lying in the hospital waiting for the operation of the money. I can't afford the money." Du Fei believed that the society was fair and honest, and it was evil.

  "Good, good, good, good. Du Fei, you're really looking for death. I'll grant your wish."

  Xiong Minggui didn't expect that someone dared to challenge him face to face. In a fit of rage, he directly picked up the ashtray on the table from his desk and threw it at Du Fei.

  Du Fei didn't expect that Xiong Minggui was so desperate to jump over the wall that he directly moved his hand. In a hurry, he could only raise his arm to block the ashtray that was about to hit him.

  Du Fei didn't even have the time to look at his wrist which was swollen after being hit by the ashtray. He directly rushed to Xiong Minggui.

  In an instant, the two of them twisted and kicked each other, and both of them used all their strength to fight.

  When Li Youfu and Heizi were ready to help, the big bear threw Du Fei to the refrigerator on one side, relying on its own strength.

  The office on the construction site was originally connected from the high-pressure exhaust box next to it. In addition, the office's refrigerator also had some years. It was directly cracked by Du Fei's whole body. The wire board in it suddenly burst into flames. Before Du Fei stood up, the fire went into Du Fei's body along the wire board.

  After a flash of electricity passed through Du Fei's body, his body twitched instantly. His hair was also starting to burn, and white smoke was billowing from his head.

  With a bang, the power source and Du Fei's body were instantly separated from each other. Du Fei also fell to the ground, unconscious.

  "Brother Fei! Brother Fei! Are you okay?"

  "Call the ambulance as soon as possible."

  "Dam*, this is bad, this kid will die far away. If he really dies in my office, then I can't get rid of this matter."

  Xiong Minggui didn't care about Du Fei's life or death on the ground at all. The first thing he worried about was whether he would be involved or not.

  At this time, Du Fei felt that his consciousness slowly floated up to the sky from his body. He saw himself motionless on the ground, Xiao Li and Hei Zi, who were anxious beside him, and Xiong Minggui, who was gloating.

  "I didn't expect that I would die like this?"

  An infinite fear suddenly surged in Du Fei, and then he fell into the darkness.

  "Look, look, I found a handsome guy. The No. 6 bed is not bad. Although he looks like a migrant worker, he has strong muscles and a tall figure. He looks very masculine."

  "You, you only know about the handsome guy. If you don't hurry to sort out the case of other patients, Director Zhang will come later. Let's see what you can do."

  Du Fei slowly woke up, but he still felt a little dizzy. In a daze, he only heard two crisp voices talking in his ear. He originally wanted to sleep a little longer, but he was really a little noisy, so he forced himself to open his eyes.