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Honey, I Know Your Secret

Honey, I Know Your Secret



Among all the people who were attracted by her, many of them were attracted by her. They were all attracted by her and were all on the other end of the line. They were all on the other end of the line and were all on the other end of the line. They were all on the other end of the line and were all on the other end of the line. They were all on the other end of the other end of the line. They were all at the end of the end of the line. "Let's wait for all of us to return, and at the same time, let's wait for the result. Who would have said that he was going to win?" Mu Chenxi said, "What do you mean?" I was just about to say something. "I'm going to tell you that I'm not going to let you go. I'm going to let you go!" In the meantime, Mu Chen looked at the crowd and said, "I'm afraid I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm not. I'm sorry for your absence." Ke Xiaoran replied, "I want to know how many things I've got. I want to know all of them!"

  Mu Chenxi always felt that her husband had some secrets that had been hidden in the deepest part of his heart.

  She had always wanted to find out what had happened, but she didn't know that breaking the secret would turn her marriage and life upside down—

  Since they got married for three years, her husband, Chen Yuan, had always treated her well. In her family's Mu's cosmetics company, he also worked hard. As a son-in-law, his father-in-law treated her parents like his own parents.

  However, in the past three years, Chen Yuan never touched her. At first, Mu Chenxi suspected that Chen Yuan was gay. So she hired a private detective to follow Chen Yuan.

  As a result—

  Looking at the photo of his husband Chen Yuan and a newspaper and model dating in the hotel, Mu Chenxi felt the same pain as if his heart was stabbed by thousands of thorns.

  However, Mu Chenxi still could not believe that Chen Yuan would betray her at this time. It was unreasonable that Chen Yuanxi would rather make other women outside than touch her. Mu Chenxi was not ugly enough to let men be lazy to take off their pants!

  Picking up the phone, Mu Chenxi dialed the number of the private detective. "Hello, my surname is Mu. Where is Chen Yuan going to get a room tonight?"

  "We're in Shengxi Hotel, 70 where we transfer 30,000 yuan to my Hello. I'll get the door card for you. I'll send it to you!" The capable male private detective on the other end said simply.

  "Okay!" Mu Chenxi hung up the phone.

  At ten o'clock in the evening, Mu Chenxi took the room card and stood outside the stove for more than ten minutes, but he didn't have the courage to take the card in. She followed him and saw Chen Yuan and the model enter for half an hour. Now it should be in the clouds and rain!

  Thinking of the three-year-old widow, finally Mu Chenxi bit his lips and opened the door of the Room 905.

  "Um... um..."

  As soon as he opened the door, the smell of musk came into Mu Chenxi's ears, accompanied by the sound of a woman's low-pitched voice.

  The man on the bed was naked. He was running wildly on the woman's body. He was already sweating all over.

  Mu Chenxi could not judge whether the man was Chen Yuan, because the man always had his back to him, running on the woman's body.

  In order to confirm whether it was Chen Yuan or not, Mu Chenxi walked step by step to the bedside, but the two people on the bed were addicted to it and did not find the arrival of Mu Chenxi.

  When he got closer, Mu Chenxi clearly saw the face of the man who was running on the woman. The face she was most familiar with was her husband, Chen Yuan.

  "Ah..." The woman on the bed finally found Mu Chenxi, and she was so frightened that she screamed.

  Chen Yuan was also shocked. Following the woman's gaze on the bed, he saw that it was Mu Chenxi. At first, his handsome face panicked, and then a sneer appeared on his thin lips. He did not immediately come down from the woman on the bed, but did not quit until he finished the last shot.

  Then Chen Yuan got out of bed and put on a white bathrobe. He picked up the cigarette on the bedside table and lit it. He took a deep breath, but he spit it out as if it was a heavy release.

  In the midst of the smoke, Mu Chenxi seemed to see Chen Yuan's sneer with contempt and pleasure.

  Unexpectedly, Mu Chenxi thought that Chen Yuanxi would feel guilty, explain, and hide, but...

  She had never seen Chen Yuan like this before. In her impression, Chen Yuan had always been gentle and his eyes were always gentle.

  "Chen... Chen Yuan... What... what do you mean?" Chen Yuan's eyes made Mu Chenxi's heart tremble.

  "As you see!" Chen Yuan shook the cigarette ash and said with an indifferent expression, as if he was just telling her that it wouldn't rain today.

  Chen Yuan's attitude ignited the anger in Mu Chenxi's heart. Along the way, she was thinking about how to vent her anger on Chen Yuan if he really caught her in bed and Chen Yuan begged her to forgive him.

  But she didn't expect this. Chen Yuan's attitude was indifferent. This attitude showed that Chen Yuan didn't care about her. Not only did his body have an affair with her, but also his heart had an affair with her!

  Mu Chenxi looked at the mistress who had seduced her husband. At this time, the mistress had already put on her clothes. Although she had just gone through the rain, the woman was naturally beautiful and was still so beautiful, just as men said, the devil's figure and the angel's face.

  If it was in the past, Mu Chenxi would not reject the beauty of any woman, but now this woman was using these women to rob his husband. The anger in his chest suddenly burst out. Mu Chenxi stepped on high heels, walked over, grabbed the woman's hair, and roared, "You bitch, stop! If you have the courage to be a mistress, why are you running away?"

  "Ah..." The model cried out in panic.

  "Mu Chenxi!!!" Chen Yuan shouted and Mu Chenxi pushed him away.

  "Oh!" Mu Chenxi was wearing high heels. However, he was caught off guard and sprained his foot. His ankle ring hurt badly and his heart ached more. Chen Yuan even protected his mistress! So what was the promise he made to her?!

  "You go first!" Chen Yuan looked at the model and said.

  The model picked up his bag and walked to the door.

  Mu Chenxi was unwilling to give up and roared at the back of the young model like a shrew. "Stop! If you have the guts to be a mistress and steal someone else's husband, don't run away!"

  The model stopped and did not leave. He turned to look at Mu Chenxi and said with a chuckle, "You are his wife, aren't you? You can't talk nonsense! I am not a mistress!"

  Mu Chenxi was furious. He didn't expect such a shameless woman. He took out the prepared red marriage certificate, opened it and looked at the model provocatively. "I got married to him with my certificate. If you're not the mistress, what are you?"

  The model smiled and said, "I'm really not a mistress. I'm the mistress. Do you understand his mistress's mistress? She only wants money. She doesn't want fame and affection, and will never destroy her family! As for mistress, she needs money, status, and affection! Again, she has another function, which is to deal with the mistress and protect mistress. His confidante is another person, and that person will endanger your position. Big sister, let's have some snacks!"

  Mu Chenxi's heart suddenly stopped, and his mind went blank.

  At this point, there was no room for sand in Mu Chenxi's eyes. What's more, Chen Yuan had an affair with both his body and mind, and he was a different woman, which made Mu Chenxi feel sick!

  But the thing that made Mu Chenxi sick was still behind! After signing the divorce agreement with Chen Yuan, Mu Chenxi's first thing was to go to work in the Mu Group and expel Chen Yuan, the scumbag, as an heir!

  However, there was no Mu's company. The whole Mu's company was already an empty shell. For a long time, the Mu family had handed the Mu's over to Chen Yuan to take care of Chen Yuan. Her parents treated Chen Yuan like their own sons. However, Chen Yuan took out the Mu's company and changed its name into an operation. They almost held a press conference!

  Instantly, Mu Chenxi couldn't extinguish the anger in his heart. She was blind to marry such a hypocritical jerk like Chen Yuan. She deserved to be cheated and betrayed, but she couldn't bear to get her parents involved. The Mu family was her parents' painstaking efforts!


  "Chen Yuan, you've gone too far!"

  Mu Chenxi was furious and kicked open the door of Chen Yuan's office.