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Beauty's Super Bodyguard

Beauty's Super Bodyguard


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While he was in the middle of the world, he was still in the middle of the death. He was talking about all the other things. She had already gotten out of the outside world because of her worries. She had also found out that she had already paid a visit to the other two. She had also seen the two of them Grand Completion. She had also seen the two of them who had already seen the two of them. She also saw the two who had already seen the two of the two who had already paid her well. She. She also smiled her Self. she. she was she. she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she "Well, you're going to let me go. We're going to meet and we're going to wait for you." "B feat, what are you talking about? I'm telling you the secret!" "A Xue, Jun Mo, I'm going to tell you what to do!" "Why don't you tell me that you're not going to be able to get rid of me?"

  In the city of Shanghai in July, the sun was burning the earth.

  There were so many people on the street that the passers-by in a hurry quickened their pace, as if they were afraid of being roasted by the hot weather.

  Although the girls didn't wear much clothes, the sweat still soaked the clothes, which made people couldn't help dreaming.

  On the side of the road.

  Ye Pure was in a black T-shirt, squatting in the shade and smoking continuously.

  He looked very depressed, and his handsome face was gloomy for no reason. His eyes were downcast and loose, and he didn't care about the wet body passing by.


  After leaving two meters of the cigarette butt, Ye Chun took out the worn-out old machine from his bronze casual pants pocket again and skillfully dialed a number.

  This time, the phone finally picked up after a few rings.

  "Hello, little pepper, look at how many calls I've made to you. I won't answer until now!" As soon as the phone was answered, Ye Pure complained to the other party without any hesitation.

  "You dare to go up to me? You're courting death!" The little pepper on the other side of the phone did not show any weakness and immediately scolded.

  "Woo... I was wrong, Sister pepper."

  Ye Chun seemed to be afraid of him and immediately changed his attitude.

  He began to sob with a wronged face, not caring about the strange eyes of passers-by at all.

  "It's just that a man is crying on the street. Is this all right?"

  "Sister Pepper, I don't want to stay in this damn place anymore... I'm going to terminate the mission. I'm going back to the organization!"

  "What's wrong? Isn't it good for you to go back to China and marry a beautiful wife?"

  "Yes, it's good, but..."

  "But what?" Little Pepper interrupted. "Could it be that you've been holding it in for so long that you can't do it anymore?"

  "What the f*ck!"

  Ye Pure was amused by the little pepper. "Sister pepper, why didn't I find out that you are so lustful when I was in the organization? If I had known that you were lonely, I would have helped you and let you see how broad and broad I am."

  "Don't you think I'm stupid? Don't pretend to be innocent in front of a pervert like you?"

  "Hehe, even if you're happy, I'm also happy!"

  "All right, don't talk nonsense. Tell me, what's going on?"

  A blush appeared on the little pepper's shy cheeks. Fortunately, Ye Chun was a hundred thousand miles away from her. Otherwise, it would be a shame to see her like this at this time.

  Ye Chun hemmed and hawed for a long time before he finally told her what had happened in the past two days. "That woman is too cold to me. I can't stand it!"

  "You're cold-tempered?"

  "Not only that, I have been here for three days. She didn't even look at me, as if I owed her money. And we are already husband and wife, but we are still sleeping in separate rooms. Are you saying that you are torturing me on purpose?"

  "Well... Here's the thing!" The sound of a lighter lighting the cigarette came from the other end of the phone.

  After taking a drag on the cigarette, Little Pepper pondered for a moment and advised, "Listen to Ye Pure, there's no cat that doesn't steal meat in the world. You have to learn to be patient. That girl may be testing you. After all, the marriage between you two was arranged by her grandfather. Although you look quite good, a strange man suddenly appeared in front of you and became your future husband. It's hard for anyone to accept it for a while."


  Ye Chun was stunned for a long time. "What should I do? Every day, she won't allow me to see more people than she did when I was carrying out missions. I'm very upset!"

  "Even if you can't stand it, you have to! Remember, it's only secondary for you to get married to her this time. The most important thing is to be secretly protected by her! According to intelligence, someone has already begun to attack the Lin family. Do you understand?"


  "Watch your tone in front of me. If you say that word again, I'll kill you!"

  The little pepper put away the tenderness just now, and once again returned to a shrewal character.

  "Well, I see... When will you come over to see me?"

  "After a period of time, there are still some tasks here that I can't get rid of. All right, let's stop talking. I still have something to do. I'm hanging up."

  Toot... Toot. toot.

  After a brief exchange, Little Pepper hung up the phone in a hurry.

  Ye Chun had no choice but to put away the phone and lit another cigarette. But this time, the misty smoke made him suddenly feel a sense of frustration.

  It was easy for Ye Chun to carry out all kinds of difficult tasks in the organization, but now in front of a woman, he suddenly became at a loss and didn't know what to do.

  "Sigh, what the hell is going on!"

  Ye Pure's fiancee was Lin Mengjin, the president of the Silver Moon Group in Jiang Hai City.

  Silver Moon Group was the largest investment group in Hong Hai City. It had dozens of subsidiary companies, which involved cosmetics, clothing, real estate, education and so on. It was a real financial group.

  Of course, it was Lin Chengze, Lin Mengjie's grandfather, who had contributed to the Silver Moon Group's success. This time, it was he who made the engagement between Ye Chun and Lin Mengjin.

  Ye Chun remembered it very clearly.

  Ten years ago, on his 12th birthday.

  He and Little Pepper followed their master, the previous leader of the organization, "Lone Wolf", to perform a task onward, and assassinated an internationally infamous big drug dealer.

  The task went smoothly. After successfully killing the Big Poison Owl, the three of them retreated and met Lin Chengze, who was chased by the Soul-devouring Organization, in the barren mountain.

  Soul-devouring was a fear-stricken assassination organization in the mercenary world. The organization members were cold-blooded and skilled.

  For them, no matter how difficult a task was, as long as they took over it, it meant that they would complete it.

  But what they didn't expect was that when Lin Chengze was about to be killed, the Lone Wolf suddenly saved him and fought against 18 elite members of the Spirit-devouring Organization by himself.

  In the end, although the lone wolf saved Lin Chengze at the cost of killing all the soul-devouring people, he fell into a pool of blood...

  Later, in order to repay Lone Wolf's life-saving grace, Lin Chengze secretly made this marriage before Lone Wolf died, and let his granddaughter Lin Mengjin marry his favorite disciple, Ye Chun, ten years later.


  Looking at Old Master Lin lying on the hospital bed, who was dying, Ye Chun never dreamed that there would be such an agreement in those days.

  Although the Lin family strongly opposed it, Old Master Lin's words were the authority of the Lin family. Who dared to say no? What's more, this was his only wish before his death. Others had no choice but to agree to this marriage.

  Originally, Old Master Lin wanted to cut the Gordian knot as soon as possible. While he was still alive, he quickly asked Ye Chun and Lin Mengjin to get the marriage certificate and get married. But who would have thought that something unexpected would happen? After explaining these things, he left the world that night.

  However, although it was not too late to get married, at least in the eyes of everyone, they were already justified couples.

  Now, according to Old Master Lin's will, the two of them had moved to the newly prepared villa for them to live.

  The villa was very luxurious, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the environment was also very elegant.

  However, during the days of living with Lin Mengjin, a cold beauty, Ye Pure felt that she was living a rather miserable life.

  That feeling, as if he had made an appointment with joy, but in the end, the other side came to his relatives. It was not only a torture to the body, but also an insult to the dignity of a man.

  Ye Chun thought about it. Since they were already husband and wife, there were some things that should be said directly. Therefore, this time, he planned to talk to Lin Mengjin and verify their relationship when he went back.

  "You're back, Mr. Ha."

  "Well, Aunt Liu, nice to meet you."

  Half an hour later, as the sky gradually darkened, Ye Chun slowly returned to this so-called home.

  In addition to Ye Chun and Lin Mengjin, there was also a nanny who was responsible for their lives in the villa, Aunt Liu.

  Aunt Liu was specially sent by Old Master Lin before his death, so she was naturally very polite to Ye Chun.

  "Where is Miss?"

  Walking into the living room, Ye Chun deliberately looked around and found that Lin Mengjin was not there.

  As president of the Silver Moon Group, Lin Menglin basically stayed in the office during the day to deal with all kinds of affairs. Usually, Ye Chun would only see her at this time.

  Aunt Liu put down the drag cloth in her hand and answered, "Miss has just returned and is upstairs. By the way, she asked me to tell you to go to her room after you come back."

  "Okay, I see."

  Ye Chun did not ask why Aunt Liu and Lin Mengjin were looking for him. Anyway, he knew that it was definitely not a good thing. He also wanted to have a good talk with her, so he turned around and went upstairs after answering her.