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School 101  WANNAONE

School 101 WANNAONE

Author:Nur Asyikin Binti Ahmad Kambari


General Romance

Song Yena, a girl who studied at YMC 101 High School, one of the most luxurious school in the country. She always faced many problems in that school because of her status. Will her fate change when a group of boys transferred to the school?

"Song Yena, I heard that you broke one of the window in the teacher's room. Is that true?" The principal questions me, with his wrinkled and saggy face. I'm sure he should retire, he's like my grandpa age I think.

"Why every time there's a bad things, I'm the one that is responsible?! I'm not even do that.." I protest.

"No need to tell me anymore. All your records are with me, and all of it are full of demerit points. How I can not suspecting that you are the one that cause all of these commotion?" He smirks.

This evil old man really ughh. I feel like I want kick him out from this school.

"I'm not the one that do those things?! I'm sure!" I shout at him, full of disagreement.

Suddenly, someone claps and laughed. That old husky voice — director of this school. He walks near me, looking me from top until bottom.

"Is this that Song Yina girl?" He asks the principal.

It's Yena you rich old man.. Not Yina —_—

I blow up my brown bangs, looking outside. I see a few of boys are standing outside, peeking into this room. I don't think that group of boys are students here before, cuz everyone would afraid to peek over me or their nose would break.

"I bring the boys that succeed in the final round of PRODUCE 101 Contest. There's 11 of them. Don't worry I'll pay for all their expenses so exclude them in money matter." The director explains to the old principal.

I choked on my own saliva. Heol, how can the boys get everything free?! This is unfair.

The door opens, the boys walk in one by one in queue. Their heights are goal except for a few of them. I keep eyeing them. True, they look rich and maybe even if the director doesn't pay for them, they can pay for everything even if it's cause billion dollars.

"They all look talented. I'm feeling grateful that you send all of them here." The principal thanking the director.

"If there's anything else, just call me. I have an appointment to go." The director packs his things. "Boys, contact me if you have problems."

All of them nod while hugging the director. Eww, Richness.

The principal walks over me and ordering me to go out from his office with his hideous face. I glare at him, rushing out from his office. I'll never want to enter that office again although that place is like my hometown, everyday I have to be there for something that's not my fault.

"Yena! How's it? Are you getting any detention?" Seonho hugs me with his worry face.

"I'm okay.. He just keep babbling on something I didn't do." I sighed.

"Guys, there'll be 11 guys from different school transferred here. They must be handsome, right?" Sejeong can't hide her excitement and shaking my body with her powerful arms.

The face of the boys that were in the principal office suddenly lingered in my mind. Don't tell me that Sejeong said that they're handsome.

"Yah! They're not handsome.. They're just plain. I think Seonho is much better." I bro—fist with Seonho who keep smiling and blushing.

"They're handsome!"

"Look at the tall one tho!"

"He winked at me!!"

A few girls are screaming and whispering something all of a sudden. Seonho, Sejeong and I turn around to see what happens. With a fancy and arrogant steps, the boys that I saw in the office walk in the corridor.

"They're really handsome!! Help me Yena! I'm blushing so hard!" Sejeong keeps hitting me and her face turns red, blushing.

I rolled my eyes, not accepting the reality. "Okay Sejeong please behave.." I whisper to her slowly.

"Oh! It's Guanlin hyung!" Seonho shrieks. He runs to the boys and hugs one of the boys.

"Did he know that guy?" I said not too loud.

"What if yes.." A voice whispered into my ears. I startled and feels like falling down.

A pair of hands catches me, making both of us gazing into each other's eyes. "Let me go! I can stand by myself." I tell the boy strictly.

He lets me go and just stand in front of me. I questioned, "Why all of you are still here? Go to anywhere you're supposed to.. Newbies"

He grabs my wrist strongly and nearing our distance. "Guide us where is the teacher's room."

I'm not blushing like other girls. I try to get out of his grips, but failed. "Why me!" I scream. All of the students are looking at me with unsatisfied face.

"Because.. You're like a compass in my life."