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The Unexpected Luna

The Unexpected Luna

Author:MC Perry



So now that you finished fondling my beta. I guess we should settle whatever this is between us.” Damien said. My heart jumped hearing his voice. Goddess, he really was perfect. “ I was not fondling your Beta,” I rolled my eyes at him. “For such a mighty powerful Alpha, you didn’t even notice that your Beta purposely tripped me.” “Did you just roll your eyes at me.” Damien growled while leering at me, ignoring my comment about Alex tripping me on purpose. Something about the aggression he was showing started to build a fire in my core. I bit my lip. And looked up at him. “And if I did?” I said egging him on. As soon as I said the words I knew I had made a mistake. Damien was upon me and grabbed me around the waist dragging me to the couch. He lowered me down and was instantly on top of me. *************************************** Since Guinevere was a child her dream was to leave the Blue Moon pack and to start a life for herself. A life where she wouldn’t be known as the Traitors Daughter. Unfortunately the day she turns 18 she finds her mate, and he just so happens to be the Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. Alpha Damien is the Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. He is 24 and still unmated. There have been rumors around the pack that the Valencia men have been cursed by the moon goddess, why else would Damien’s dad, Sam lose his mate to another wolf, and Damien still remain unmated?


ADDED 6/20/22

This is an unedited copy of the novel, please see HIS UNEXPECTED LUNA for the revised edited copy. Thank you!

“Oh goddess, yes Damien, oh fuck yes” Stephanie moaned, “please Damien, please let me cum”

I let out a smirk as I lifted my head from Stephanie’s thighs, replacing my tongue with my thumb, attacking her sweet little clit. She was a fun fuck, someone who I could hang out with to pass the time, while waiting for my supposed mate to come along. “Now, Now, Stephanie. Is that anyway to talk to your future Alpha.” I taunted her, enjoying the way her legs started to shake, due to the delay in her orgasm.

“Mmm please Alpha,” Stephanie said giving into the taunt, her eyes filled with lust. “Please let me cum, please fuck me with your big Alpha cock.” She begged, sticking out her lip.

Quickly glancing down at my watch, I realized I had thirty minutes left before my scheduled meeting. It would be my first meeting as standing Alpha, part of my “Alpha Training,” as my overbearing father called it.

“Tell you what Stephanie,” I growled, while sitting up, unzipping my pants, and pulling out my throbbing member,” Since you’ve been a good girl, I’ll fuck you. But it’ll be rough and it’ll be fast. And it’ll be for my pleasure alone. Not yours. Do not cum until I tell you, if I think you're going to cum, I’ll stop. Got it.”

“Mmm yes Alpha.” Stephanie whined at me.

I flipped her on her stomach, and grabbed her ass, pulling it towards me, while pushing her head into the pillow, shoving my throbbing member into her, not giving her time to adjust to my size, I started pounding into her hard, and fast. Stephanie enjoyed it rough, which is why I enjoyed fucking her. It was just about pleasure. No strings attached.

I could feel myself nearing the edge, I grabbed Stephanie’s hair and pulled lifting her up against as I continued to pound into her, using my free hand, I began to rub my thumb over her clitoris.

I rammed into her hard one more time, making her cry out, “Okay, you can cum now.”

“Oh fuck Damien!” She screamed as her walls tightened around me, her orgasm spraying me, causing me cum with her.

I feel my canines elongate. My wolf going crazy in my head, whining a word that made me shiver. Mate. I suddenly felt the sudden urge to mark her. Quickly I pulled out of her, jumping off my bed.

‘What the fuck was that Leo.’ I asked my wolf. ‘Stephanie isn’t our mate.’

‘Not her, you idiot.’ Leo said, still upset with me for fucking around with Stephanie, ‘She isn’t worthy of being our Mate, of being our Luna.’

“Damien, is everything okay?” Stephanie asks, grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around her chest, her hand reaching out grabbing my arm.

“Everything’s fine.” I snarled, ripping my arm from her grasp.

“But Damien.” Stephanie whined.

“Stephanie.” I growled. “I said everything is fine. Now get the fuck out. I need to get ready for my meeting.”

“But Damien, I rejected my mate for you. Your promised that if you didn’t find your mate by your 25th birthday that I would be Luna, that you would choose me.” Stephanie pouted.

“Did I ask you to reject your mate for me Stephanie?” I said my anger rising, this was just suppose to be casual sex, nothing me. “You wanted to fuck an Alpha remember. You were a means to a solution. I needed to be mated by 25 to prove my worth. I didn’t ask you to wait for me. You’re fucking stupid for rejecting your fated mate, someone made for you by our goddess, for the hopes that you one day might get a chance to be Luna.” I growled, my alpha aura swirling around me. “I said get the fuck out.”

Stephanie cringed, baring her neck at me, unable to resist the alpha command she left the room, closing the door behind me.

I slammed my fist against the wall letting out a roar. I could’ve handled that better, but Leo is driving me nuts, he keeps running circles around in my head, excited about the possibility of meeting our mate. I glare at the hole I made in the wall, knowing I’d have to fix it myself, I let out a few huffs, trying to calm my anger, glancing down at my watch, I realized I only had fifteen minutes left before the meeting, I hurried over to my bathroom, and got in the shower, washing Stephanie’s scent off of me.

Getting out the shower, I felt refreshed and ready to attend my Alpha meeting, my earlier anger at Leo and Stephanie gone. However, as soon as I left my room in the pack house, I was hit with the most intoxicating scent, cinnamon with just a hint of vanilla. I could feel Leo getting antsy again.

‘That’s mate.’ He cried, running circles in my mind unable to contain his excitement, ‘Let’s find her.’

I started off in the direction, the scent was strongest, when my phone alarm went off. Shit, I’d forgotten about the meeting. I had to intend it, it was chance to shine and show my Dad I could handle the Alpha position.Today we were going to discuss what to do with the pack traitor’s daughter, Guinevere, today was her 18th birthday and she had previously written to my father, Alpha Sam, asking for permission to leave the pack. She wanted to start a new life and be in a pack that didn’t despise her due to her father’s actions. I had already decided I would send her to the Full Moon pack. Despite their name they were the weakest pack in North America filled with traitors and the children of traitors. I thought it was a fitting pack for the spawn of filth like the McKays.

“Leo, we will have to look for our mate later, I have a meeting to get too.” I could feel Leo grumpily retreat to the back of my mind. He had been waiting to meet his mate, since the day I first shifted, I think sometimes Leo forgets we’re the Alpha of this pack and we have more duties than just finding the pack a Luna. I’ll let him out for a run later tonight, perhaps that’ll appease him.


My heart was beating rapidly as I entered the pack house. I was anxious about meeting with the new alpha Damien, and his Beta Alex. I’d only heard good things about the Alpha, but I’d never once met him. I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the pack house or the higher members of the pack since I was the daughter of a traitor.

My dad, Gregory and Alpha Sam had once been close friends. The entire pack thought that my dad was going to be Beta, when Sam took over the pack from his father, and Dad probably would have been, if not for that fateful night. I don’t know why the moon goddess chose to give my mom two mates. I’ve thought on multiple occasions it was because someone had angered the moon goddess in my family. And so she decided to get even. We’d learned about the different Gods and Goddess in school and they are all very spiteful, and it was the only thing that made sense to me. My parents were caring and loving individuals. They’d never hurt someone intentionally.

My mom ended up being fated to both my dad and Alpha Sam. Alpha Sam asked my dad to step back, once he realized that my mom was also Dad’s mate, saying it was more important for the pack to have a Luna, that for my Dad to have a mate; Dad refused. He’d had a crush on mom since they were kids and he knew he couldn’t live without her. He’d always hoped that mom would be his fated mate.

Male wolves can be very possessive of their mates, fated or chosen, so when Alpha Sam asked my dad to step aside it angered him. He shifted into his wolf Raphael, and challenged the Alpha. Alpha Sam’s wolf, Robert was much larger than my dads wolf. They fought for hours, and Robert beat Raphael within inches of his life, only sparing him due to the circumstances that they were once friends. My mom saw this fight and she became upset that Alpha Sam saw her as his possession. She didn’t want the choice of her mate to be chosen for her and she knew that being Alpha Sam’s mate meant that she would be forced to live life a certain way.

Once the fight ended and my dad was being carted away by the medical omegas, she went up to Alpha Sam and rejected him. Alpha Sam became enraged. His heart broke, hearing my moms rejection. He wouldn’t accept it. He told my mom that she was just angry and that she wasn’t in the right frame of mind. That night my mother and father completed the mating ceremony. It’s said that on that night, the entire pack felt Alpha Sam's heartbreak. My dad was labeled a traitor the very next morning. He had challenged the Alpha and had also stolen the Alpha’s Luna. My dad should’ve been banned from the pack, but Alpha Sam still had feelings left over from the mate bond with my mom and decided to instead strip my dad of his title and make him an omega. And make him live right outside the pack boundaries. My parents would not receive pack benefits, but they also wouldn’t be considered rouges either. And Alpha Sam was able to keep a close eye on my mom.

A few months later Alpha Sam, held a Luna ceremony for Luna Maria and also announced she was pregnant with the future Alpha of the pack. Pack members are still unsure if Luna Maria, was Alpha Sam’s second chance mate or if she was his chosen mate. But that didn’t matter to them. What mattered was that Alpha Sam had recovered from his heartbreak and the pack was secure with a future Alpha on the way.

As soon as I entered the pack house I was hit with the most intoxicating smell. It smelt like the woods after a warm summer rain. I could feel my wolf Sabrina getting excited. But she didn’t say a word. We had just met last night and other than introductions, Sabrina hasn’t talked much. I think she may be more on the quiet side.

Since the smell smelt like the outside, I figured Sabrina was wanting to be let out for a run.

‘Soon Sabrina, Dad promised he’d help me with my first shift during the full moon this weekend.” I was nervous for my first shift, as I had heard it was painful, but I was also excited to take my first real look at Sabrina. Just from the sound of her voice, I knew she was going to be a mesmerizing wolf.

I took out my phone and glanced at the text I’d received last night from Beta Alex. “The Alpha will meet with you at 1pm in the pack house. He will meet you in his office, which is located on the 2nd floor, 5th room down the hall. Don’t be late.”

I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves as I headed up the stairs. Today is the day my life changes. Today is the day, I will no longer be referred to as the traitor’s daughter. As I got closer to Alpha Damien’s office, the woodsy smell intensified, and so did Sabrina’s excitement.As soon as I reached the office door, I lifted my hand and lightly knocked on the door.

“Come in” said a pleasant female voice. “Welcome Guinevere McKay. The Alpha and his circle are ready to meet with you. Just go in through these doors and take a seat at the very end of the table.”

I couldn’t concentrate on what the she-wolf had just said. The wonderful smell was distracting, I felt the sudden urge to sniff it out, and see where the aroma was coming from.

“Guinevere? Is everything alright?” Asked the she-wolf.

“Ugh..Ya, I’m just a bit nervous” I hurriedly replied trying to regain my focus.

“No need to worry, honey. Everything will be fine. Alpha Damien won’t bite your head off.” She replies as she gently pushes me through the door.

Suddenly Sabrina screams a word, I wasn’t expecting to hear.


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