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The Vampire Lover

The Vampire Lover




A vampire and a girl falled in love with each other and they loved each other too much but the girl knows nothing about the vampire and his secrets and his curse. But fortunately her best friend married a mam who knows everything about that vampire and his secrets...

  ' Jennifer, c'mon let's go to a club....' Nora said as she came in Jennifer's home. Jennifer was a beautiful girl with big eyes, thin nose and thin but beautiful lips. It looks like God had made everything too much carefully and beautifully. She came down wearing a long black skirt and white shirt tucked in. 'Jenny.... Oh my god ...You look mind blowing....' Nora said with her mouth open. Jennifer said ' Nora, you know that I hate this name you call me.'

  Nora ignored that sentence and showed her two VIP pass for the club. 'C'mon Jenny.. I mean Ms. Jennifer, let's go to the club... See I have two VIP pass' Jennifer then looked at her clothes and says ' Is this outfit ok... I don't think so. Let me change first.' And she went upstairs.

  'Oh my goodness..... Jenny you look soo cute.' Nora cried as she saw Jennifer wearing the miniskirt and an offshoulder pink shirt.

  Obviously, she was looking so cute.

  Jennifer had few cute curls in her hairs. She had long hairs.

  Jennifer noticed the expression on Nora's face and she chuckle 'Ahem!!' Nora then said 'Sorry, now let's gooooo...'

  Jennifer followed her and they went to the bar.

  As they went in the VIP session, they saw that there were only a few person there.

  They sat near a corner and ordered red wine. Jenny was actually thinking about her parents that were very rich and they loved her very much. They were killed by one of her father' s enemy. She was of only 3 years old. Then she met Nora and began to live with her and her grandma. They both loved her.

  Now, she is a writer. After refreshing the night when her parents were killed ,she began to cry secretly. She got up and went to take some water. She drank it, but suddenly she felt like some warm air has hit her.

  She felt goosebumps all over her body.

  She suddenly turned and she found that there was a handsome man standing just in front of her. His eyes were red and beautiful, his sexy lips nearly toched hers.

  She then maintained a distance. The man was staring at her with his mysterious eyes.

  'Hey, why are you crying?? ' His expression suddenly changed to a serious but sad emotion. 'N.. Nothing I was just m.. missing my parents..' Then she realized that she told all this to a stranger.

  Then she went to Nora, the man followed her. Well, he was also very handsome that Jenny too falled in love with him. Then he sat near her.

  She felt something due to his presence. The man forward his hand to take Jenny's hand in them and said 'I am James and you are...' Jeny quickly replied 'Jennifer...' Then she gave her hand to him. He gently kissed them. His lips were warm sending goosebumps all over her body.

  She then introduced him to Nora.

  'Hey, Jenny. See there is my college crush. OMG he looks so hot. His name was Sam, right? I am going to meet him. Meanwhile, you both talk with each other.' After saying this she went to greet Sam. And they were all alone.

  After sometime, James got up and asked if Jenny wants to dance. She blushed and they danced together. Jenny thought that the time would stop at a place.

  Then she realized that James was too close to her neck and he kissed her neck, but at that time, she felt that something pricked on her neck. She ignored it.

  Then finally the night ended and James offered a lift to Jenny. They went silently.

  When her home ce, she kissed him good night. As she was about to go, James stopped her by surrounding his hands around her waist.

  He asked 'I want your phone number, beauty..' Without hesitating, James and Jenny exexchanged their numbers with each other. Then there was one another car standing in front t of the house, she saw that Nora came out with Sam. And she too gave him a kiss and started going towards the house. She winked at Jenny.

  As she turned she realized that James got in the car and was almost ready to go.

  She came in the house and she saw Nora staring at her. 'What happened Nora, why are you acting like you have seen a ghost.' Jenny said.

  Nora said quickly 'I saw that there was something reddish on your neck but now it disappered, how can it be possible??! ' Jenny said jokingly 'Maybe a vampire bite me... C'mon let's go to sleep..' And she went to her room but Nora was shocked and sat there thinking. After some time, she also thought that maybe it was nothing and went to sleep.