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After Reading These Romance Novels, You Will Know That True Love Exists

After Reading These Romance Novels, You Will Know That True Love Exists

2023-01-17 14:55:24
  • My Brother's Bride


    After a terrible car crash and two years of coma Sam Jacob woke up only to realise the whole world mistook him for his twin brother Sean Jacob, who died on the same car crash two years ago. Sean Jacob is a billionaire and a wife doting husband who married to Amanda Brown who was once Sam Jacobs sweetheart. Sam pretend to be Sean to take revenge for the pain Amanda gave him. But soon he found out truth is far from what he thought. Amanda and Sean's relationship is not like what they show to the outside world. And Sean is not what Sam thought about him. After knowing the truth what will be Sam's decision? Will Amanda ever know it is Sean who died that day? What will be her reaction knowing that? What is the secret Amanda and Sean hiding from the whole world? why she married Sean when she loved Sam?
  • The Beauty And Her Billionaire Boss


    "You have to promise me that you would take care of your siblings" Mark said hoarsely to his first child. "Dad, why would you ask that of me. I'm too young to take care of myself not to talk of anybody" she complained with a suspicious dour look. "I know you are too young but still you have to be strong" he replied then a cough followed. Mark smiled and patted her hair. "I know nothing will happen but sweet, your mother and I might not be with you always. We might be somewhere far away and that will make you responsible for your siblings" he preached softly. Tasked with taking care of her siblings since she was small, Melissa undertook her responsibility with great pride and diligence. Soon, her fate crosses with the Drew and soon, her life doesn't revolve around her sisters anymore, it's Drew calling the shots. Will this secretary even fall in love with someone apart from her sisters? Will she make space for the devilish Drew in her life?


    Her heart began to beat heavily. She was fascinated by the man. Awareness flooded through her, as did a sudden need to brush her hair. Dammit, why had she put on this stupid bum short and singlet today. She wondered what he would look like with that shirt off. She swallowed and tried to look away. Fantasies like that would get her nowhere. "Hi" he said. And for a few seconds Emma didn't realize he was speaking to her. She blushed when she lifted an eye brow questioningly. "Oh hello" "'s Daniel. Nice to meet you" "it's nice to meet you too.. I'm Emma" -------------------------------- Emma Green has totally given up on relationships and happy ever after. Not because she doesn't think it's amazing to have someone, mind you, but because she simply doesn't believe in love. She's been there and done that, and she's not doing it again. But when she meets Daniel Rohan, she starts to think that maybe, just maybe falling in love again might not be all that bad.... -------------------------------- Take control.. Feel the rush... Explore your fantasies Step into stories of provocative romance where sexual fantasies come true. Let your inhibitions run wild.