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Best Romance Novels of All Time to Get You in the Mood

Best Romance Novels of All Time to Get You in the Mood

2023-01-13 10:15:34
  • The Billionaire's Secret Lover


    Nina Dern Miller it is a simple and easy going girl. At 17, she gave her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. Now at 27 years,  she met the guy who took her heart  but he's  engaged to her friend. Will she  break friendship or mend the relationship? Michael Vincent Thompson, the first of the three boys in the Thompson's family and the heir to the Thompson's Empire, currently the CEO of the Thompson's Empire is a ruthless billionaire who has everything that money could buy and an heiress of the Mason's Media Group as a fiancee. But a night with a naive  virgin girl change his view of women.  Will he risk his inheritance for a naive virgin girl or will he marry an heiress and expand the family business. READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • Playful Fate


    Yasha Reese Heuson, a Starlight Supermodel and a promising actress of her generation, is very passionate about everything she does. Enjoying the limelight of her career, sudden news strikes that instantly change her life - that is being linked to one of the youngest bachelors in town, Axis Ford Averion, whom at such a young age has already climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the top, making him one of the successful CEOs in the country. Their paths will cross because of the post tagged into Yasha's official Facebook account, saying that she's engaged to Axis; which they soon realize that both of their Facebook accounts were hacked. Not wanting to ruin their public figures, they decide to pretend as a couple, hoping that after a month or two, the news will pass while they investigate the real motives of the hacker. Will their pretense relationship lead them to genuine affection? The question remains unanswered if the hacker has a dark agenda in sneaking into their accounts. In getting ahead of their uneventful lives, how will Yasha and Axis handle their playful fate?
  • It's Love


    A 22 year old Adeline has no idea what awaits her in her future life.She is the apple of the eye's of her family.Adeline doesn't want to be attracted to man's.But she is someone that attract men's just with her simple gesture.When men's approach her romantically ,she will find a way to get out from the situation.What happen's when a devastatingly handsome man Can Yaman approach her in the intention to own her in this life.He just can't bear other man look at her.How Adeline going to face this man? Would she head over heels for this man?