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Best Vampire Novels You Can Just Read Again And Again

Best Vampire Novels You Can Just Read Again And Again

2023-01-17 14:55:26
  • The Dark Prince


    Jessica Madison is a busy college senior who has no time for boyfriends, parties, or having fun. All this changes one Halloween night when she unwittingly becomes the victim of a horrible joke in which she is sold as a virginal bride to the local legend, the Dark Prince. Jessica goes out to refute the urban legend, but she is astonished when the Dark Prince shows up to take his wife.
    Vampire ★ 4.5
  • One Bite To Another: English Version


    She is the strongest vampire in their kingdom. Fate had played with her and a human became her only weakness. If the human dies, her existence will end as well. He wanted to kill himself rather than being fated with a monster and she has to find a solution so that he will never want to end his life. Can she make him fall madly in love with her? Is there fate still be link with each other when they find out the truth in the past that intertwined them together in the first place? Is their love enough to stand the test of enemies and fate itself?
    Vampire ★ 0
  • To Seduce Him


    Mature Content! There are always two ways to reach a goal. Stacy, her mother had done nothing but bring struggle to her life. But Stacy was understandable as she was the first child. She was the only supporter of her mother after her father passed away. But this time, her mother put her in a situation where she had to raise a huge amount of money which was meant for her treatment. Stacy would definitely do anything, her mother was her life! Raising that huge amount was impossible for a month as that was the deadline. So, she decided she sell her preciousness to anyone. Was it fortunate that the old man who agreed to give her a huge amount of money disagrees to get intimate with a virgin and asks her to seduce his son instead? Desperate Stacy moved into his house only to find out the man wasn't interested in her. The book cover isn't mine! Happy reading! Love, Grace.
    Vampire ★ 0