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Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Make You Shriek for More

Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Make You Shriek for More

2023-01-17 14:55:28
  • The Wolf Without A Name


    Being born from rape and taking her mother life from birth. They detested her; treated her badly and gave her no name. Wanting nothing to do with her. Girl, they called her, for eighteen years; until it had become the only name she knew for herself. When her family who should have taken care of her. Find themselves in a big financial debt. The only hope in getting themselves out of the terrible mess they had created was to send her, to their pack leader house to work in repaying their debt. Hating what they were doing to her. Girl, was clueless that working within the home of the alpha's son would somehow affected her.
    Werewolf ★ 3.5
  • Ruined Alpha's Vampire Slave


    Warning (R-18 ) Mature content # Rape # Abuse # Kidnapped # Vampire # Werwolf # Age Gap I was all chained on wall my body is dripping blood like I never can think, never I thought it would be this dangerous, but my one mistake lead me to this way . I heard footsteps and my entire body start shivering in fear I can't deny but I can pee here on the spot because I know how I m going to suffer. And then I heard the same voice which can make me weak on my knees . Monster who is here to cage me, who is here to kill me slowly because I m someone he is seeking revenge from . Shhh! Little one don't cry, there more coming to you, so don't cry because you are going to have reasons to cry to the point Where you are going to have your tears dry .These are the last words I heard before losing my conciousness. Love is something he was not seeking for it all start from revenge neither he is someone who is perfect but he is perfectly ruined monster who want to claim his revenge from his slave .
    Werewolf ★ 3.1
  • Sold To Alpha Isaac

    H N Spark

    "I will work for you till I pay back the amount in full.. I want to be a maid.. Please… I don't want to be a breeder" I started to plead once everyone left the ward.. He saw her begging but his stone cold heart didn't melt. "I never tasted a weak duckling Alpha.." He smirked and walked toward me.. I walked back with fear till I hit the wall. "I am not weak." I said in a low tone and tried to push him away.. But his solid body didn't move an inch.. I could not breathe properly because of his aura.. "I will make you beg me for pleasure…" His words disgusted me. I didn't talk back as his Alpha tone was overbearing.. I felt weak wherever he was touching me.. "You will be my toy till you get pregnant.." I turned my head away with disgust but he touched my cheek roughly and caught my chin. He made me look into his eyes.. His hand covered my neck and gripped it hard.. "I will come to you every night to f**k you.." His eyes became devilish as if he was looking at his prey.. Suddenly I felt scared of him more.. and my breathing became suffocating.. He is pressing my windpipe to make me suffer… My eyes become red while I shake my head slowly... "No… no.." I murmured and I forgot to breathe in his presence.. He was scaring hell out of me.. "Girl.. You will be lucky if you get pregnancy soon otherwise I will have my ways to f**k you.." I dropped my eyes not able to hear such f***y words.. Tears rolled down my cheeks when he loosened his grip.. I don't want to believe that my father sold me as a breeder.. I can't accept it.. "If you agree or not.. it doesn't matter.. spread your legs when I come to you.." He pushed me back again and the tip of his nose touched my cheek while I looked at him scarily.. He nibbled on the crook of my neck and kissed my sensitive places… "Remember I am your Alpha from now on and don't you dare to say no…" he said huskily and pushed me back fiercely.. His cruel and harsh words made me fall back on the ground..
    Werewolf ★ 4.6