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Enjoy the Amazing Plus Size Romance Novels Full of Surprise

Enjoy the Amazing Plus Size Romance Novels Full of Surprise

2023-01-11 11:41:09
  • The Secret Necklace

    Celine Hiromi

    Tanya was a college student who just transferred. On the first day, she pissed Hans, the hugely popular boy off. Her seat was occupied by this arrogant guy. No, she wasn't the kind of student who could be easily bullied. So she just sat on his lap. Then the affairs between she and he spread in the school as everyone believed she had a crush on Hans. Gosh, she didn't love him at all! She wanted to make it clear but Hans refused to cooperate. He even kissed her as a punishment when she spoiled his T-shirt. She decided to stop the rumor and accepted the blind date arranged by her mom. To her surprise, Hans showed up on that day...
  • My One Night With You

    Sweety Cruz

    Matthew Anderson and Ashley Carter first meet-up unexpectedly, it was just a mere incident for some people but it is the beginning of the beautiful relationship. Ashley Carter was invited by her roommate Lily Andrews to attend the annual Festival celebration in their province, a week before the school year starts. Ashley has been working almost her entire life since her adopted father died then just about two years ago her adopted mother also passed away after a year of enduring the pain and suffering from breast cancer. The night before her adopted mother died, she found out that she was an adopted child. Matthew came from a rich family. Annually their family returns to their province to attend the Festival Celebration, usually with his dad. His dad sponsored the needs for the celebration being held. But this year, he went to the province alone because his Dad has an emergency in their company. On the night of the festival celebration, Ashley and Matthew met when Ashley and Lily rushed inside Matthew’s house. Because of the sudden heavy rain, the two friends entered a mysterious house. On the same night, they shared the whole night together in bed. On that night, Ashley surrendered her previous gem to the man that he didn’t even know the name. After that night, Ashley and Matthew didn’t expect that they would meet again. Unfortunately, they went to the same University. They're next meet up is a little awkward but became the start of their ‘cat and mouse’ relationship. Their relationship runs into some difficulties but eventually becomes husband and wife. But after three years of being married their relationship messed up again. Although Matthew is still hoping that one day Ashley will be back in his arms, the love and sweetness of Stephanie touched his heart and has decided to forget the past and create a new life with Stephanie. But can you resist the dictates of destiny? From the unexpected encounter that introduced their hearts then, another unexpected encounter will also make them realize how much they still love each other.
  • Forced To Marry The CEO


    Ankti- Sweet, an innocent girl with a pure heart and with a dream which she wants to fulfill. She wants to make her dead parents proud. she only wants love which she never got after her parent's death. Arav- He is smart, handsome, rich everything which a girl wants for a partner, he is ruthless for the outside world and soft for his loved once, he is like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside. What will happen when their life will take a U-turn, what will happen when Ankti has to marry Arav instead of her cousin and Arav has to marry Ankti to protect his family's reputation. Will they accept each other? will they start a new life with each other? Let's start a journey of their life and see what will happen in their life.