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Enjoy the Amazing Plus Size Romance Novels Full of Surprise

Enjoy the Amazing Plus Size Romance Novels Full of Surprise

2023-01-13 10:15:44
  • Destined to be your's

    Sharon sareen

    Lucifer seller, a big name in U.S . A big billiniore in the business circle of california. Unafraid of anything that crosses his path, he is a devil of hell. An innocent pure soul Dawn Autumn, unaware of this whole world. Living her own life... she is an orphan and physiotherapist in a hospital of LOS Angeles. she has a love of her life Rehan frensby. Rehan Frensby is a Pyschology teacher in a school... On the day of their relationship, Dawn Autumn was going to propose Rehan Frensby to marry her and be together for all her life... But on that day Rehan Frensby told Dawn Autumn a truth that changed all her life... What was written in Dawn's life... What was her destiny? How the three of them get connected together?

    Adira Daisy

    Bradley Ashford just got out of a bad divorce, and took a good breath of fresh air for the first time in seven years. He just wants a peaceful quiet place where he doesn't have to deal with humans again....especially those same genders with his wife. Needless to say, that he hates women. Loathes them. Despise them. So, he wants a quiet place that will be a safe haven for his little boy who needs to get over the trauma of living with his mother for the past six years. A place where he and his son would be able to take baby steps in getting to know each other so well. He never counted on meeting Miriam Lopez, the honest-to-God beautiful woman with enough curves to bring a man to his knees. Too bad, he isn't just any man. He's been bitten by a woman and he knows how venomous their bites can be. He always ignored her whenever she comes out for a 'neighborly greeting' and wants to get to know each other. He figured that the less he spoke to her, the faster it'll be to discard her. What he didn't count on, was how she took his rejections personal and how she made it her special mission to make sure she comes out every morning to disturb him with her 'neighborly greeting'.
  • Planned Baby


    Penelope Quinn Cabello has a very successful career but she has no family. No matter how successful her career was, she still felt empty. She felt like her life has no purpose, all her money and achievement were nothing because she has no one to share her success with. That's why she came up with a plan. She wants to have a child of her own. The only problem was, she has no boyfriend. She never had one actually but that fact will not stop her from fulfilling her plan. As cliché as it may seem, she went in a club and had a one night stand with a guy. She succeed with her plan. She now has her planned child.