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Enjoy the Attractive Werewolf Book Series That Will Move You Deeply

Enjoy the Attractive Werewolf Book Series That Will Move You Deeply

2023-01-18 15:15:01
  • The Queen’s Conquer


    Sequel to The King's Prey. "Anastasia." His voice. My eyes flutter open, convinced I've truly lost it at this point. "Samuel..." "I thought you were dead," he sobs, his voice cracking against his will. "I'm right here," I whisper, wiping away his tears with the stroke of my thumb. "I'm right here, Samuel."
    Werewolf ★ 4.5
  • The Devil's Bride(18+)

    Key Kirita

    ~~~~The Underground Royalty Series~~~ Book 1 The Devil's Bride Book 2 The Elder's Kitten Book 3 The Vampire King's Bride Can be read stand-alone. Warning: Mature Content ****** He leaned down, taking my chin in his hand, forcing me to look up into his blood-red eyes. His fangs were showing, dripping with the blood of my boyfriend who lay on the ground, lifeless. "You are mine, Bast. You'd do well to remember that." He purred, as he licked the blood off his lips. "No other man may take your innocence, but me," he said, looking down at my nearly naked form, the lust in his eyes making me squirm. "Yes, Damien," I whispered in response, covering myself in the sheet, and looking over at the body of Jacob with a whimper. My name is Bast, I'm seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen. When I was twelve, my parents sold me to the devil. On my eighteenth birthday, he will come back for me.
    Werewolf ★ 4.4
  • The Lottery Mate

    Tamar Leo

    Lesley Williams was once the alpha's daughter, but a fatal accident took away everything she loved. Now she's her Uncle's pet and the pack's omega, which means she's constantly bullied and abused. She's broken inside, but she doesn't want to leave her father's pack in fear of what her uncle might do to them in retaliation. Her only comfort is that when she meets her mate, he'll be able to take her away from this hellhole... Alpha Cedrick Silver had a mate once. A beautiful omega wolf, but she rejected him. Barely surviving the broken bond, he became ruthless and coldhearted, throwing himself into building up his pack to be the biggest and strongest pack in the nation. Now he has a girlfriend, that he's content with and he does not want a mate: EVER! But the second their eyes met, Cedrick and Lesley realized that they were fated for each other. Not thrilled about having another omega mate, Cedrick is even more disgusted when he realized that not only is his second chance mate considered 'the pack's slut', but she's also half his age. Does he want someone like that as his mate and Luna? Can she trust him with her secrets? Can these two broken people find love? WARNING!! This story contains scenes of sexual abuse of a child, rape, sex, strong language, verbal abuse, extreme bullying, mental disorders, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, gore, and other offenses that might be illegal in some countries.
    Werewolf ★ 4.6