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Read The Best Werewolf Novels That Never Been Recommended Before

Read The Best Werewolf Novels That Never Been Recommended Before

2023-01-16 13:58:57
  • Too Beautiful For The Alpha

    Sydney Marie

    I was confused why would any guy lay their eyes on me? Let alone having a mate. I craved for love and pursued the feeling of having that connection to someone. But I was convinced that I just didn't deserve a mate. Until I met an Alpha, I felt the strong magnet-like feeling for him and my desire to have a close connection with him...for the first time. Was that how it felt when you met your mate? But I was cursed, by the Moon Goddess. She didn't allow me to begin with a mate. One day, a guy told me that he was my mate...
    Werewolf ★ 3.6
  • The Lost Luna Princess


    The Royal Pack have ruled over wolf packs in America for as long as anyone can remember. The bloodline of the royal first Alpha King was chosen by the Moon Goddess herself. The current Alpha King, William has always been loved by his people. He rules them with the love and respect he felt he would want to receive with the help of his mate and Luna Queen Vanessa and their daughter. It comes as a shock with fatal consequences when one of his most trusted and best friend betrays him in aid of power for himself. Will this once trusted friend eradicate the royal bloodline for good or will someone intervene, ensuring that the line continues protecting the Princess until she can find her fated mate. But what will happen when she finds her mate? Will he reject her or will he help her take back her rightful place on the throne of the royal pack?
    Werewolf ★ 4.2
  • Lycan Princess Fated Luna

    Lisa Thompson

    Moving to a city and opening a tea shop was a good idea or Soma thought. But that idea soon took a turn for the worst when a Detective by the name of Marks targets her and puts her in the middle of a war between him and Oliver Stone, the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. Oliver buys tea, and he is hit with Soma’s intoxicating scent exposing her as his mate. Detective Marks finds this out shortly after. Not wanting to scare her, Oliver wants to take it slow and introduce himself, but when Detective Marks burns her store down and almost kills her, Oliver is forced to expose his wolf side to save her. Will she accept him or reject him and run?
    Werewolf ★ 4.4