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Werewolf Novels Series Are Full Of Romance Stories

Werewolf Novels Series Are Full Of Romance Stories

2023-01-18 15:14:50
  • The Alpha’s Angel

    Cara Melo

    Ava Carter was a 17 year old orphan. She was a member of the Crystal Blue Pack. She was the punching bag in her pack, as people usually walked all over her, literally. She was the weakling, the outcast, the loner who no one ever bothered to get to know. Until the night of her birthday when she overheard a conversation that left her with no other decision but to leave and never look back. She had never been outside the pack territory, so she had no idea what was lurking in the woods. She ran into the most handsome man that she had ever seen in her entire life and he uttered one word, four letters that changed her life forever. "Mine!" Jayden King was the alpha of the North Pack. He was the most feared alpha and was often times referred to as the alpha of all alphas. No one who trespassed on his land, ever lived long enough to tell the tale. He was a very cold and heartless man. Until the night he ran into someone he had long ago lost hope of finding. Now he has her and instead of being the mate that she had always hoped for, he ignores her.
    Werewolf ★ 4.1
  • His Little Wolf


    Bethany is 14 years old and a warrior's daughter at the moonshine pack, her life is perfect until that one night that turns her world upside down! Rogues attack her pack leaving her alone to look after herself and her 6-month-old niece Bella! she manages to get away from the pack safely but for how long? there's someone that wants Bethany as his mate and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to get her! As soon as Bethany thinks she is safe, she's proven wrong time and time again! how will she get away from the darkness that is lurking? will she be forced to be someone's mate or is there anyone out there that can save her?
    Werewolf ★ 4.8
  • Nerdy To Badass Werewolf


    "I, Kyle Black, reject you, Skylar Maine, as my mate." He sneered in my face. "I don't care! Now let go of me!" I knew that he was taken back by my outburst and for a slipt second I thought I saw pain pass through his eyes, but it was immediately gone. Instead he glared at me, and shoved me again. "How don't you care?! I just rejected you! How aren't you upset?!" He yelled, beginning to crush my shoulder with the amount of pressure he's putting on it. "Let go of me! I knew that you'd most likely reject me! Now let me go..." I was finally free. I could finally leave this hell in my life, leaving behind the person who made it hell. But I wasn't completely happy. ******************************************************* Skylar Maine was always bullied in her school for being a nerd. But she dealt with it. Always keeping her head down. Never fighting back. Now that her brothers are the new Betas they must all leave and visit the Ancient Wolves. Skylar couldn't be happier. After her Alpha Mate rejected her, she wanted nothing more than to leave. Heck, she didn't even want a mate from the start. Knowing the outcome already. But when she returns, will she be the same? Will she let people walk all over her again?
    Werewolf ★ 4