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Cold Hearts

Cold Hearts




Recalling our memories can end our happy moments and turn our smiles to rage and make us hateful to ourselves and do drastic things which could endanger our lives. Magic of love flies and it blooms in Elena's and Noah's lives. Two school lovers becoming friends, besties and partners. But, who would have thought that secrets would come out and crush everything? Noah never expected that his wrong would play a game with him and when it did, it won over him big time. Elena having loved Noah so much that even when her family warned her against dating him she didn't wield to their advice. But when her memories came back and she remembered how her boyfriend and lover had almost sent her to her early grave years back she was devastated and heartbroken. What happens when breakups came flying and shattering hearts and breaking a sweet relationship.

The beginning of a new week in Hamilton high meant, the beginning of a new topic. Last week was about Ian Richards, one of the school tyrants who make weak and social welfare students his prey. Tessa Gomez was his new prey, she wasn't from a poor background but she was not from a rich background either, the girl had been caught by one of Ian's cameras having sex with Bryan Richmond at the basketball storage room.

Bryan's parents had to come to school after he was suspended to complain about Ian. Ian didn't care what people said and the teachers suspended him also, the same thing happened to Tessa although hers was worst but due to Bryan's family's name and Bryan telling his parent that she was his girlfriend and she had gotten into trouble because of him. His parents later helped him in solving everything about Tessa.

So here we are this week, a cool morning breeze as everybody is piled up in the school assembly. We only assemble every Monday and not all Mondays... Only when there is a special announcement or maybe something to do with a particular subject.

Today happened to be about the school's football team. And they were having a tournament with our rival school Dark heights, they have been our rival even before I started the school so I never know what had transpired between the two schools. I hated assemblies but I hoped our principal would be fast with whatever he was saying cause I was extremely tired of standing.

“Good morning students”.

“Good morning principal Gregory ” the whole school greeted back, some like me forcefully cause of our hatred of the assembly.

“Well, our annual school football tournament is about to begin and as we know the other schools ain't a treat cause they always concede the game before it even begins so our pain priority is to pay attention to Dark heights and Queens high. They are our major point this term since the Frenchman high has been removed from this year's match due to their captain's scandal”. Principal Gregory halted for a while looking at all the students as if we were all footballers.

We were all waiting for him to continue so we could go back to class when Thomson Rains screamed from the crowd. “Mr Gregory, with all due respect am a basketball player so I see no reason for me to be here listening to all your chatting”. The whole crowd present laughed at what Thomson had said and murmured their thoughts loud enough for principal Gregory to hear them.

After an extra 30 minutes of hearing about the football team and also watching as our principal brought out Noah Hoffman, who happened to be the captain of the football team and also their main man, he had power and his football skills was said to be almost like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Noah Hoffman is our school's renowned pride, playboy and also the most handsome guy. Well, that wasn't actually from me, those were all Sydney's definitions of him. Sydney David is my best friend and childhood playmate. We both went to the same kindergarten, preschool and now high school and we're also planning on going to the same uni together although Sydney wanted to be a professional cheerleader and dancer, while I, on the other hand, didn't know what I wanted.

Being the only daughter of one of the richest businessmen in Los Angeles, California meant I was going to work under my father, my dad always wanted me to be like him since my brother decided to go to the Navy. At first, dad didn't like his choice of work but later accepted when I stupidly said I was going to take over the company. And because of that, my father decided to tutor me on how to control the company when he finally decides to resign.

I wasn't happy about that but damn me if I let my brother throw away his dream because of my father's choices and dignity. I didn't see myself as a fool then and I didn't now because come to think of it I didn't have a dream or any choice in mind. I can't dance or cheer like Syd and I also can't do other things except my writing online. Dad and mom didn't know except Syd and Elliot my brother.

After about a few minutes of standing and losing myself in my thoughts, the bell finally rang signalling me that it was time for class. As I walked into the school building which was painted in red and white, people began to bump on me and I mistakenly hit my head on a wall or I think this was a little softer than a wall. As I raised my head to look at the soft wall I was met with the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen and it was mixed with lines of gold. My eyes moved to the person's dark brown hair that I simply wanted to weave my fingers on.

I noticed that I was being held by two warm hands that sent an unknown feeling into my body. I quickly shifted from the person and apologized quickly. “Am sorry, I didn't bump into you on purpose”. I said as I moved a little backwards. Those eyes still lingered on me and I didn't know what to say so I quickly turned and ran to my locker. I opened it and dumped my bag inside before taking my calculus note and pen. As I turned in the direction I had just left in embarrassment I noticed those eyes still on me and I wondered what is it that is making Noah Hoffman look at me in such a manner.

I didn't want to know so I turned swiftly and run straight to class before I get late for my Mrs Evans morning roll call still with the thought of Noah's eyes on me.