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A Coincidental Marriage

A Coincidental Marriage




"What do you mean we got married?" I asked him my voice raising a bit. "I don't like repeating myself but all I know is that we are in this mess because of you." he glared at me as his hands were balled up into fists. "Look Mister I don't know what you are talking about but I came here to audition as a runaway bride so stop with this nonsense." It all started with trying to get a job and ended with her getting married. When rushing to get at auditions for a runaway bride Alexandria finds herself at the wrong address but at the right time

Beep Beep Beep

Ugh I groaned in annoyance why now I reached for my phone and switched it off and went back to sleep well I tried to but then I remembered my mom will be furious If I missed breakfast apparently she hates it when people don't follow her rules. I forced myself to get out of my bed and prepared myself for breakfast both physically and emotionally I left my room and went downstairs I found they had already settled. I ignored the other eyes looking at me I sat down on the other side of the table I was about to start eating when my mom spoke up completely ruining my appetite she just had to do this in the morning.

"She finally woke up I completely forgot you were joining us for breakfast so I didn't include you" She gave me a bitter smile

"Oh okay I will go get something to eat then" I pushed the plate forward

"Of course you go do just that apparently it's the only thing you are good at" she rolled her eyes

"Not today mom please can't we do this tomorrow or something" I pushed my chair ready to get up then my dad spoke up great they had to gang up on me again I looked at my sister and she's really enjoying this

"We are going to talk about this all you've been doing is sleeping, eating and going out with your stupid friends why can't you make yourself useful for once" his voice laced with anger if it was any other normal situation I would have flinched at the tone of his voice but I guess I can say I got used to it

"Oh come on I won't let you rule my life all I want is for you to give me a chance to do what I want with my life I want to live my life with my own choice that's all" I spoke calmly careful not to lose my temper

"Don't you ever call me your mom again its Mrs. Williams to you" she rolled her eyes and looked at me again " I don't know why I had to be cursed with you why can't you ever do as you are told and be successful like your siblings" She sat down and as usual her loving husband and Her precious children rushed to her I'm always the bad guy at the end of it all I left the drama scene and went to my room I picked out an outfit and took a quick shower.

Sometimes I wonder how life would have been without them all they ever do is look down on me she's never considered me to be her daughter it would have been better if she had just dumped me at an orphanage or something my other siblings have always received their love and care and they still do while they treat me like trash the people am supposed to call my family are totally rude to me.

I was going to meet Emily she's the only one who's been by my side my stupid best friend I thought I would only be meeting her but no I was wrong she's with her other friends don't get me wrong but its obvious they don't like me I've tried to tell Emily about this and it didn't end so well last time so for her sake I tolerate them I pinched myself when I arrived at the address she sent me oh come on I have to put up with Charlotte she's so annoying but I must say her house is beautiful of course being a daughter of a billionaire she wants nothing but the best

I braced myself and knocked on her door a few minutes later the brunette came out dressed in a red strapless dress and her blue eyes glaring at me

"Oh it's you," she said in her thick French accent laced with distaste " Come in"

She offered me a fake smile I didn't even bother smiling at her I rolled my eyes I walked past her I found the others laughing Emily saw me and gestured for me to sit next to her

They've been talking for the past one hour I think about shoes or something I wasn't really paying attention I was lost in my thoughts when all of the sudden Kayla squealed in excitement ughhh what now I rolled my eyes

"Kayla what the fuck" Charlotte asked as she glared at her

Kayla looked at us with a smile plastered on her face "Well you know Alexander Romano right"

"Yes of course we know him, "they said altogether apart from me of course

"Well my brother is throwing a welcome party for my sister he invited Alexander and guess what" she looked at them with a smile plastered on her face

"He's going to be there right" Wendy looked at Kayla for confirmation

"Yes he is I have to start looking for a perfect dress" she clasped her hands together

"You know his engaged to Gabriella right" as soon as Emily said those words she glared at her and rolled her eyes " What a great way to ruin the moment Emily"

"Oh come on Ladies we have to look out best on that day right we have to get the most expensive gowns right Alexandria" she smiled at me I know that Charlotte can be a bitch at times she's aware of how things are with my parents they never give me money or their credit cards like they do with my elder brothers and sisters

They all have cars except me, beloved child

We left Charlotte's house when they all agreed to go shopping and Emily offered to drop me off

"So hows home" she looked at me and back at the door

"It's perfectly fine" I smiled at her but I could tell she was not buying it a few minutes we arrived at their place I thanked her for the ride and got out I watched as she drove away

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