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Bend The Knee

Bend The Knee

Author:Nerdy Dreamer


General Romance

Ravenna is an orphan who’s wallowing in the depths of poverty. One day, she’s both saved and kidnapped by Luca – a hot mercenary – who’s duty bound and hell bent on taking her to her highest bidder. Highest purchaser? Who just is Ravenna? Unknown to Rav, Luca wants her to a point of obsession. When Rav finds out, she’s determined to do everything in her power to free herself from the sexy beast who stole her freedom. She’ll seduce him into wavering from his adamant resolve…she’ll con him into protecting her from dangers she will soon become aware of. She’ll do all that… …until she’s caught in her own spider web and realizes that beneath Luca’s tough surface lies a damaged man, that plus she wants him too. Perhaps, a little more than she admits.

  Popping music echoed at every corner of the dim club hall. Laser light illuminated the dance floor while dancing figures clustered throughout the hall. Strippers mounted the poles. The DJ stood on the booth, his headset on; while his head nodded like some agama lizard.

  Cheers, loud thuds of music, washed through the hall while people rocked the techno tones like it were their last day on this damaged planet.

  The Nightingales local club was always the escape. The beer was satisfying. The DJ were no plug and play wankers but the real deal. The strippers were all pro. The venue was underground.

  What else could one possibly ever wish for?

  Admit the roar, at a dark corner, Luca reclined on a swivel bar-stool, with a glass of Hennessy in his hand.

  He wished for more.

  Though he wouldn’t dare have it. He had come in every night for the past month and watched her.

  Today was no different.

  She stood on red booted heels with one of her legs wrapped around the pole. She rested her hand against the pole and swayed her tiny waist sensually. Her mass of thick jet black hair cascading backwards like some enchanted waterfall as her fingers teased the band of her red lingerie.

  Luca couldn’t get his eyes off her lips. They were painted pure red. And she was also sucking on a lollipop.

  Blood rushed to Luca’s groin and he shifted on the bar-stool, subtly adjusting his pants. What will he not give to have those fuck me lips wrapped around his cock?

  Watching her was enthralling.

  For the last month, he had made it his business to study her, even the minute intruding details like stalking her as she led her double life.

  In the daytime she was Ravenna. Twenty-three. Orphaned. An overworked Secretary. Perfect girlfriend to Bob.

  At night, she was X, sensual, sex on Prada, an overpriced stripper.

  As a mercenary, she was his next mission.

  She was a mystery. Even to Luca.

  Someone named Anonymous had hired Lucas and paid him millions to find Rav and bring her to them. And just recently, he’d noticed Rav had other targets on her back.

  Someone found her before him.

  Right now on the dark web, they were three other serious bidders. For her.

  An unsuspecting woman, navigating through life like anyone else.

  He shook his head. Not sure why he did that.

  Some groupies flashed him inviting gestures from across the club, he regarded with drowsy eyes, before bring back his gaze on Rav while sipping directly from the Hennessy bottle, relishing how the liquor burned the back of his throat and warmed the depths of his stomach.

  He only came for the eye candy. He preferred things that way.

  A green-eyed blonde caked with makeup was walking up to him. He frowned; small talks weren’t his thing. Looking away, he nursed his Hennessy. The Blondie sat crossed-legged beside Luca, wriggling her pink louboutin heels.

  Flickering a finger at Rav, blondie giggled as she said audibly, “Pretty thing, isn’t that one? We call her X. I notice ya sit at this same spot every night starin’ at her, ya want her, don’t ya?”


  Lucas wanted Ravenna so much his balls were blue. Most times so blue that’d angry fuck a random hookup hard against the wall of the club.

  But Luca wouldn’t break and give in to his dirtiest cravings. He’d only permitted himself to look, but not touch. Fantasize but not crave the fantasies.

  He had a duty. A mission.

  He also needed to fulfil his duty to take Rav to her highest buyer without yielding to his yearnings to fuck her. Or worse, claim her for himself.

  He could have easily turned down his particular job…

  By god, the money involved also gave him a boner.

  And his watchword was, ‘DO NOT FUCK WITH THE MERCHANDISE’.

  At this point both the merchandise and the money were the problem. He wanted both.

  He had no words for Blondie.

  He placed the bill on the table before clutching his coat and stood to his feet. His towering height marked as he headed for the exit. He caught a few girls swoon as he trod past them. He was conscious of how distracting his godlike look could be. He smirked to himself.

  Luca was royally fucked.